Celebrities And Famous People Named Dick, 8 Famous Dicks That Weren&#39T The Worst

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Dicks are slowly going extinct, and dick pics may be to blame. Famous Dicks are few and far between these days, and no new ones are stepping up to replace them.

In the early 1900s, Dick — nope, not Richard, just plain old Dick — was a relatively common baby name. According to the Social Security Administration, we reached peak Dick in 1934, when the name ranked at #138 among baby names for boys. Which is how we ended up with a famous dick as a president… Richard Nixon.

But ever since ‘69, Dick hasn’t even scratched the top 1,000 baby names. As of 2014, it didn’t even register on the SSA’s name tally, meaning fewer than five were born that year.

The reason for Dick’s decline in popularity is probably obvious. While it’s been a slang term for, well, dick since 1836, the word became the go-to euphemism in the last 50 years. Not surprisingly, that’s right around the time people started to pump the brakes on the name and there haven’t been many famous dicks since.

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But we have another theory for the recent near-extinction: Dick pics were the final nail in their coffin.


Who Actually Sends Dick Pics?

According to one government survey,53% of millennial women have received a dick pic, 75% of which were unsolicited. The bulk highest group of senders seem to be guys with postgraduate degrees who live in the Northeast and who make over $80k (or who prefer not to disclose their income).

Those pics were received — and apparently, sent — with the amount of enthusiasm you’d expect, with women and men describing them as stupid (48%), gross (41%), sad (25%).

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So, guys, you might be smart, but considering a paltry 9% of women rated them as sexy, think twice before sending your eggplant through the Internet. However, we think it’s totally ok to someone a pic of one of these famous Dicks we love.

8 Famous Dicks

(And yes, we realize some of these are Richards, but we make the rules around these parts.)

1. Dick Butkus

This guy definitely did important sports stuff. The NFL named this former Chicago Bears linebacker Defensive Player of the Year twice. Great job, Dick Butkus! Go sports!

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