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Eyebrows are significant to our overall look as they define the face, unlike any other feature. For this reason, we brush, tweeze, and pencil them for the perfect and natural look. Eyebrow drawing is an art mastered by professional makeup artist as it is the first thing they need to get right for the perfect face beat. Drawing your eyebrows at home is also possible as long as you master the necessary tips.

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If you are not a professional makeup artist, fear not as drawing the perfect eyebrows is not as complicated as it seems. Since we want you to learn how to do eyebrows at home, we have put together this simple, useful guide that will guarantee you gorgeous-looking eyebrows.

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How to draw perfect eyebrows step by step

How do you get your eyebrows on fleek? It takes about 10 minutes to get perfect eyebrows.

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Items that you need

What do I need to draw my eyebrows? Gather the following items

  • An eyebrow pencil
  • An eyebrow powder
  • Spoolie brush
  • Highlighter or concealer
  • A mirror & good lighting


drawing tricks for perfect
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Even though most ladies prefer visiting the salon to get their eyebrows makeup done, it is expensive, and not everyone can afford to do so. Additionally, you may find long queues at the salon yet you need to rush somewhere with neatly done eyebrows. The best thing to do is learn how to draw on eyebrows naturally.

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1. Prepping the brows

Before we delve into eyebrow drawing techniques, ensure that you clean your face thoroughly to get desirable results.

  • Select an appropriate eyebrow design

There are several eyebrows shapes for all facial structures. Before you start drawing the eyebrows, you need to know which one will work best for your face. Here is a picture showing the various eyebrows shapes.

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drawing tricks for perfect brows
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  • Use hairspray to wet your eyebrows

Wet your eyebrows and your eyebrow brush a little to help create a solid consistency when drawing the eyebrows.

2. Drawing the eyebrows

How do you make lines in your eyebrows? Now that you have prepared your eyebrows, it is time to outline them.

  • Locating the eyebrow arch

As a rule of thumb in eyebrows drawing tricks, the head of the brow should be aligned with the outer edge of your nose while its tail needs to line up diagonally with the nostril. This is a hack used by most makeup artists to ensure that both brows resemble each other.

  • Draw the bottom line of the eyebrow first

Using the spoolie brush, comb your eyebrows upwards and this will help you see the gaps if any. Use your eye pencil to draw the bottom line of the eyebrow as it easier, filling it from top to bottom. If you are a beginner, you can use a spoon if you have to get a nice straight line.

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Next, use the spoolie brush to comb down the brows so that you can draw the top line. Begin the top line a few inches back to make them more natural.

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How do you outline your eyebrows? If you are still finding it hard to grasp how to draw eyebrows step by step, then stencils should be your best friend.

Stencils improve eyebrow drawing for beginners as they help one to draw flawless and symmetrical brows in any of their preferred design. Moreover, it can be used more than once, are easy to clean and are hypo-allergic. Eyebrow stencils are of two types; the first one is the peel and stick option. To use this, position it where your eyebrow is and use an eye pencil or eye powder and fill in space.

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The other type is the eyebrow stencil set. To use it, place on your brow and outline the eyebrow using either an eye pencil or powder. Once done, remove the stencil and fill in the outline using simple, quick strokes for the naturally finished brows.

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3. Filling in the eyebrows

Now that you have the perfect eyebrow outline, you are halfway to getting well-done brows.

  • Draw on the bow with more strength than at the beginning

Use simple, quick, and light strokes to fill in eyebrows at the beginning of the brow. Pay more attention to the gaps in the eyebrows, and as you get near the root, use more strength to give the eyebrows a natural look.

After you are done filling in the brows, use the spoolie brush to comb over them gently. Use feathery strokes upward when brushing.

4. Cleaning up the eyebrow

Most ladies will stop at the step above, but you can make the eyebrow cleaner by using a concealer.

  • Use a concealer or highlighter to enhance the shape eyebrows

The best concealer to use is one which is a shade lighter than your foundation. Using a flat eye brush, draw the concealer below and above the eyebrow coming close to the edges of the drawn brow. Blend in the concealer so that it appears as natural as possible. Using an eye shadow brush, put some highlighter or some gold eye shadow on the arch and the bone of the brow. This is to give the eyebrows a better definition.

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And you are done! Below are some of the steps mentioned above in graphic format.

tricks for perfect eyebrows
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More tips on how to draw eyebrow for beginners

Here are a few other hacks that will go a long way in ensuring you get that perfect look that you desire.

Choose the best natural looking eyebrow colour

Before you draw your eyebrows, ensure to pick a colour that resembles your natural eyebrow roots. This will make your eyebrows look natural and not overdone.

Thin eyebrows are cute too

Most ladies think the thicker the eyebrow, the trendier it is. This is not true as slim and elegant brows are beautiful also. You need to figure out what size works for your face better so that you can draw on eyebrows without looking fake.

Your eyebrows are not identical twins

Do not get frustrated trying to shape eyebrows as they are not twins. Trying to perfect them to look the same takes away their naturalness. So just let them be, they are sisters after all and not twins.

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Here are some short video tutorials detailing the above-mentioned eyebrow drawing tricks.

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These tutorials will give you a better understanding of how to go about the above steps.

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Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on eyebrow drawing skills to help you shape and draw the perfect brows. A little practice makes perfect they say, so what are you waiting for? Get to it, and soon you will be doing your eyebrows makeup like a pro!


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