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Today Amina Abdi, is the one of the most known radio and TV hosts in Kenya. But she is not just a beautiful and professional media personality. She is also a mother of a beautiful son ,and she is also a wife. And today, we are going to talk about this lucky man who calls this beauty his wife. So, Amina Abdi husband, who is he? What do we know about him beside the fact he has a cool wife? Read on to answer these and many more questions about Amina Abdi husband.

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Probably everyone who’s ever listened to Kenyan radio and watched TV knows Amina Abdi or has at least, seen her once or twice. The girl started her career at Homeboyz radio after she got into Homeboyz Radio School. The school had promised that the top student would get a job at the radio station and well, they kept their promise. But the best in her class, Amina Abdi age 28 at the moment, got not only a job. Apparently, she also got the love of her life. So, how did it happen?

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Amina Abdi Rabar husband

Amina Abdi Husband DJ John
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The point is that Amina Abdi Rabar husband John Rabar better known to Kenyan youth as DJ John, is the CEO of Homeboyz Radio and one of the co-owners of this media empire.

Homeboyz Entertainment was the first Kenyan enterprise that proved that the entertainment industry and that professions related to music can be beneficial, and a way to earn a stable income. Founded by John’s elder brother, Myke Rabar, Homeboyz turned out to be a real breakthrough, not only on the African continent, but also on the international level due to the “Tinga Tinga Tales” which was an animation project translated on the BBC channel for pre-school kids. Thanks to this project, the first animation studios were built in the country. So, it is safe to say that the influence oftheRabar brothers in the media industry cannot be underestimated. And besides that, there are involved in a DJ Academy, the mentioned radio station, and in cooperation with Kenyan musicians etc.

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John Rabar and his brother had a good role model to look up to even though Myke, being older, mostly spent time with his peers hanging out and listening to different music. The Rabar family house was full of music, since John’s father loved it. So, it is safe to say that John and his brothers have the love for music in the genes. Myke was the first to have an interest for DJ’s experiments. John followed his lead.

Myke, as the older sibling, studied at the University, working as a DJ at the same time. And he knew that DJ-ing would be his profession. The future Amina Abdi husband, John, also studied at Egerton University, helping his brother as much as he could. The brothers formed a Homeboyz band and well, John and Alph(also a Rabar brother), just made music that was played on Capital FM. At that time, Myke was away in Great Britain continuing his studies. That was the beginning of a great journey.

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Long story short, after a couple of years, the Rabar brothers finally created their own radio station and a DJ Academy. His all worked towards the meeting of Amina Abdi and her husband. As Myke Rabar says about his younger brother John, the CEO of Homeboyz Radio, “John is the creative one… always excited about formulating new concepts.”

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Amina Abdi and her husband story

Amina Abdi and her Husband
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Many can agree that working with relatives can be difficult. It’s hard to maintain a working discipline when you are surrounded by family members. Maybe that’s why John Rabar, as his wife said, was not talkative and was very strict. So strict that the former talented student of Homeboyz Radio School was afraid of him.

But time passed and one day DJ John asked his future wife to have dinner with him. And no, it was not the beginning of their love story. It was just the first step in their communication. The couple took it slow and took their time to build a basis for their relationship. Only in 2012 did Amina Abdi and her husband start their tale as a couple. It so turned out that the strict and fearsome Homeboyz CEO has a great sense of humor. Amina once said that he had joked his way into her heart.

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You can suppose that they both are very protective of their private space. Especially taking into account the fact they had kept in secret their relationship for a long time. John and Amina Abdi’s wedding was also secret and private.

Amina Abdi and her Husband with their son
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All in all, Amina and her husband probably believe that happiness loves peace and silence. This is as there are not very many photos of the couple on social media. It seems that both John and Amina love to spend their time with each other and their little son Hami.

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But it is not so hard to assume that they are happy and John is actually a romantic, loving, and affectionate husband. I mean how many husbands would call the studio just to say they love and appreciate their wife?

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