IBD Live Recap, Key Stock Lists For Monday, Dec. 21, 2020

to the entire IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis – Good Monday Morning !!! GMM (Good Monday Morning) Scott! Hat Man can you comment on RKT chart? Acting OK ? Hi Frank, I like how the stock appears to have placed a bottom. I see very low volume on 10/30, when it probed below 18, but finished above that key price level (its IPO pricing). This suggests the sellers tired. The stock is still treading water, though, and a new buy point has yet to emerge. But if it moves past 24 then possibly the balance would shift more toward demand vs supply. Nice to see Rocket back above the 50-day MA; watch for a potential test of the key technical level, too. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/how-to-trade-stocks-base-stock-charts/ Good morning! GM Blaine! Was it just me or when I was doing my weekend routine it seemed too many stocks than usual were extended? Maybe today will cool it off a little?… A chill has arrived from across the pond… that may do the trick, perhaps? Hat Man $etsy $ net Superb action by both. May be an aggressive entry in NET at 86.31, but perhaps a six-day shelf formed? Kevin, pls check out this IC on the pattern written by Mike Webster. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/what-is-a-shelf-pattern-and-why-it-is-perfect-pyramiding-tool-in-growth-stocks/ Good Morning from Sunny South Florida! GM Brian! Nice to hear it’s sunny down there! GM Gang – Blue Skies Ahead! Saw ELO before lockdown – awesome show! live answered is there any news on txg looks like it is going to open gapping down Didn’t see any news on TXG. Not sure how active it’s been so far premarket. Obviously comes amid weak market and a wild, wild day for TXG on Friday. David Browns hat today ? You bet! And tomorrow too! Go 10-4 Browns! GM Frank! a good and ugly market morning to you’all. Someone woke the bears up again. aloha,mike Ah, we shall see, Mike! Will we see just a one-day correction like the 5.3% Nasdaq drop on 6/11? Aloha, Hat Man GM from Cape Cod GM Phil! Good morning. A general risk mgt question. Do you apply the -7 to -8% stop rule to each purchase? For example, if I buy shares of XYZ at $40 and buy more XYZ at $50, should I sell the shares I bought st $50 if they fall -7 to -8% from my purchase price of those shares? It’s always important to make sure your losses aren’t getting out of hand. We like using logical levels on the chart (price areas, moving averages) to help us with scaling in and out of positions. It depends on that particular stock and its action. Hi Ali – do we need the IBD app or does everything work well on investors.com site? I notice the app doesn’t work well on my ipad and I enjoy reading the e-newspaper. Thx! Hi David! You could use mobile web on your iPad instead of the IBD app if you’d prefer. Just open up Safari and go to investors.com on your tablet! Good Morning, Mr. Blue Sky Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMY5xe36cfE live answered Welcome back Dave Thanks much Michael! Good morning Team! welcome back Dave, hope you enjoy your time off! I sure did, thank you Omar! GM! whole gang is here Everyone loves working on Monday here? I get to be with you for 2 weeks!!!! : ) Oh happy day! Glad you’re here, Linda! and WARM< Hat Man Hey Brian! Hi! Could we look at EXPI? Thanks! Acting great Robert! It remains a quarter-size position. Wished we quickly boosted it to a half. Cheers, Hat Man — https://leaderboard.investors.com/#/leaders/leadersnearabuypoint Can’t see your screen today We usually share the screen to the group after we share news headlines. Good morning everyone and yes, good to have you back Dave, batteries recharged I trust? The batteries feel pretty good Ron! Cheers man Welcome back, monsieur le chapeau…..Jeff N Thanks Jeff! GM to ya. Has there been a time in recent memory where the put/call ratio as spent so much consistent time under .60? Subsequent market reaction? We need to look at some old charts. But I remember how the put/call had been below 0.6 a long time before the March 2000 Nasdaq top. — https://research.investors.com/psychological-market-indicators/ I know you will cover TSLA. Q. the large swings on the charts. Can you say what was going on. live answered ed great He does a great job w/ the news headlines too! Good Morning Everyone! Welcome back ‘Hat Man’! 🙂 Glad you’re here! Nice tuneage this morning! 🙂 Hi Shari, GM and thank you very much! Great last-minute pick by Chris today! ELO a first on the show, perhaps? Cheers, Hat Man Happy Monday . . . Good morning from Chicago . . . the “big man” comin’ to town in 4-days . . . Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!! GM Peter! Did you hear that Santa got the vaccine already? Good cheer from Dr Fauci, eh? Cheers Hello everybody. FYI, there are thought to be many strains of Covid and the one from Denmark mink farms has been found in, I think, 4 mainland European countries. Our strain here in the UK is not from Denmark though. Keep safe over there. live answered Can you talk about TXG, it was mentioned last Friday? The action from Friday was all over the place. live answered I think FVRR is actionable here. How do you see it? live answered Can we look at QS, BLNK??? Nice rebound by QS after the 2-day spill… but this would not be an appropriate cup base at this time. Have you seen this IC? https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/know-this-key-sell-signal-why-a-v-shaped-base-spells-trouble/ all i want for x-mas is a ali rally. Well the market isn’t cooperating so far today! But we’ll have to see how the rest of the day/week plays out… Good Morning, everyone!