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Sadiq Khan is London’s elected mayor for the 2016 to 2020 tenure. He was popularly addressed as the son of a bus driver because of the job his father held when he immigrated to the country. Sadiq has served Londoners diligently with his intention being bridging inequality. He was the first Muslim mayor in London, and his story beats all odds. With a lot to carry on his shoulders, Sadiq Khan net worth is pretty impressive.

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Sadiq Khan’s devotion to politics stems from the age of fifteen when he joined the Labour Party. He was a Tooting Member of Parliament (MP) from 2005 to 2016 before his mayoral appointment. With this is in mind, how much do you think the honourable mayor is worth?

How much does Sadiq Khan earn?

Khan achieved a majority of the promises he made to Londoners during his manifesto’s campaign. He exited office an honourable man. As a politician, what is Sadiq Khan net worth?

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The statesman, who is also an advocate, has a high disposable income which stems from his expertise in legal matters. The mayor’s monthly salary as of 2020 was £152,734. It is estimated that Khan earned more than £700,000 during his tenure in office.

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Sadiq Khan net worth as London’s mayor is worth it

Considered one of the most influential leaders in London’s government, Khan succeeded in bridging gaps and providing long-term solutions. Some of the highly-praised Sadiq Khan achievements include:

Transportation bridging

Sadiq Khan net worth
Sadiq Khan on the 2021 campaign trail. Photo: @sadiq
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Sadiq managed to introduce the weekend night Tube on select lines, making it easier and affordable for vulnerable citizens to travel without hurdles. He likewise introduced the One-hour Hopper bus fare, which offers unlimited travel to the price of one ticket.

Environment upgrade

Khan’s campaign for a safer environment is perhaps one of the most incredible things people will remember. He introduced a penalty for polluting vehicles because air pollution was a detrimental factor in premature deaths and lung diseases.

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Housing solutions

Living in London is almost impossible for anyone who cannot afford to meet the exorbitant rent fees. Therefore, top on his agenda as mayor, Khan succeeded in levelling housing costs to Londoners.

His regime oversaw the construction of 116,000 new homes with a budget of £4.82 billion. Although the Sadiq Khan House law was met with backlash, Lord Mayor Khan brought a significant change to London’s housing industry.

Crime mitigation

Every government encounters crime in many forms, and Khan has exercised the necessary controls to combat misconduct. In particular, Sadiq introduced the £45 million Young Londoners Fund with a focus on helping young people at risk of violence.

Where does the Mayor of London live?

One of the rewarding things about being London’s mayor has got to be the lucrative perks. As a custom, Lord Mayor’s residence is the ‘Mansion House’ located in London. The building was orchestrated by renowned London architect George Dance the Elder.

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The house is used to perform business functions, including two annual ‘white tie’ dinners. A defined protocol for persons who wish to tour the mansion and booking is done through the official diary.

Does Sadiq Khan have a car?

Sadiq Khan net worth
Sadiq Khan riding a bicycle. Photo: @sadiq
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While politicians are expected to travel around in posh cars, what car does the London mayor drive? Sadiq Khan salary is not the only rewarding aspect of holding a government office seat.

Some of the other benefits include housing and transport allowance. Khan goes to work in a £300,000 five-litre armoured Range Rover.

Sadiq Khan’s leadership as London’s mayor was of significant impact on the community. Not only did he bridge the minority gap, but he implemented laws that created sustainable solutions to an ailing nation. With so much expected from London’s Lord Mayor, Sadiq Khan net worth was indeed worth the job description. published an article about Sacha Baron Cohn net worth. Sacha is a popular American actor famous for his portrayal of the character Ali G Borat. He prefers to live a private life and rarely does interviews. However, most people do not know that he is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors.

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What is Sacha net worth? Does he have a wife? What are his best movies? What card does he drive? Learn about all these details and more from the short read.

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