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Dr. Wale Akinyemi is a business strategist, author, newspaper columnist and a popular inspirational speaker. He is Nigerian by birth but living in Kenya. Wale Akinyemi is a renown motivational speaker, a business strategy consultant and an author. Some of the books that he has authored are The Billionaire Within, Why Do Some Creative Thinking, Dream of Success and many others.

In this article we are going to give a biography of Dr. Wale Akinyemi, his life and achievements. He is well known for his for his life, rising from a low point and becoming one of the most sought after business consultant in the region.

Dr. Wale akinyemi profile

  • Born: not disclosed
  • Age: not disclosed
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Business strategist consultant and motivational speaker.
  • Famous for: Motivational speeches, strategic business management
  • Net Worth : Never disclosed his net worth to the public
  • Contacts: 0722 526578

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Dr. Wale Akinyemi biography


Dr. Wale is not fond of revealing his background in interviews or his social media platforms, but he talks of schooling in one of the best schools in one of his interviews though with Simon Kasyate of Capitals FM’s Desert Island Discs. His parents gave him the best that they could afford at that time.

Dr. Wale Akinyemi family

Dr. Wale Akinyemi biography, books & newspaper articles


It is quite evident that Dr. Wale Akinyemi avoids to share his past with the public in most of his interviews and his social media platforms but in the interview Dr. Wale revealed that he grew up in a loving family of four, his brother, mother and father. He is the first born in the family. Dr. Wale talks of growing up in a family where he had the best, a comfortable family where he didn’t lack the important things he required in his life. He actually remembers his father bringing him some business news papers and magazines which he read from a tender age. From the newspapers, Dr. Wale grew passion in business, not knowing later he would be a big name in business.

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Wife and children

Is Dr. Wale Married? Yes . Dr. Wale akinyemi wife is Taiwo Akinyemi. He got married to Taiwo Akinyemi in 1992, roughly 26 years of marriage. Get the latest wale Akineymi wife pictures and their family by visiting Wale’s Facebook profile. Dr. Wale has three children, two boys and one girl.

Dr. wale Akinyemi books

Dr. Wale Akinyemi biography, books & newspaper articles

Longhorn publishers made a deal with the Dr. Wale to see him acquire printing rights and publish his own books from his Power Talks series. He has written eight books. Here are some of the books:

1. Mental Independence

In this book Dr. Wale talks about mental independence as a state where your mind is empowered to see the undiscovered things. A state where your mind gets the power to be creative enough to turn your dreams and thoughts into realities. According to Dr. Wale achieving economic independence is almost impossible without having achieved mental inpendence.This wesbite has details of the book

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2. Creative Thinking for Phenomenally Effective People

With his rich diversity and experience in different areas business Dr. Akinyemi states that one should improve his circumstance by creative thinking. In this book dr. wale Akinyemi talks of creative thinking as a way that one can use to make ones situation better and overcome ones challenges.

3. Help My Chocolate is Melting (A Practical Guide to Manage Change)

If you are experiencing changes in your life that seem hard to overcome this is the book for you. Help my chocolate is melting book is a book that was written purposely to help one overcome and accept the changes that occur in one’s life. According to Dr. Wale if the rate of change outside you is taking place faster than the change in you than you are a victim of irrelevance. The book talks of two categories of people in life. The prisoners of yesterday and those who are travelers of tomorrow. The prisoners of yesterday seems to get their identity from who they used to be but the travellers of tomorrow keep changing whom they are with the situations they face. Get a copy of this book from goodreads.com.

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4. Why do Some Dream of Success While Others Wake Up to Achieve It?

Everyone has dreams but not all achieve it. According to this book, achieving our dreams is made possible by planning how to achieve them. You can’t just sit on your back and expect that you are going to make progress to your dreams; you need to set targets for each day. This books aims at keeping one motivated to achieve his dreams and get to where one desires.

5. The Billionaire Within

This is one of the best books by Dr. Wale. According to the book there is a billionaire within every poor person. And the greatest day will be when that poor person will get to discover the path that will lead him to success. The books makes it clear that everyone has something that he is good at. And this is what will differentiate between a leader among a group of followers. Reading this book has made many get to a point of self-realization and discover their inner strengths. Get to read this book at goodreads.com.

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Wale Akinyemi articles (Iwale)

Iwale is a collection of Wale Akinyemi articles from the Friday Column in The Nation Newspaper.

Dr. wale is a popular columnist in The Daily Nation Newspaper. Wale writes inspirational articles in the newspaper for personal growth and development. Some of the favourite topics of the articles are relevance, value and dreaming big.

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One of the most memorable articles Wale ever wrote was about value. The article talked about relevance and was posted in April 21 2018. In this article, Wale talks of being able to recognize your value and getting yourself appreciated for it. Dr. wale compares drawings that were made in 1932 by Pablo Picasso featuring Mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter. At the time the drawings were to be sold, the bidders at that time were offering to pay 10 dollars with the highest going to 20 dollars. But Pablo couldn’t sell the paintings. In 2010 the paintings were sold for 106 million dollars. This clearly shows that the early bidders didn’t recognize the value of the painting at the time. The same case applies to our lives, until when our value is realized that is when we start making progress and achieving the success that we deserve.

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You can get this and many inspiring articles by reading the Daily Newspaper or visiting the newspapers website.

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Dr. Wale is surely an inspiration to many and by reading his books you’ll realize there is more to life than you think. Dr. Akinyemi is popular for his passion to transform Africa through the many interviews and power talks. He is also an author of a popular column in the Daily Nation and the owner of Powertalks, a leading corporate firm for personal development . In the column Dr. Wale provides personal development content as well as great messages of inspiration to his readers to help them think of many ways to succeed.

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