Amir Khan And Wife Faryal Makhdoom Haroon Khan, Haroon Khan (@Harrykingkhan)

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The mother of boxer Amir Khan has voiced her sadness over the family's row with his wife Faryal Makhdoom.

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It's the latest in the row between his family and Faryal, who has accused the family of bullying her.

In the past few days, Faryal has spoken out about the abuse, saying she has been subjected to a tirade of abuse, and accused the Khans of trying to destroy her marriage.

Amir's mother Falak has now responded.

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“I will not lie, nor will I try to bepanahpeyar.comver up for someone. No one has called Faryal bad names, or beaten her; nor has anyone mistreated her,” Falak told Geo News .

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“I once told her, 'Faryal, do not wear this type of clothes; wear a scarf.' But she paid no heed so I stopped saying it to her again, because it was Amir's duty to tell her that.”

Falak claims that Frayal made no effort to mix with the family despite a desire to do so on their side, and that she referred to them as “village people”.

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“Today I am saying this with great sadness that I do not know why she has done this,” she adds.

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The naked Snapchat Faryal shared of Amir Khan's brother Haroon (Image: SNAPCHAT/faryalxmakhdoom)

“Nothing of this sort has happened. If Faryal is giving us a bad name today, one day she will also say that Amir has beaten her.

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“She will say the same things about him. We have done nothing, nor have my daughters done anything .”

This all came to a head when when Faryal posted a naked picture of brother-in-law Haroon Khan online.

She posted: “Don't get your sons married if you're going to abuse and bully the wife. I've always been so quiet but seriously this message is for everyone!

When you bring someone's daughter – treat her as your own. Your son will be much happier & so will you. :)”

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