Global warming strikes Al Gore’s personal life

Good news for any surviving members of Al Gore’s posse.

He’s still into global warming; it’s very lucrative, you know. But now the chunky failed politician has a new girlfriend. Life is short. The divorce from Tipper can wait.

Unlike President Obama’s composite girlfriend, however, Gore’s is real. The Washington Post tells the waiting world, Gore is “dating” Elizabeth Keadle. She’s a rich, California Dem enviro. Is there any other kind really? So, the life of a lonely, global-warming geek has finally been assuaged by another female companion.

According to the happy Post report, Al and Liz are “dating,” if by “dating” you mean traveling around the world together.

She is a rich divorcee who’s been a regular donor to the Democratic National Committee and has given away $5,000 already this year to the Obama Victory Fund.

She was also an initial investor in Al Gore TV, which now features another failed Democrat, Eliot Spitzer, as its headline evening commentator. He’s to appeal to the TV audience demo that’s interested in what an exposed john who over-paid prostitutes thinks of the day’s news.

But the new Gore girlfriend is not really a “girl” anymore. According to one Google search for Elizabeth Keadle, she was born July 4, 1815, in Springfield, S. C., which would make her a little old even for the 64-year-old Gore.

Earlier this year the Gore-Keadle couple joined other rich enviro tourists like Tommy Lee Jones and Richard Branson to spew several tons of carbon emissions flying themselves down to Antarctica. Their professed goal was to raise awareness of climate change.

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As you might gather from the photo above, they didn’t find many awarenesses to raise.

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