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Gospel music is a big industry in Kenya. Every shareholder from recording artistes, performers, instrumentalists, church ministers, preachers, and the media have helped in the building of this industry. The gospel industry today is slightly different than it was about two decades ago. This is due to the new sound young artistes bring and how free they are to experiment with the talent they have. Most gospel musicians in Kenya have a huge following. This is because the content they produce can be consumed in almost every place. The musicians are hardworking and keep dropping records consistently. The latest gospel songs sound melodic and phenomenal if you listen to the messages conveyed.

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The gospel industry in Kenya today is filled with young artists who want to try and be successful like the veterans. The young artistes bring in a different wave and style, which attracts fans from different demographics. The likes of Daddy Owen, Eko Dydda, Rufftone, Danco, the late Kaberere, Henrie Mutuku, Dunco, Jogg C, and Kerra from Gospel Fathers are credited with being among the first pioneers of the new wave of gospel music in Kenya.

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Their new sound has existed for years as other artistes like Willy Paul, Kambua, Pitson, Bahati, Size 8, Danny Gift, Mr Seed, and Joyce Omondi among others came along and continued to make soulful and inspiring music.

Latest gospel songs in Kenya

The following are 15 latest gospel songs in Kenya:

1. Amini – Moji Short Babaa

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Moji Short Babaa has been a household name in the gospel industry as part of the now-defunct group Kelele Takatifu. The separation of Moji Short Babaa and Didi Man was not the end of the artiste’s career but only made him better at his art.

He has released many songs with compelling lyrics, and ‘Amini’ is another addition to his catalogue. In this song, the former Kelele Takatifu singer urges Christians to have faith in God when they are going through challenges as he is the only person one can run to for help. The song was released on 17th March.

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2. Shuka – Violet Wanjala Ft. Evelyn Wanjiru

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Violet Wanjala’s strong vocals make listening to her therapeutic while Evelyn Wanjiru’s great lyrics get the listener in a spiritual mood. The two musicians collaborated in this incredible song where they ask God to come down and intervene.

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The hook of this song is both engaging and pleasing to sing along. The video to this track is simple, but the message they convey hits hard. Violet Wanjala and Evelyn Wanjiru have fine chemistry and should do more collaborations in the future. The video was released on 9th April 2020.

3. Usinipite – Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel released the video of this tune on 14th April 2020 after uploading the audio a week earlier. The beats to this song and the rapping done by the artiste are what make ‘Usinipite’ sound fresh despite the lyrics being well known.

Guardian Angel is expressive in the visuals, showing strong emotions as he sings to pass the message. This is a great song when you want to ask God to stay with you.

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4. Mapito – Mr Seed

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Mr Seed has been a household name in the gospel industry for about a decade. In ‘Mapito’, the talented artiste is encouraging every person listening that every obstacle they are going through shall pass.

You will trump all the challenges you are facing as God is looking out for you. He gives biblical references in the song to pass his message of hope, faith and loving God. ‘Mapito’ premiered on YouTube on 6th April 2020. It is one of the best latest gospel songs.

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5. Unioshe – Collo G Ft. Wanavokali

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Collo G’s rapping skills cannot go unmentioned. The artiste goes hard with his verses as he narrates about his past and all the things he did wrong. His storytelling skill is excellent as he does everything so effortlessly.

In this collaboration with Wanavokali, the singer and rapper ask God to wash and purify them for they are sinners. Wanavokali is a group of six young Kenyan musicians. Their voices add a beautiful component in this song about forgiveness and sanctification. ‘Unioshe’ video was released on 30th January 2020.

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6. El Shaddai – Hart the Band Ft. Cedo

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Hart the Band and Cedo are ruling airwaves with this beautiful single. It was released on 20th March. Despite not being a gospel band, Hart the Band did not disappoint with this hit. The visuals are excellent, telling different stories and shot in various locations. The main message is about believing in God as he loves his people no matter the situation.

Cedo makes the jam one of the sweetest tunes recently released. The serenity prayer incorporated in between the lines was a great addition.

7. Najikakamua – Mbuvi

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Mbuvi sounds so calm in this song where he cries to God about everything he has been through. ‘Najikakamua’ gives perspective to how tough things can be despite one being optimistic about life. The instruments paired with Mbuvi’s voice and the background vocals make this song one of the best gospel songs in 2020 so far.

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Mbuvi is known for his energy in many of the songs he has previously released, but surprisingly, the recording artiste still did great with this rare style. ‘Najikakamua’ encourages everyone to keep trying as they trust in God. The visuals were released on 20th March 2020.

