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Japan is well known for it’s best mechanical products, but the Japanese also have some of the best hairstyles in the world. These styles are for all genders and age – men, women, and kids. These people from an island in East Asia are also big on hair cuts. The following traditional Japanese hairstyles show the variety they have.

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You’ll notice that when done correctly, any of the styles bring out the best look for official, casual and even sports occasions. Which of the following styles will you pick for your next salon or barber visit?

List of traditional hairstyles in Japan

These are some of the cute traditional Japanese hairstyles that could influence your next fashion change.

1. Traditional chonmage

Traditional chonmage
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Chonmage is the traditional Japanese hairstyles for males. This chonmage was done by shaving the upper hair clean. Then the side hair left to grow long then it is done well to make it slicky. The long side hair runs from the back of the head to the front of the head.

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2. Top knot style

Top knot style
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Most of the males used to have long hair, and warriors needed to tie their hair well. This hairstyle was perfect.

The hair was combed well then tied at the top forming a top knot. Sometimes the top knot would be accessorized jewelry to make it look good.

3. Topknot with a pony tail

Topknot with a pony tail
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This is another traditional Japanese hair bun, but this one has a ponytail. The long hair is tied tightly at the top while the remaining hair is left to hang to the back. Some front hair is also left on both sides to hung. It’s worn with a headband to give a complete cut look.

4. Twisted top knot

Twisted top knot
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Most Japanese kept long hair, but they tried to keep it in place. This was one of the styles that could help hold the hair in place and is done well to give a slick look, tied at the top to make a bun. Then the remaining section is twisted and tied with the bun.

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5. Chonmage with petite goatee haircut

Chonmage with petite goatee haircut
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Japanese haircuts go with a clean shaved face, but modern Japanese are wearing their hairstyles with a petite goatee. This goatee grows quickly and helps to shape the face to give more intensity to the style.

6. Top knot with loose flow

Top knot with loose hair
Image: pinterest.com, @brook0005
Source: UGC

This is another cute traditional Japanese hair bun. It is a combination of the top bun and loose tie. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to tie the top section. Then the side hair and the back section is left to hang loosely to the back.

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7. Japanese loose hairstyle

Japanese loose hairstyle
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Despite most of the Japanese hairstyle having a knot or having a clean shave, some still have a loose hairstyle. Some of the loose hair can grow long or medium size like this. You’ll also look good with this if you have a well-shaved beard.

8. Topknot with traditional Japanese hairstyles with chopsticks

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Topknot with traditional Japanese hairstyles with chopsticks
Image: pinterest.com, @rogueoutlander
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This is another top knot hairstyle. A chop stick tightens the top bun with a piece of metal jewellery. The tightness of the hair and the jewellery make the style even better.

9. Messy medium haircut

Messy medium haircut
Image: pinterest.com, @kevin9993
Source: UGC

Although traditional Japanese hairstyles were either long hair or a clean shave with long hair. Modern Japanese hairstyles have changed; this is one of the examples of modern Japanese hair cut.

10. Japanese spiky haircut

Japanese spiky haircut
Image: pinterest.com, @babiloniapalma
Source: UGC

For this the hair is kept short, and then the spikes are cut in different sizes. The front is shorter as compared to the back. It gives a perfect look if you have no beards because it gives a boyish look.

11. Mohawk with chomage haircut

Mohawk with chomage haircut
Image: pinterest.com, @lucillegomezt
Source: UGC

Mohawk is a modern hairstyle that is well known and tried by many people. However, this is another Japanese hairstyle that combines both traditional, modern haircut.

In this style, the sides, back and part of the top hair are shaved in a clean shave to leave a line of hair. Then the hair is tied in a small bun.

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12. Sumo style

Sumo style
Image: pinterest.com, @visiontimes
Source: UGC

This hairstyle was most famous with sumo wrestlers. Some of the wrestlers would cut off the chonmage to symbolize their retirement from sports.

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13. Japanese short hair for kimono

Japanese short hair for kimono
Image: pinterest.com, @u3u381328
Source: UGC

Some of the traditional Japanese hairstyle for kimono are very hard to come up with, but if you have short hair, you are good to go. The only thing you need for your short hair is some Japanese accessories that you need to attach to give it a cute look.

14. Japanese pony tail and fringe for kimono

Japanese Back bun for kimono
Image: pinterest.com, @mowsty
Source: UGC

This is another Japanese hairstyle for kimono for those who have long hair and can’t come up with a traditional hairstyle.

You need to style the front hair with your face shape, then the other section tied at the back. After that, add some accessories to come up with a cute look.

15. Japanese top knot for kimono

Japanese Top knot for kimono
Image: pinterest.com, @theproperlady
Source: UGC

This style is not like the usual top knot that you know, and it is different because of its style. The hair is divided into parts tied to the top in style, forming a layer between the parts. Some Japanese accessories are added for an impressive look.

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The traditional Japanese hairstyles are relevant till today, and some people have tried to put some modern touches to the traditional style to give a perfect look. The kimono option has also evolved since the traditional style is complex and hard to make, but still, it many love it.

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