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Mark Kaigwa is a social media expert, African keynote speaker, consultant, filmmaker, digital marketer, talented creative director, strategist, an award-winning writer and a self-proclaimed networked entrepreneur who is the prime mover of Nendo, a consultancy organization. He was born in the year 1988. So, what is the story line of his achievements?

Mark has so many achievements that one would think he is really much older than we know. The best way to describe him is that he is a risk taker and a go-getter who believes in taking advantage of any opportunity that life throws at him. Mark isn’t afraid of failure at all, he has turned hobbies into careers and thriving business ventures. How does it feel for a person who barely holds a degree being named as one among the top 30 young entrepreneurs in a whole continent? It sounds interesting, right?

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Mark Kaigwa profile

Outlined below is Mark Kaigwa profile:

Born: 1988

Age: 30 years as of 2018

Nationality: Kenyan

Marital status: Married

Occupation: Strategy and storyteller for Digital Africa

Famous for: Top 30 African under 30 entrepreneurs, founder of Nendo

Facebook: Mark Kaigwa

Twitter: @Mkaigwa or @Nendo254

Email: / /

Websites:, and

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Being named as one of the top 30 young African entrepreneurs is something that doesn’t come by chance. Mark Kaigwa is one of these top 30 youngest entrepreneurs in Africa. You probably have some unanswered questions about him, right? Is Mark Kaigwa married? How old is Mark Kaigwa? What does he take for breakfast? How about how many children does he have? How comes he became such famous? Does he own a bicycle? The list is endless. Being an African star we, of course, expect Mark Kaigwa biography to be full of events.

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Mark Kaigwa education

Mark went to St Mary’s Primary school from which he graduated to Laiser Hill High School. He was a very active member in drama and music clubs. After completing his secondary school education, Mark Kaigwa joined Strathmore university from the year 2005 to 2007 where he pursued a diploma in Business and Information Technology (BIT). Mark Kaigwa was an active member in DRAMSOC (Drama Society) and Kilele Choir.

Later, after graduating from the university, he joined A.I.T.I/ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lab at Strathmore University. He did a course that led to a mobile programming (Java) certificate.

In the year 2008, Mark Kaigwa joined the Institute for Global Youth Studies where he majored in leadership and youth ministry. It was at this stage that the young Mark Kiagwa became a production designer for Global Youth Camps and a stage manager for camps and conferences department.

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Mark Kaigwa career

Mark Kaigwa current career has been greatly contributed by the experience he amassed from his previous jobs. Right from a sub-editor to the biggest founder requires effort, funds and a lot of commitment. According to a Think Africa Press interview, Mark Kaigwa believes in renewal and inspiration as part of success. For this reason, he spends a lot of time online reading contents from other great curators to renew his mind. The events towards his current career unfold as follows:

In 2007, Mark worked as a sub-editor for the Campusvybe Media magazine. Due to his hard work and high-quality work, he filled in as the editor of the popular university online magazine. Having begun by Strathmore University, Mark rose up the ranks to the position of publishing content daily including pictures, editorials and feature stories.

As a creative consultant, Mark Kaigwa co-wrote and lead creative direction and advisory for the first African award-winning video game, “Pamoja Mtaani”. Alongside the celebrated animation director, Chris Bailey, and a pair of writers in Los Angeles, Mark created 5 animated short films in June 2008. The animated films were about each of the characters in “Pamoja Mtaani” video game. The animation showed his key competence in scriptwriting, creating direction, co-writing and sourcing and curating of relevant reference material

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In July 2009, Mark’s screenplay “Dawa” was selected as a finalist in the Maisha Filmmaking lab (a non-profitable organization that trains emerging East African filmmakers) in Kampala, Uganda. Dawa is a witty comedy cinema looking at a con artistry in East Africa through a rag-tag conman duo of a grandfather and a grandson link. The video is available on YouTube. After just one week, the film was selected by 11 mentors from USA, Mexico and India to be produced at Maisha. Mark was selected among his fellow filmmakers to direct his screenplay.

As a senior copywriter at Brainwave Communications, Mark distinguished himself and excelled in the leadership of the creative studio. This was just after a few months when he joined the board. Mark Kaigwa’s work in this company spanned conceptualizing and executing creative work to assist and support strategy and planning divisions. His role included devising and overseeing line campaigns for clients such as ACCA East Africa, BIDCO Oil Refineries, BIDCO Uganda limited, Standard Chartered Bank, CFC life and so on.

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In may, 2010, Mark was invited to lecture on his experience in new media at South Africa. Mark’s audience included The Executive MBA class, Nomading Marking at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and the Old Mutual Business School. The lecture focused on social media, gaming and messaging.

From May 2010 ill June 2010, Mark worked alongside with a team from Atmosphere Communications and King James RSVP to plan and implement Digital Strategies for their clients. The clients included Johnny Walker, and Sanlam.

