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“Annie, I still can”t write, I guess, for I already know I”m not going to mail this” (p. 4).

“It was her eyes I noticed most. They were as black as her hair, and they looked as if there was more behind them than another person could possibly ever know” (p. 8).

“”But you”re…” I stopped, realizing I was about to say beautiful – surprised at thinking it, and confused again. Annie”s smile deepened as if she”s heard my thought, but then she turned away. “I should go,” she said. “It”s getting late””” ( p. 14).

“If a student breaks a rule he or she is supposed to report himself or herself by writing his or her name and what rule he or she has broken on a piece of paper and putting it into the box next to Ms. Baxter”s desk in the office” (p. 27).

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“The infections were bad…

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