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Every year gamers make millions of money just from streaming and uploading videos on YouTube. One of the people who can boast of having made millions of money from twitching is Dr Disrespect. His real name is Guy Beahm, and he is one of the most popular gamers and streamers in the world today. He has a very iconic signature look. Most of the time, he is seen wearing a moustache, sunglasses, and a mullet wig.

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Beahm took an interest in video games from a very early age, and he became deeply engrossed in them. This interest in video games continued even when he was in college. Sledgehammer Games employed Dr Disrespect in the year 2011. During his tenure at the company, he rose up the ranks to become a leading designer in the organization.

He played an essential role in the creation of the multiplayer maps of the Call of Duty. The YouTube and Twitch channels were launched when he was still working for the company. In 2012, he announced that he had taken a break from gaming to concentrate on his job. In 2015 he decided to quit his position in the company to go back to streaming.

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His first big break came on 21st March 2016 when he streamed the King of the Hill royal battle games. His role stood out during these games, and he easily swung into victory. The most notable of his works is the Call of Duty, which is ranked amongst the most popular games. This production has played an essential role in earning him the much-deserved respect in the gaming industry across the globe.

How much is Dr Disrespect net worth?

The biggest question when it comes to the biggest twitch streamers is how much their net worth is. For Dr Disrespect, his net worth is estimated to be more than $3.5 million. Even though it is tough to predict the net worth of the streamer, the available statistics on his net worth clearly illustrate that he is very rich. It is important to break down the major sources of income in order to understand how he has amassed so much wealth in such a short span of time. Earnings from twitching

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Dr Disrespect is currently ranked among the biggest twitch streamers in the world today. He owns a twitch channel that enjoys followership of more than 3.4 million people. So far, the channel has attracted more than 100 million views. The twitch channel is ranked in the 10th position in terms of the most watched channels. For each stream, he gets an average of 22000 views and makes a minimum of $75000 per month. This means that he earns about $900000 per year just by streaming videos on YouTube.

Dr disrespect net worth
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As a streamer, Dr Disrespect mainly earns his revenue from adverts, subscriptions, bits, and fan donations. The Twitch affiliates and partners are usually awarded 50 percent of the total subscription fees. Given that Dr Disrespect has attracted a lot of fans on the Twitch Channel, most of his income comes from the subscription fees. Fans also donate money directly to their favorite streamers through cryptocurrencies as well as Paypal.

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Earnings from YouTube

Apart from twitching, Guy Beahm gets a considerable amount of income from his YouTube channel. Several times during the week, he streams live from his YouTube channel. He has more than 800,000 subscribers.

To date, the channel has recorded a viewership of more than 40 million. The revenue that he earns from the YouTube channel mainly comes from the ads that appear in the videos.

Dr Disrespect merch

You will be surprised to know that Dr Disrespect has other sources of income other than YouTube and Twitch channels. He has his line of merchandise that is referred to as Slick Daddy Club. Under this banner, he designs high quality inspired t-shirts, phone cases, wall arts, bags, and so on. He sells these products to members of the public and earns a significant amount of money from the sales.

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Is Dr Disrespect married?

Dr Disrespect is a married man, and he has been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Despite being famous, he has kept most of his personal life away from the public limelight. You will be surprised to know that he has never revealed the real name of his wife to the public.

His wife has appeared in several of his social media posts, but her identity still remains unknown. However, he shares personal parts of his life and posts regular photos of his daughter and family on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

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Dr disrespect net worth
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Dr Disrespect’s woes

At the beginning of 2017, Dr Disrespect had reached the highest level of his gaming career, and he was one of the biggest names in the online streaming community. Everything turned upside down when he made the decision to confess of his unfaithfulness to his wife.

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He publicly declared that he would be taking some time off gaming/streaming to fix the issues in his relationship. In January 2018, he announced that he was making a comeback to streaming because he had worked things out with his wife. He had a great comeback into the gaming world as he managed to get more than 380,000 views on the first stream. Since then, he has continued streaming and is still going strong.

From the above facts, it is apparent that Dr Disrespect is a very rich guy. If his level of fame and popularity continues, there is no doubt that he will be a billionaire in future. He has worked very hard to enjoy his current level of success.

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