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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s ex-wife, Habiba gave birth to three children throughout her seven years-long marriage. Image Source: Habiba’s Facebook.

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Unfortunately, the basketball legend, Kareem, dropped the ‘divorce bomb’ when Habiba was only three months pregnant with their daughter, Sultana. Well, Kareem has accepted that he went through some rudimentary stage of evolution and thus made some stupid decisions. Do you think announcing divorce to three months pregnant woman counts one?

Reason Behind Their Split

As an ardent Muslim, Kareem married according to his teacher’s will and later separated. The man who bagged six NBA championships and dazzled the world with his sky-hook, Kareem had an unusual relationship with his former wife.

Habiba and Kareem lived in separate homes briefly after their marriage and two children. The former partners had not lived together since 1973.

According to the LA Times, Kareem Abdul Jabbar admitted that no person except Cheryl Pistono had a more significant impact on his life. The woman who dared to ask and question Kareem’s belief also seems to have persuaded him to seek a divorce from an estranged marriage.

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Aforementioned, Kareem announced his wished to separate when Habiba was three months pregnant with Sultana. Hence, upon Kareem’s insistence, their marriage was dissolved through a religious ceremony and later divorced in civil court.

Their divorce finalized in March 1983. But it isn’t confirmed if Cheryl Pistono played an active role in the estranged couple’s divorce. Anyway, both Jabbar and Janice, aka Habiba, moved on swiftly. Habiba Jabbar, aka Habiba J. Herbert, remarried in 1986 and gave birth to a son named Sean while Kareem was already blessed with a baby boy, Amir Abdul-Jabbar.

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Let’s hope Habiba J Herbert remains healthy to pursue her passion for running even in the coming days and share a smile with the world.

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