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Malin Akerman (born May 12, 1978) is a Swedish-Canadian Singer, Model, and Actress from Stockholm (Sweden). In fact, she is famous for her show “Billions” (2018). She plays the role of Lara Axelrod. Earlier, Malin did the TV series such as “Robot Chicken”, “Trophy Wife”, “Love Monkey” and “The Others”. Her full real birth name is Malin Maria Akerman.

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On the other hand, she is the part of the superhero movie “Watchman” (2009). She is in the character of Silk Spectre II. Moreover, she bagged the nomination for the Best Supporting Actress in the Saturn Awards. However, she could not win the award. The star Malin has married again.


Malin Akerman with Husband Jack Donnelly.

The name of her new husband is Jack Donnelly (32). He is a British based actor. Both of them exchanged vows at Playa Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico on December 1, 2018. Furthermore, she has a pink colored wedding dress.

Her spouse Jack wore a navy blue shirt and black pants. They looked perfect on their special occasion. Akerman’s son Sebastian also attended the ceremony. Additionally, the couple engaged in March 2017.

Profile, Parents & Early Life


This beautiful Actress was born on the 12th of May 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden. At Present, Malin Akerman’s age is 40 years old. Furthermore, her father Magnus Akerman is an insurance broker.

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She is the daughter of Pia Sundström is the part-time model and aerobics teacher. Moreover, she went to Canada. However, her parents divorced. Then, her mom remarried again in Ontario and again separated. She has two sisters Jennifer Akerman (model) and Mikaela Akerman.

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She took admission in Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, St. Catharines. Malin raised in the Buddhist lifestyle. During her primary school, she influenced modeling. However, she has dropped child psychology course from York University, Toronto.


With Ex-Husband Roberto Zincone.

Ms. Akerman married twice. Previously, she is the first wife of Italian singer Roberto Zincone. She is the mom of a son Sebastian Zincone. Again, she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Jack Donnelly.


Some Lesser Known Facts about Malin Akerman


She did modeling for the Ford Models and Noxzema.In fact, Malin went to North Toronto Collegiate Institute and Dante Alighieri Academy.The 40-year-old actress did acting in movies such as “The Invasion”, “27 Dresses”, “Watchmen” and “The Ticket”.Furthermore, Ms. Akerman appeared nude in “Watchmen” and “The Heartbreak Kid”.She has placed in the 99 most desirable women and hot 100 rankings.Moreover, she got the Young Ambassador Opportunity 2012.She can fluently speak different languages like English, French, and Swedish.

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Money Factor & Finacial Details: Malin Akerman’s Net worth is around $10 million US Dollars in 2018.Jack’s wife finds her comfortable in the lovemaking scenes in movies.Her movie of 2009 “Everybody Wins” premiered in the Newport Beach Film Festival.On the other hand, she hosted the fundraiser opportunity in October 2012.Presently, Malin lives in Toronto and LA (California, USA).

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