How Old Is Jay Park (Rapper), Jay Park Profile, Age & Facts

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2. What is Jay Park's real name?

Jay’s birth name is Park Jae-beom which he later Americanised to Jay Park. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)


3. Where is Jay Park from?

Jay Park was originally born in Seattle and grew up in the United States until he moved to South Korea in 2005 to pursue his career in the music industry. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)


4. How old is Jay Park?

Jay is 30 years old and his birthday is on April 25th… in case you wanted to treat his to a nice birthday present. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)


6. What is Jay Park's Snapchat username?

You can find Jay on snapchat under the username: aomgjaypark.

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7. How big is Jay Park's music career?

Jay Park has made four studio albums, won a bunch of awards – including Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards and has recently signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation – becoming the first Asian-American to do so. His fourth and most recent studio album 'Everything You Ever Wanted' charted at #3 on Billboard’s World Album chart and #3 in iTunes US R&B chart. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

8. What is Jay Park's record label called?

In 2013, Jay Park founded South Korea’s biggest independent hip-hop/urban record label, AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group). Within two years, South Korea’s mainstream music charts were dominated by AOMG artists. Following the success of AOMG, Jay set up an international record label H1GHR MUSIC which supports international mainstream and underground artists. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

9. What charities has Jay Park partnered with?

Jay is also an advocate for the fight against AIDS – he partnered with MAC and InStyle magazine to support World AIDS Day in 2016 with artists from his record label headlining an event in Seoul. He’s also campaigned for Breast Cancer Awareness and joined former Vice President Al Gore to help promote cleaner environments for the world. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

10. What happened to Jay Park when he was in 2PM?

In 2009, unfavourable comments about his life in Korea that were written in English (and later mistranslated and taken out of context) were found on Jay’s myspace. Even though he issued an apology and released an official statement, people demanded that he be removed from 2PM, the boy band he was in at the time. He later left the group of his own accord to avoid the drama and returned to his hometown of Seattle. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

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11. How many tattoos does Jay Park have?

Too many to count is the short answer. Jay has a sleeve on his left arm, knuckle tattoos on both hands that spell out ’King Life’, stars on his neck, a huge lion on his chest and a compass on his neck to name a few. Tattoos are actually quite taboo in South Korea and he has spoken out about how they have affected his career and reputation. In case you didn't know, tattoos are often blurred out on South Korean television due to connotations with gangs and the mafia. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

12. How tall is Jay Park?

Jay is 1.7m tall, which is roughly around 5ft 6in. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

13. Was Jay Park on SNL Korea?

In 2013, Park joined the cast of Saturday Night Live Korea where he performed for 3 seasons. Needless to say, after he joined the case as a series regular, the ratings shot through the roof.

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14. What was Jay Park's dance group called?

Jay also used to be a competitive b-boy dancer, which is where his love and appreciation for the hip-hop culture began. He joined the Art of Movement dance crew in 2003 before moving to South Korea to kick start his career in music.

15. What is Jay Park's net worth?

Apparently Jay has a net worth of about $2 million, which doesn't sound like a lot when you consider how successful his own record labels are. Jay was also named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Asia. (SOURCE: Jay Park/Instagram)

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