20 Amazing Facts About Batman Vs Superman Trivia & Fun Facts

Enjoy a few morsels of Batman v Superman trivia before the new film smashes its way into theaters!

This week, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will finally swoop into movie theaters three years after Man of Steel established Henry Cavill’s Superman. This time, Ben Affleck is co-headlining the film as Bruce Wayne/Batman, as the Dark Knight pursues a vendetta against the seemingly-invincible Last Son of Krypton.

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There’s a lot riding on Batman v Superman, including the health of the new DC Expanded Universe, which is reportedly setting up ten additional films in this movie alone! The advance box office projections for Batman v Superman are very promising, but no one seriously expected this film to open poorly. It’s the long term reaction that may have some people worried. But if Batman v Superman delivers the superhero fight of the century, it might even live up to its oversized expectations.

Ahead of Batman v Superman’s release on Friday, March 25, bepanahpeyar.com has put together a list of trivia and fun facts about the two iconic superheroes, their history together, and the film itself!

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Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: Bragging Rights


Neither Batman nor Superman were the first superheroes, but they are both considered to be among the greatest of all time. Over the decades, Batman has seemingly surpassed Superman in popularity. But on the printed page, it’s the Man of Steel who has the distinction of being the first to appear. Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938, while Batman premiered the next year in Detective Comics #27. In fact, Bill Finger and Bob Kane reportedly created Batman in response to Superman’s success. So without Superman, there would be no Batman!

Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: World’s Finest


Despite sharing a publisher, Batman and Superman rarely appeared in the same story until 1952, when they teamed up in Superman #76, which featured Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent sharing a cabin on a cruise ship while attempting to catch a diamond thief and keep Lois Lane from guessing their identities. As you can in the picture above, there was some awkwardness when they learned each other’s secret.

By 1954, Batman, Superman, and Robin were headlining the team up book, World’s Finest Comics, which kept that lineup intact for almost 16 years.

Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: Battle of The Big Screen


Since 1943, Batman has been portrayed by eight actors in 11 live-action movies or serials, including Batman v Superman. Superman has appeared in 10 live-action movies, as portrayed by only five actors. Batman may have a slight edge in big-screen appearances, but there have been four live-action Superman TV series (counting Superboy and Smallville) and only one Batman live-action show in the ‘60s.

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Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: About That I Am Legend Prediction…


Back in 2007, the Will Smith-led adaptation of I Am Legend seemed to predict Batman v Superman when it featured a poster for the movie as an Easter Egg in the background. But nobody was Nostradamus here. It was just screenwriter Akiva Goldsman referencing his own Batman vs. Superman script from 2001 that was rejected by Warner Bros. at the time.

Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: Hollywoodland


Before stepping into the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Ben Affleck starred in Hollywoodland as George Reeves, the man who starred in the Superman and the Mole Men serial and the Adventures of Superman TV series. Reeves’ death was the subject of many Hollywood urban legends, which were explored in this film. Diane Lane also starred in the movie as Toni Mannix, Reeves’ lover. In Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, Lane plays Clark Kent’s adoptive mother, Martha Kent.

Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: The Walking Dead In Crime Alley


The Walking Dead stars Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have small roles in Batman v Superman as Martha and Thomas Wayne, the doomed parents of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Morgan was previously the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation and he also starred in the adaptation of Vertigo Comics’ The Losers as Franklin Clay.

Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: An R-Rated Affair


The upcoming extended edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will reportedly be nearly three hours long, and it will also be the first ever R-rated film with Superman or Batman. But don’t expect Batman v Superman’s extended cut to go as far as Deadpool in terms of content. Snyder has indicated that the R rating is due to the intensity of the action scenes and the longer length.

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Batman v Superman Trivia & Fun Facts: Unite The Seven


Batman v Superman will be the first live-action big screen appearances of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. It’s also the first official live-action story to feature Batman and Superman together. That’s six out of the seven members of the cinematic Justice League in a single film! And there may be even more surprises when Batman v Superman hits theaters this week.

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