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!! Same to you Lane!!! How should I treat RNG? 8 week hold rule? Stop below 10-day or 21-day? 30% above pivot The move past a new handle entry at 309.23 is very impressive, Ezra. A 20% gain in just 12 days. Surely, the eight-week hold rule applies. But I like how you are thinking about defense too. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/how-to-invest-in-growth-stocks-lesson-microsoft-special-sell-rule/ Morning folks. Checking in from Bulgaria. Are cup and handle formations over longer periods, 2 years for example, predictive of big moves? Hi Mark, we generally see most strong cup with handle patterns form between 7 weeks and six months. Any longer than that, it could be a saucer, or a series of bases forming within a long, deep consolidation. Check out this IC — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/breakout-stocks-predict-breakout-with-saucer-with-handle-base-chart-pattern-amazon/ Good Morning from cold and dreary KY….grey skies and 32 degrees. Warm inside the house… Kyle, the Kentucky Straight must be tasting mighty fine these days. Cheers and thanks for being part of IBD Live! Hat Man TDOC will open higher Nice attempt to reclaim the 50-day MA, but struggling a bit now. I’d keep it on the watchlist. WOW! TSLA NEAR 666! Beware! Ha! Well, hopefully just briefly — like the S&P 500 in March 2009! TXG? live answered Anyone still holding bad-boy TXG? Crazy action on Friday and down signficantly in pre-market. live answered Can you please provide the audio details (phone number to dial and meeting number) ? Where can I find ? You can listen on your phone using the Zoom app! Check out investors.com/LiveFAQ for all the details on this Want to discuss TXG movement Friday live answered Could you discuss TXG move on Friday live answered ADBE is breaking out in a ascending triangle formation, what is your opinion on this stock? Hi George, that’s an interesting observation, I see that too. From a CAN SLIM lens, it’s still basing but overcoming resistance at 500 and 519 would def be bullish. We also see a double-bottom entry, 519.70. Hat Man Dave https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/when-buy-growth-stocks-why-double-bottom-base-fuels-strong-breakouts/ how do you comment on Tesla? live answered Thoughts on AI? (the stock) live answered Can we look at TXGs volume and movement for Friday and Today? Not sure who was selling, but clearly some fund decided to take profits. Not seeing any new news. Nice to see how it did bounce off the lows and ‘respect’ the 50-day MA. Will today be an inside day? In marketsmith when you have a list of stocks on bottom you can click space bar and it jumps to the next stock? Is there a button to go back to the previous stock? Not that I’m aware of. I think you can only use the space bar to go forward. What happened with TXG on Friday? Pls see answered section Thoughts on TXG’s move on Friday? Pls see the answered section! Thanks Michael check out FOXF. Thin stock on Market Smith looks ready to break out. Spread too wide for me. thanks Yeah, that ‘handle’ is really not a handle on FOXF. This is a company that has made the IBD 50 and made some nice moves before. But even w/ an avg dollar volume of $31 mil, it can still trade very wildly. Thanks Anthony. Hat Man Feedback – today not easy to find you – easy to find all of IBD promotions – but not IBD Live log on – hopefully tomorrow it will be easier Hi Elaine! If you type in “investors.com/IBDLive” and save that page to your favorites, it should be easy for you to find 🙂 zm breakout in base on volume Moving above 21-day line but well below 50-day. ETSY never goes down…even today. Grinds higher day after day after day after day. One of the best stocks of 2020, no doubt Michael AI is a runaway train, broke out of IPO base Friday. A great start, surely. The fact that Tom Siebel started it is meaningful too. True visionary in Silicon Valley. Siebel Systems was a big winner. what is the ideal “liquidity”? or dollar volume? We require a minimum $25 mil in average dollar turnover for Leaderboard stocks. We simply take the 50-day average volume times the share price. But even better often to focus on those with at least $100mil to $250 mil in dollar volume, IMHO. You’re not going to see as much volatility, day to day, in general w/ the names showing higher dollar volume. That said, each true growth stock has its own unique personality! TXG — Wild Friday. Took my stop loss off an hour b4 open. This will be interesting to monitor today . . . violatile “little bugger.” live answered Is GNRC benefiting from ESG investments?? Good Q, Tom and GM! Do you mean in terms of it being an alternate energy play? Not sure on that. Hat Man Dave Generac reviews are