African kitenge designs for plus size ladies ▷

Kitenge design apparel materials have become progressively famous across Africa and a few sections of the United States. It is critical to call attention to at this crossroads that there’s practically no contrast between the Kitenge form attire and the Ankara. Both are African wear and they all have a section to play in anticipating the African social legacy to the world. An Ankara material that has not been sewn can be substituted to serve the purpose of the Kitenge. The kitenge attire also known as chitenge is a popular fabric in most of the African countries. Today, Kitenge is exported from the African continent to other continents of the world, this is how much its popularity has grown. Kitenge designs are worn by both males and females and can be worn by people of all body sizes, petite, medium size and plus size people. How you pull off a kitenge look is solely determined by how you accessorize it, as long as you wear it right, one can never go wrong with a Kitenge outfit be it for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or formal business meetings.

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African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Madivas

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Kitenge designs for plus size

African dresse outlines for plus size ladies come in differed designs and tones. There is something in a Kitenge plan that talks about interest as well as mirrors the African design soul. This perfection can be found in all shapes and sizes and is particularly alluring in larger size women. If you are a plus size woman who likes to make a fashion statement wherever you go and you are looking for desirable pair of the Latest kitenge designs Here are some Kitenge designs that you might need to add to your closet;

Kitenge Designs for Long Dresses

The cut maxi dress

This remarkable masterpiece is one of the reasons why Kitenge is taking control over the fashion industry. The charm you can get from a Kitenge outlines for larger size women is found in this piece. It encapsulates all the African effortlessness you can get from a Kitenge.

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Kitenge Designs
Source: Pinterest

Flowery maxi

This outline jewel is just a gem. It’s among the most loved Kitenge designs for plus Size women and furthermore, the most essential trendiest piece. The example in the structure gives a huge flare to the woman while the belt adds a fragile adjust to it.

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Kitenge Designs
Source: Holy Cross Ballroom Dance

Maxi grace print dress

This exquisite piece is good for amplifying the waist part of the maxi dress. It’s really one of the best great Kitenge outlines for larger size women. The example runs delightfully with the perfect plan along these lines giving you an invigorating African look.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Designs 2D

Silky single print

A fantasy of profundity and measurement is dependably a decent method to shake a larger size kitenge dress. This piece does precisely that, with the satiny wonderfulness complimenting the Kitenge print. The outline is a sparkling chic piece on a Kitenge plans for larger size women.

Kitenge dress designs
Source: favdapp

Kitenge dress designs

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Single print midi

This piece boosts on the regular figure of the woman to make consummate agreement. It is an innovative crease design on a solitary print format. It flaunts all your curves and is simply stunning as an out on the town dress.

Kitenge Designs for Plus Size
Source: AfroCosmopolitan

The black and white blend

This larger size kitenge dress is the thing that you would call adjusted and chic. The perfection of the skirt configuration mixes smoothly with the single shading top. The Kitenge print is significantly more contemporary in this pieces and along these lines goes well on various events.

Kitenge Designs
Source: Actitudfem

Mid-section print design

This African dress plan for plus size ladies is a print eminence in a basic rich organization. It uses the straightforward part of symmetry in outline and a typical style in the entire outfit. The situating of the print additionally gives a thinned figment to the outfit.

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African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Fashion Styles Ideas

Bubbly midi dress

This is one of the few African dress plus size designs to die for. It has a beautiful pattern story with glamorous aspects in the skirt and top parts. Its mid-single pleat creates a diverse presence that is simple and its two distinct parts create a stunning one piece.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Pinterest

Midi simplicity dress

What make this larger size African dress emerge is the level of unpredictability in the apparently straightforward plan. It’s a critical method for influencing an in vogue fundamental seek work for you. It can run with next to zero adornments. You are guaranteed that this one has you secured.

High low print dress

This plus size African dress seepages refinement from each edge. It’s an amazing rich piece that conveys an advanced flare to an African feel. The particular examples and striking hues give it a restless look. Bends would now be able to be underlined with discretionary belts plans.

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African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Pinterest

Kitenge shorts designs

Who said plus size ladies cannot rock kitenge short designs, here are the tips which will make you turn heads in your kitenge shorts;

  • Wear your kitenge shorts with a print top such as stripes or polka dots or different kitenge design. This will help you add more colour and glamour to your shorts look.
  • Instead of just shopping for kitenge shorts in the market, have a tailor make one for you. When a dress is made specifically for you, there are more chances of it showing all your curves and making you look attractive compared to buying one which is a general fit and may not be the best fit for your body structure. When you have your shorts made, you can have your tailor make it with a top which will give you an edgy appearance. You can rock your outfit on a laid back date with your girls on a Sunday afternoon or on a visit to a national park or nature trail.
  • Another tip to make you look good in Kitenge shorts is to wear them with bright colours
  • Most people believe that only petite ladies look good in high waist kitenge shorts, contrary to this belief, wear your high waist kitenge shorts with a button up shirt and you will look surprisingly stunning.
  • When you go for a colourful look, minimize on your accessories so that you do not destruct people from the details of the fabrics or risk appearing to have too much going on; the simpler the better.
  • Last but not least, you might want to wear your shorts with flats to allow people to notice your sexy legs!