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8. Awesome – Katoi C.O.G

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Being relatively new in the industry, Katoi C.O.G outdid himself in this single. ‘Awesome’ is a modernized rendition of the Michael W. Smith classic, “Awesome God”. Katoi C.O.G uses some of the lyrics from the original song and adds a few of his own as the song progresses.

You can tell that this new artiste has potential by his flow as he raps to his lines. The video of the song is simple, but one can see the enthusiasm the artiste put while making the jam. The track premiered on 19th March 2020.

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9. Holding On – Kanji Mbugua

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You cannot talk about veterans of the new gospel sound in Kenya without mentioning Kanji Mbugua. The musical artiste has released many Kenyan classics throughout the years. In “Holding On”, Kanji talks about holding on to God’s love as he is the only one who has never let him down.

“Holding On” is a beautiful worship track that gets you to the right mood to praise and glorify God. The coordination with the background vocalists and the instruments sound heavenly as Kanji leads everyone in praising and worshipping God. Kanji released the track on24th march 2020.

10. Holy Ghost Fire – Eko Dydda and DSense

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“Holy Ghost Fire” is one of the latest gospel songs in Kenya. In this track, Eko Dydda together with DSense sings about how powerful the holy spirit fire is and why we should only praise God.

DSense did wonderful on the hook as Eko killed his bars as usual. “Holy Ghost Fire” has a dancehall touch to it, making it a sweet danceable gospel jam. The song was released on 31st March 2020.

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11. Sio Mwisho – Benachi Ft. Kambua

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Benachi and Kambua joined forces to make this engaging and reassuring song. The two keep switching verses as Benachi sings in his gentle voice and Kambua keeps going with her mellow voice. The main message in the song is not to give up.

The two talk about the challenges human beings face and encourage those having problems to trust in the Lord. The challenges you go through do not mean that it is the end of the world. The best is yet to come for those who have hope. “Sio Mwisho” was released on 8th April 2020.

12. I Love You Jesus – Fortune Mwikali

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Fortune Mwikali proclaims how much she loves Jesus in this catchy tune. This is a glorious song when you want to give thanks to Jesus for everything he has done in your life. The tempo of the song is fast and so is Fortune Mwikali as she sings.

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The instrumentals feel authentic, and one can tell that the song is a Kenyan sound even before hearing the vocals. Mwikali talks about everything human beings face as they live on earth. The lyrics to “I Love You Jesus” are simple, yet they tell about everything people face daily. The song was released on 27th March 2020.

13. Nakupa Moyo – Bahati and Akothee

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Bahati is known for his emotional songs and intimate lyrics, while Akothee is known for her bold approach to issues even as she makes music. Bahati is no stranger in the gospel industry as his songs have been ruling the airwaves.

In “Nakupa Moyo”, the two offer themselves to God and give praise for the far the Lord has brought them. Akothee’s vocals sound amazing together with Bahatis’s soft sound. “Nakupa Moyo” was released on 26th March 2020.

14. Pamoja Tutashinda – RayGee, Pitson, Evelyn Wanjiru, Chris Adwar, Chuchu, W. Zach

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“Pamoja Tutashinda” is the much-needed song during the corona pandemic. The various gospel artistes joined hands to create this gracious song sound that asks for unity and togetherness and sensitizes the masses on what to do during the pandemic. The lyrics are beautiful and give hope to those who are battling the disease while encouraging those free from the disease to observe the set rules.

Every artiste did well on their part. The song starts with a recent public address from the president. The message is to remain strong together as the enemy is the covid19. “Pamoja Tutashinda” was released on 26th March 2020.

15. High Bila Ndom – Masterpiece King and Size 8

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The lyrics to this song are both popular and amusing. Size 8 and Masterpiece King sing about getting high without weed. The message in the song is how beautiful salvation is that one gets a high feeling without ingesting any narcotics.

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The two use distinct terms that are popular with the young generation to convey the message of redemption. Masterpiece King and Size 8 sing about leaving Sodom and following Jesus. The visuals are appealing with the fantastic choreography from the colourful dancers. “High Bila Ndom” video dropped on 14th March 2020.

Gospel music is meant to bring you closer to God as you grow to be a better Christian. Artistes try to be diverse in their music as they tackle different subjects and not just the gospel while recording their songs. Some of the common issues in top gospel songs include repentance, challenges of life, epidemics like hunger and diseases, corruption in leadership, backsliding and even love for couples in marriage. The songs are enlightening and purify the heart. The latest gospel songs have a message of repentance, praise, loving God and living righteously.

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