horrible on amazon for both product and customer support That’s interesting, thanks Daniel “AI: Please comment on the IPO Base and strong mpove on today’s down day It does not have huge Q Revenue like many Clouds, BUT has impressive estimates that trurn from losses to positive Also, not a Goldman IPO” Frank, these 2 ICs will be helpful. https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/ipo-bases-rich-gains/ and https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/many-tech-ipos-can-fail-on-their-first-breakout-just-like-emc-did-in-1986/ I have not been receiving the recap emails with the daily ready list since last Tuesday. I looked in my spam folder as well. Can I expect to receive coal in my xmas stocking again this year? I’m so sorry about this, Dan — please reach out to our customer success team for help with this, they can have our engineering team work their magic if needed https://askinvestorhelp.force.com/s/ GM Irusha the podcast with Jim Roppel was great to Jim is a great proponent of CAN SLIM! AI new issue- actionable?? live answered I believe David Ryan did say he still has some GNRC in a fairly recent IBD Webinar with Mark Minervini Ah, now you heard it what’s he doing right now RP up 30%, what’s the news? RP is being bought by Thoma Bravo. Happy Monday your thoughts on a new IPO AI, it is rocking. Thanks. live answered Is NKE in a good spot to add? live answered David Ryan spoke about BAND, which is moving up today. Nice base forming, indeed, thanks Pat Isn’t the RS line moving the wrong way? Gnrc Great point Catherine! I agree, you’d want to see it closer to its high once a base has formed. Perhaps GNRC needs more time to develop that base and show true relative strength. Thanks for noting that. Cheers, Hat Man Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/relative-strength-rating-stock-chart-analysis-helps-pick-outstanding-growth-stocks/ generac has a 14 week delivery wait on new 22k generators. Interesting. Now that is a backlog! Can you comment on NVDA – Not moving much inspite of good products live answered “Good Morning! Could you please cover MDB” It’s doing great. Well extended from the buy point. Anyone else get punched in the nose by TXG on Friday? I was unfortunately paying attention for that bad five minute bar and got shaken out. live answered FVRR plz live answered FVRR-thoughts? live answered Thoughts on the battles in TXG & EXAS? live answered FVRR live answered Is it possible to “pause” this show? Bathroom break!! We’d love for Zoom to come out with DVR capabilities! But they don’t have them at this time Welcome Back David!! Thanks much! Zi? Still basing. Good rebound above the 50-day MA for now. Thoughts on U? Acting like a leader, for sure, Tarik. Comments on NGMS? IT’s broken out of an IPO base Nice breakout for sure! That’s an IPO base for sure. TDOC breaking above 50 DMA in volume. Let’s see if it can finish above it by Friday, too. thanks David, I’ll check it out Cheers “AI: It does not have huge Q Revenue like many Clouds, BUT has impressive estimates that turn from losses to positive Also, not a Goldman IPO” Good point, the April-ending fiscal 2021 eps estimate of 29 cents a share is a good sign, Frank, vs. a net loss of 70 cents in FY 2020. Thanks, Hat Man Ed, the reason why Fireeye (FEYE) stock is doing well is because they are an IT security company and hacking them is like pissing off Liam Neeson in the movie Taken. 😉 After the hack, FEYE’s experts did everything well after the attack, including disclosing what happened. Its analysis was instrumental to the infosec community in identifying who was responsible and how they did it, plus helping mitigate the effects of the attack after the fact. Thanks. It’s certainly acting well now. JKS is flirting with breaking a downtrend Nice action for sure now! Wild stock, but still in a base. GM, PLTR concern with 90 days lockup release? That’s a great point, Victor; we normally look for a 180-day lockup period, but Palantir is limiting it to 90 days? Hat Man Dave Irusha – the podcast with Jim was another home run! My wife, who’s not a trader person, enjoys listening to your guests giving their insights into the psychology and self discipline of trading. We’re actually planning to listen together when Ken Polcari’s back to continue his great stories on his experiences on Wall Street! Cool! Is that a high tight flag forming on PLTR? It seems the flag is too deep, a 37% correction. PLTR is setting up nicely No doubt, Phil. I’m watching it! Hat Man Very nice looking kitty, Ed. Thanks. It’s a sweet cat, but wants to run around our place meowing around this time each morning. Can you please look at TDOC and ZM especially since virus fears coming back? live answered Can you speak to 8 week hold rules…I bough EXPI @ 60.50 on Dec 10th Check out this IC. https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/how-to-invest-in-growth-stocks-lesson-microsoft-special-sell-rule/ FVRR 6% move on 385% vol live answered how can you bring your cat to the office? ha ha ha It’s a support animal. 