How Do Such People Find Their Way Into Places Of Political Power?

When Strother Martin’s character Percy Garris was riding down that Bolivian mountain with Butch and Sundance, he responded to their complete ignorance of the situation by turning to the outlaws and mocking them as “beginners.”

“Morons,” he says. “I’ve got morons on my team.”

Quite of few of us have the same thought about many of the people who “serve” us in their capacity as elected officials. How can such a yo-yo, we ask ourselves, have ever made it into such a position of power?

There’s a long history of our politicians revealing themselves to be mere pretenders, but let’s just look at some of the most recent examples:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Markey earlier this month credited the Obama administration’s increased fuel standards for cars and light trucks for boosting innovation in the automobile industry.

“These laws are what has unleashed the Elon Musk revolution — all of these companies being forced to now invest in new technology,” said Markey.

Say again? Investments aren’t made by force. What Musk and the traditional automakers did was respond to a government mandate, not a market signal, which is what companies usually use to decide when to make an investment. They would have never spent the money on electric vehicles that they have without the government’s heavy hand coming down on them.

If there had been a market demand, Washington would have had to do nothing. These companies aren’t run by fools — they take advantage of business opportunities when then see them. They don’t need the government “forcing” them into decisions that will yield profits.

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And by the way, Senator, many of the dollars that Musk’s Tesla company has been burning through are not invested capital but money seized from private individuals and funneled to Tesla because power players in Washington favor his company.

Leaving Markey behind, we move on to those fair-minded folks who insist on calling President Trump a fascist. Either these people have no idea what they are talking about, or they think they’ve hit on a clever smear that resonates with those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Because clearly he is not.

Trump has no plans or desire to take over the U.S. economy and seize its industry. He doesn’t wear a military uniform as Hitler, Mussolini and Franco did, he’s tried to work with the other party, he’s done nothing to indicate he has ambitions to be a dictator, or even to elevate the power and well-being of the state over all else, in particular the individual.

Neither has Trump set up a squad of paramilitary criminals to seek out and punish his political enemies, nor has he threatened neighbors or nations abroad with invasion.

So how do intemperate and ignorant “leaders,” such as Pennsylvania state Sen. Daylin Leach, former Maryland governor, Democratic presidential candidate and Hillary Clinton activist Martin O’Malley, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, member of Parliament Dennis Skinner and Canadian politician Tom Mulcair, who’ve all called Trump a fascist or implied that he is, obtain their positions of power?

Rather than wielding influence from their perches of elected office, these people should instead be sitting in classrooms learning what they apparently failed to pick up in school. Those who trade in high-school level insults should go back to high school.

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Of course they don’t like Trump and believe that his policies are dangerous. That’s their right. But labeling him a fascist is a cheap, lazy way to make a point, and it trivializes true fascism.

Finally, no list of this sort would be complete without mentioning Barack Obama. How did a man who has done nothing useful become president of the United States?

How did someone with his background of Marxist sympathies, and his credentials as a community agitator, gain the largest share of political power in the world for eight years?

How did someone who thought Austrians speak a language that doesn’t exist, who is sure that a Navy corpsman is a “corpse-man,” who has no understanding of economics, subscribes to virulent anti-Americanism, and fell in love with the authority he bestowed unto himself, rise to the White House?

And he is with us still, having spitefully stayed in Washington to operate an organization that wants to resist and delegitimize the duly elected president, the first former president to ever have done such a petty thing.

Columnist Peggy Noonan had it partly right when she said we are patronized by our inferiors. The full truth is we are too often actually ruled by them.

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