Don T Say I Never Gave You Anything, The Naley Bracelet

I'm at the docks it's 7:02 Nathan's late. I look down at my book. “Breakfast of champions” I hear him say “you're late” I say “I hope this is a chest sheet” he says ignoring what I aid and opening the Cracker Jack box and he pulls out a plastic bracelet “here it's for you” he says “stop it” I say “come on” he says I put my hand out. “Don't say I never gave you anything” he says with a smile. “Ok you see this book ok this book is me I am math” I say taking the math text book “what is that supposed to mean” he asks “it means that you can work your i am Nathan Scott scoring my touch downs on somebody else” I start “I don't play football” he says “whatever the point is at the end of the day all your bluster and bs don't matter to math cause math don't care and either do I” I say “well does English care cause I suck at that too” he says. “Please don't waist my time cause I'm already taking a huge chance on you and my instincts are telling me that you're full of shit” I say he chuckles ad I start examining how the question goes.

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We finished out lesson. “You get it now” I say he nods “ya” he say “ok our next session is at my house on Thursday in two days I'm full tomorrow” I say “ok” he says “thanks again for doing this Haley” he says “no problem” I say gathering my things together and getting up. “Ok well I'll see thursday” I say and leave.

  I get to school school and see Lucas. “Hey where we're you” he asks. “I had to tutor” I say “you weren't at the tutor center” he says “I did it somewhere else” I say “oh ok I have practice after school again do you” he asks “no not today” I say “I can just walk home” I say “you can wait for me” he says “I'll see I gotta go to class” I say he nods “nice bracelet” he says I smile “thanks” I say and I go to class.

  It's lunch time and me Brooke and Lucas sit together. “So Thursday I can't work I have extra tutoring” I say to Lucas “ok but you don't do after school tutoring” he says “ya but it's been pretty full so I have to do it” I say he nods I just don't want him to find our I'm tutoring Nathan.

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  It's the end of the day and I'm gonna wait in the gym for Lucas. The guys walk in Nathan walks in he takes his shirt off showing his abs he has a really good body. Then Lucas walks in and they start doing suicides I read my book while I wait.

Nathan's POV

  We're doing suicides and Haley's waiting for Lucas. She's reading I'm glad she could tutor me. I'm actual starting to grow feelings for her is it weird it's just she's so smart and beautiful. But I now she probably doesn't like me I hazed Lucas. She probably hates me. We start shooting hoops after 30 minutes of I look at Haley and I smile and shoot and get it in.

Haley's POV

  I sit there it's been at least 2 hours Lucas went to go take a shower I told him I would meet him in the car. I start walking and bump into a hard chest and call on my butt. I look up and it's Nathan. “Again” I say he laughs and helps me up. “Ya again” he says “well next time see if I'm coming” I say “well next time don't look down” he says “shut up” I say he smiles he has a cute smile. “You know you like bumping into me” he says “ya I like falling on my ass” I say he laughs. “Well maybe look where your going and you won't fall” he says “well I shouldn't fall either if I bump into you you're like a giant and your chest is like a rock” I say “thanks that means I have a great body” he says with a smirk “ok full of yourself much” I say “I should get going before Lucas comes back” I say. “Ok well I'll see you later” he says I nod “bye Nathan” I say “bye hales” he says I smile at how he calls me hales I go to the car I wait for Lucas he comes in minutes later. “Hey” I say. “Hey” he replies and turns the car on as drives to his moms cafe. We go in Sam sit I don't have work today. “Hey guys” Karen says. “Hey Karen I can't work Thursday I have to tutor” I say “ok” she says “do you guys want anything” she asks “milkshake” me and Lucas says we look at each other and laugh. She makes us milkshakes and we drink them.

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  After an hour or two I go home. My phone buzzes it's from Brooke.

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Brooke: tomorrow we're going shopping after cheer practice

Me: ok

Brooke: tell Lucas after

Me: ok

  I put my phone away I check the time 7:40. I go into the kitchen and make some food for me. Then my phone buzzes its from Brooke again.

Brooke: I'm having a party Friday because the game Friday.

Me: what if we don't win

Brooke: whatever still a party

  I laugh and eat my food. I go to the couch and flip threw the channels this is my hole day school tutor work and home eat and watch tv I have a boring life oh and cheerleading. I lay down I change into my pajamas and I watch a movie. I feel my eyes get droopy and then they close an I go to sleep.

Haley's POV

  I wake up my phone ringing. “Hello” I answer “tutor girl hey um why aren't you at school” Brooke says I look at the time 8:05. “Shit I slept in I'll be there” I say and hang up I go up to my room and change and get my bag brush my teeth and leave. I get to the school at least I didn't miss my first class and I got here on perfect time. I go to my first class quickly I didn't meet Lucas or Brooke I just went to class.

  It's lunch and I sit with them “hey where were you this morning” Lucas asks “I was late” I say. “Oh” he says.

  It's the end of the day we have cheer practice. “Ok ready 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 turn twist left right hip hip” Brooke says as we do what she says. I look at Nathan he winks and smirks and goes back to suicides I smile. “Tutor girl” I hear Brooke “what” I ask “why are you smiling” she says. “I was thinking of something” I lie. “Ya sure ok” she says and we go back.

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  We've been doing this for 2 hours we're done. “Luke me and Brooke are going shopping” I say “ok” he says and we start walking towards the door. I bump into someone and fall on my butt. “Why does this keep happening” I say and look up to see Nathan. “Really next time see if I'm there” I say “next time don't look down” he says Brooke is smirking. We stand there “come on tutor girl” she says I walk past him and with Brooke we get into her car. “What's going on” she asks “nothing” I say not wanting anyone to know I'm tutoring him. “Tutor girl” she says “literally Brooke nothing” I say. “Stop lying tell me do you like him” she asks I laugh “no” I say she's now driving. “Ya right what's going on I'm not gonna let this go” she says. “…fine don't tell Lucas but I stared tutoring Nathan because he was going to get kicked off the basketball team if he flunked another test” I say she squeals. “Oh my god yes you two are gonna be so adorable together” she says. “We won't be together it's a mutual thing I'm just tutoring him like the other people I tutor” I say “so you have no feeling towards him” she asks I don't answer right away I guess I could say I had a little crush. “No” I lie. “Liar it took you so long I answer” she says smiling she pulls up to the mall. “I'm not lying” I say “nice bracelet by the way where did you get it” she asks I smile “thanks I got from a Cracker Jack box” I say she laughs. We go in and go to some stores and shop.

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