Bill Clinton Tells The Awful Truth About ObamaCare

ObamaCare: We wrote earlier this week that the Democrats appeared to be  desperately walking away from ObamaCare, which is now clearly on the way to failure. Former President Clinton, speaking frankly on Tuesday, showed just why the Democrats are so afraid of their signature health care reform.

Clinton didn’t mince words, saying at a Flint, Mich., Democratic rally that the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is the “craziest thing in the world.”

He said, by pushing millions of older and sicker Americans onto insurance rolls, ObamaCare had led to a surge in premiums for those in the middle class who did not qualify for government subsidies.

“So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” Clinton said. “It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

Yet, no sooner had he uttered those words, than Democrats pressured him to walk them back. Not because he didn’t tell the truth — he did — but because he told more truth than the election season can bear.

“Look, the Affordable Health Care Act did a world of good, and the 50-something efforts to repeal it that the Republicans have staged were a terrible mistake,” Clinton said Tuesday at another rally, this in Athens, Ohio. “We, for the first time in our history, at least are providing insurance to more than 90% of our people.”

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“But there is a group of people — mostly small business owners and employees — who make just a little too much money to qualify for Medicaid expansion or for the tax incentives who can’t get affordable health insurance premiums in a lot of places. And the reason is they’re not in big pools,” he said. “So they have no bargaining power.”

As we noted on Monday, ObamaCare is broken and can’t be fixed. Democrats right now pretend it can be, only because to admit it can’t would be another blow to their hopes of keeping the White House.

The worst thing about this is Democrats knew this would happen all along. They wanted failure so they could say, “See, we tried to reform the private sector, but the greedy insurance companies got in the way. Now we need a single-payer system.”

If you remember nothing else, let it be this: That’s been the progressive Democrats’ goal all along — a single-payer health care system, with government making all the decisions about your care, ranging from the cost of care, to whether you get access to care, all the way to life and death decisions. It’s called socialism.

As we noted, and repeat here, if you want to know what this is like, you don’t have to go overseas. Look no farther than the Veterans Affairs, which is a single payer plan run by the government.

It’s the worst type of health care system on Earth. If you don’t believe us, here’s a headline from Wednesday’s Washington Times: “200 veterans die waiting for care as troubled Phoenix VA builds new backlog”. The story is every bit as bad as the headline suggests.

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Americans should not fall for this ploy. Government health care spending already makes up more than half the total, and it’s growing. To suggest that “private” health insurance is to blame isn’t just misleading; it’s an intentional lie.


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