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Mark Kiagwa traveled to over 10 countries as a partner at Afrinnovator from December 2007 to December 2013. Owing to his professional speaking career, he represented blogs as well as contributed to the strategic partnerships and business development on behalf of the website. It is while serving in this position that Mark Kaigwa was recognized by Forbes Magazine as among the top 30 best young entrepreneurs in Africa as of 2013.

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Mark Kiagwa Kenya Sandbox Network job saw him become the first African ambassador for the network in September 2015. For four years and three months in the job, he helped recruit and build out the Nairobi Hub. Hubs were launched in Cape Town and Cairo bringing diversity to the leadership and community of the network.

His current jobs include a partnership in Africa Digital Art Network (started from January 2010 to present) and director/ principal of Nendo. The Africa Digital Art Network involves researching, writing and curating African animation films. Mark Kaigwa Nendo organization involves co-creating digital centered visions for organizations, products, and divisions. Mark leads a team of full-time freelancers to deliver solutions that touch mobile, social media and the web.

Mark Kaigwa family

According to his blog, Mark is passionate about his family. The Parents Africa website talks of his father, George Kaigwa as a retired major while his mother, Bella Kaigwa, an interior designer. The two supported their son toward achievement of his life goals.

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Clearly, the Kaigwas comprise of artistic people. Their paternal grandmother was a traditional dancer. Mark’s aunt Mumbi Kaigwa, was given a South Africa CEO magazine lifetime award as the most influential woman in the arts and culture. She also once appeared in the popular Australian soap The Opera Neighbors.

Mark has one brother who is a civil engineer, rapper, music producer, and a film director. Tweli Kaigwa raps in Japaneese, Kiswahili and English. Tweli not only raps but also produces music for other artists from Tokyo and around Japan.

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Mark Kaigwa wife and kids

Mark is married to his closet friend and love of his life (as he describes it), Dr. Wanjiku Kaigwa. Together they are blessed with one daughter.

Mark Kaigwa films

The Kenyan filmmaker has actively participated in two famous known films. Below is a list of the two films Mark is known for.

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1. Dawa, 2009

Dawa is one of Mark Kaigwa Kenya film. Dawa is a Swahili word that literally means medicine when translated into English. Dawa can also mean something that stops a certain bad event from happening or a disorder. The 10-minute comedy film majors on a story of a rag-tag pair of con artists- a grandfather (known as Guka) and a grandson (known as Shoke). The two are pulling small-time scams in the city.

Through comedy, the film explores people taking advantage of the African healing cultures even in the city and politics. Poverty and corruption are clearly seen as themes in this film. This is a sad reality of what is happening currently in Kenya. Watch the trailer below:

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2.The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, 1992

The television series was first aired on ABC from 4th March 1992 to 24th July 1993. The American TV series explores childhood and youthfulness of the character Indiana Jones. Therefore it is designed as an educational program for children and teenagers.

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George Lucas is the man behind the production and co-writing of this TV series. He preferred the series to be acted in various parts of the world. Some of the filming areas include Old Indy, Bookend segments were filmed in Wilmington and North Carolina. Mark Kiagwa was among the cast and his role was Ubangi Boy. Watch the amazing trailer below.

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The famous Mark Kaigwa’s “The Letter N”

The Letter N is a special newsletter published by Mark Kaigwa Nendo content team. Around 1700 people receive the newsletter via their emails. Mainly it entails an “uncommon sense” (as the young entrepreneur calls it) of view of Africa Technology, media and the internet.

One of his recent letter N newsletters covered on the Facebook algorithm changes, influencer marketing opportunity, Nendo Hiring and more. The 42 paragraph newsletter talks about how Facebook has changed to become a purely paid media as compared to the previous years where it wasn’t. Mark talks of social media manipulation on a deeper level and some sort of Nendo current affairs. It’s worth reading.

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Mark Kaigwa recent YouTube Videos

Mark Kaigwa has a YouTube channel (Digital Africa with Mark Kaigwa) where learning, insights and digital statistics in Africa can be discovered. Below are brief descriptions and links to his latest YouTube videos.

1. Social media statistics

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The 6.43-minute clip covers where Kenyans are spending their time on social media. The social media platforms covered include WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, KOT and Snap Chat.

2. Is influencer marketing broken?

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For those of you wondering if influencer marketing still works, Mark Kaigwa takes an in-depth look at the current state of social marketing affairs. In the 16.32-minute clip, he points out to three simple steps that can help you play your part in making influencer marketing great again.

3. 5 different WhatsApp groups you are in

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Sounds interesting, right? Mark covers on the most common WhatsApp groups you are in. He goes ahead and highlights different ways on how to engage with other people from different groups in just a 6-minute video clip.

Indeed, Mark Kaigwa is a talented young entrepreneur as evident in his eventful biography. While most of the youths use Facebook and Twitter for chatting with friends, Mark has managed to tap into a greater potential of social media. I guess by now your unanswered questions about him are put to bed.

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