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Here are some of the latest kitenge shorts designs images;

Kitenge Designs
Source: 8020Fashions Blog

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Kitenge Skirts Designs

Strip Skater Skirt

This is the sort of hefty size kitenge dress that does right by you to have found the opportunity to see. The point by point glitz in the skirt makes it a dazzling African-contemporary combination getting it done. The stripes are so genuine and itemized making it easy for you to decide on what to wear it with.

Kitenge dress Designs
Source: Pinterest

Pencil Glory Skirt

This is the place the beauty of the pencil skirt mixes with the force of a Kitenge plan for plus size women. It is not just an ideal exertion in snappy plan yet a super appealing approach to put forth a bold expression. Combined with a nonpartisan best and the African print furnish turns into an artful culmination.

Kitenge Designs for Plus Size
Source: The Hunger Site – GreaterGood

Crop top and skirt set

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All things considered, this kitenge configuration, edit top with its arrangement of the skirt is especially sublime. They both sprinkle out extraordinary African topic supplementing the plus size women. Pencil skirt configuration adorned with egg designs includes the appeal all of which you require. For brave identities, this one is for you.

Kitenge Designs for Plus Size
Source: The African Shop

If you have an event coming up, a wedding ceremony or birthday party and you would like to steal the show with kitenge designs for ladies; below are some of the best Kitenge dress designs images that might

If you are worried that your tailor might not have some of the best designs for a plus size lady and you wish to have some of the latest kitenge designs that flaunts your curves, check the following Kitenge designs African Designs which are not to work well for plus size women allowing them to achieve the elegant and fashionable look without appearing to try too much.

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There are very many interesting kitenge designs for ladies for you to explore and select from.

Kitenge designs 2018

If you wish to be a slay queen of the kitenge world, you can download the Latest Kitenge 2018 Best Kitenge Styles App on Google Play. Many plus size women complain that they have a hard time finding good kitenge clothes in the market, well this is the solution to your problems. Get the app today and gain access to several kitenge designs which are designed for plus size women; you do not have to lose weight to look good! Here you will find many videos on the latest Kitenge 2018 designs and various Kitenge fashion design pictures that you might find useful. Here you will get the latest kitenge designs in Kenya, latest kitenge dress designs, kitenge top designs and kitenge coat designs that will wow you. In short, the app exposes you to several kitenge fashion designs to explore and can take care of your wardrobe from January to December and you no longer have to worry about appearing decent or fashionable and most definitely, when you look and feel good you will stop being too cautious about your body shape and weight.

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Kitenge designs that all plus size ladies should have in their wardrobe

It is said that your wardrobe choice reflects your personal style since fashion is the most direct and simplest way to make your presence known without speaking. You do not have to break a bank to look good, you simply need to learn to shop wisely. Here are some of the kitenge design combinations that will give you a classy look;

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Plaid ankara pencil skirt

This outfit enhances simplicity and flexibility giving you a fabulous look without revealing much. This design will give you a bonus look if you wear it with a Maasai or West African print.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Fashion Sizzle

Denim on Kitenge look

This is a fun and sexy look to wear, with denim on kitenge, you will never go unnoticed. It also passes as a good weekend look.

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Kitenge Designs for Plus Size
Source: Pinterest

Kitenge bubble and lace dresses

This is one of the best looks to go for if you are a plus size woman. It gives a good body structure and makes you to appear sexy when paired with a plain tank top which enhances the balance on the trending design.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: African Dress Code

Kitenge jumpsuits

These provide a new twist to the traditional formal print suit. You can wear your jumpsuit with a plain and brighter blazer to amplify your look. The kitenge jumpsuits are suitable for formal occasions such as business meeting or work retreats.

Kitenge Designs for Plus Size
Source: fashenista

Kitenge maxi shirt

The maxi shirt is one of the latest trending and most charming kitenge designs which takes the kitenge look to a whole different level of fancy. You can wear it with your favourite pair of jeans for a sleek look.

kitenge maxi shirt
Source: Pinterest

Kitenge maxi skirts

The kitenge maxi skirts are enchanting and fabulous and they give you an easy way to keep your look on point. The maxi skirts works well for all body sizes, choose a colourful kitenge design for your maxi skirt and pair it with a dark sleeveless top. You can enhance your look with accessories.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Pinterest
African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Madivas

Kitenge trench coats

Kitenge Designs
Source: akosuavee

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You want to flaunt a glamorous kitenge outfit but the weather is not playing a long? Worry not. You can pair a colourful kitenge coat with a short body con dress for warmth. The kitenge good coats provide a creative way of standing out but still keeping warm and can wake well for a ceremony function or a date on a chilly evening.

Kitenge bodycon dress

The kitenge bodycon dress gives you a deluxe feeling when you enter into a room. You can wear it with high heels to appear more classy and modern.

African kitenge designs for plus size
Source: Pinterest

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