Am Ia Hippie Quiz – Quiz: How Much Of A Hippie Are You

Question 1/10You’re at dinner and some guy in your party orders what you think to be the worst thing on the menu. You…try to talk him out of his obviously poor choice of entrees.take one more look at that menu item, maybe I missed something!don’t say a thing. If he likes it, why does it matter?ask for a bite off his plate to see if it’s really as bad as you think.

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Question 3/10Jerry Garcia was…a decent enough guy. He could have taken better care of himself though. a musician.a God, man.Who?
Question 4/10One of your favorite ballpark versions of the Star Spangled Banner was performed by…Whitney HoustonJimi HendrixClarence ClemonsA marching band
Question 5/10Someday, you’d like to own this ride:An Aston Martin Bond-mobile The original and only.. Volkswagen Bus!A hot-rodThe Mirth Mobile from Wayne's World
Question 6/10Let”s talk hairstyle. You..have had the same hairstyle since high school.get a new style cut every five or six years. I get bored. try something new every year!What do I select if I’m bald?

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Question 7/10In your backyard you grow…some flowers. Nothing fancy. a well maintained vegetables.pot.
Question 8/10Your idea of roughing it is…Camping in an area with no running water or toilet facilities.Camping with an outhouse nearby…A state park with your folding trailer. A bad martini at a coastal resort.
Question 9/10There was once a time when you were moved by the words of…Jack Kerouac John Lennon Pee Wee Herman Dr. Laura



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