🙂 “AI Customer Story — Con Edison recognized the need for a big data platform to deploy 5M automatic meter readings. Data gives huge capability to harness the data. Developing insights — Being able to predict failures and prevent incidents: C3 learnt the business quickly, got to the essence quickly & continually drive client to deliver business value” So much capital getting invested into AI. May be great for AMD, NVDA, QCOM, other chip firms? CRSP could be beaking downtrend line live answered Take a look at TWTR … Jack Dorsey might get replaced Is that a rumor? Hard to believe that. in 8th week of CGC hold rule. Thoughts on this one? Looks like a normal pullback so far. These stocks are volatile. But now the 50-day MA is above a 22.29 entry point, that’s good. Irusha volume is low to me I can hear everyone fine — but I’m wearing headphones. Maybe try that if you’re able to? This love hate relationship I have with AMD is driving me crazy lol live answered Please explain what VIX means and why it goes up. Here you are! Good IC (Investor’s Corner here) https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/vix-volatility-index-can-confirm-stock-market-bottoms-coronavirus-bear-market/ ZM is up, is there any specific news on it or is that sympathy covid19 move? I think it’s a covid play reaction. Last week AMAT sjowed 3-wk tight…today down…is this a good early entry on the breakout? Too risky? AMAT ended up not having a 3-weeks tight, but still acted relatively well. Nice bounce off the 21-day line. That’s an aggressive entry or add-on buy area. Depends on your risk tolerance. Do you ever suggest to buy if it crosses Pivot ? If so, what is suggested reasonable% crossing level to buy and not extended? and what does weeks represent at pivot ? Hi Sara! Yes, we buy when stocks clear pivots. We consider 5% to be the proper buy range. For details on IBD’s methodology, make sure to check out investors.com/LiveFAQ Is Peloton PTON buyable at 140, new high? Looks like the breakout is stumbling some. Will a handle possibly form? Please take a look at AMD dropped below 10 day MA is this a sell signal Scott, we’ve steered away from using the 10-day as an exit point for stocks that make Leaderboard. That said, if you trade frequently, it may be a good moving average to preserve short-term gains. to Team – FVRR is moving above recent highs, up 7% or so live answered txg. friday. triple witching maybe? I think that’s absolutely right. Action to get the stock at or near key round numbers, which would render certain call and put options worthless at expiration? (It was quad witching, not triple, too; stock and index options, plus stock and index futures, all expired.) To Justin’s point about handling long term differently; the 7-8% sell rule is the line in the sand no matter the timeframe? Thanks; welcome back Dave In most cases, yes! If you’re sizing your position off the 10-week line, you may be willing to risk a little more — details on sizing positions off the 10-week line over at investors.com/LiveFAQ Can we look at Netflixs? It is on Swingtrader live answered Is CHGG a buy? Or better to wait out the market drop? Check out this new story in IBD Stock of the Day — https://www.investors.com/research/ibd-stock-of-the-day/ TXG big outside day Friday BUT closed at 55% daily & wkly Good point David – are you in TDOC? Looks stacked? I am not right now, but watching it closely. Let’s see if the stock can get above that ‘stack’ of moving averages! Cheers Mark all the Work from home stocks having great day. PTON TDOC ZM live answered zm. is this actionable live answered CRSP live answered FVRR breaking out live answered Why is AMD down so much? live answered AMD falling. Thoughts? live answered could you please look at FVRR? live answered I can’t find in Marketsmith settings where to select the insider transactions. Any help? Thnanks Reach out to our product coaches at [email protected] AMD? live answered BYDDF up in the Auto sector while others are down. Why ? live answered FVRR is a covid Gig economy play… live answered GRWG just won’t quit. Out of range? Yup. Wait for a new base to form. to Team – FVRR is like the Etsy of service providers live answered Hi Gang – how is Zoom ZM looking here? live answered Can’t hear Irusha Peiris I can hear them all OK — I’m wearing headphones, maybe try that if you are able to? FUBO – a great IPO this year and continues to skyrocket. live answered Can you guys take a look at AMD, it is starting to drop toward the 21 day. live answered Is today a good time to buy AMD? live answered When you buy a 1/2 posltion, when do you buy the other half? Sometimes the stock goes up 2% right away. Or maybe it pulls back below the buy zone and in a few days is up 2%. What are the nuances of this? Thanks. “Hey Keith! Definitely check out the Portfolio Management section of the IBD Live FAQ page, there are many articles that help explain the nuances of this. http://investors.com/LiveFAQ” AMD coming back to 21-Day live answered AMD down 4 days in a row live answered AMD weak here, any thoughts? live answered AMD down 4% live answered AMD — Hugging the 21-day. live answered Would you please comment on PYPL. Is it actionable here? It’s extended here — needs to pause for a bit to set up again Good Morning – Would love opinion on SI. Missed it. Huge run, but too extended here for a proper new buy I like all the questions 😀 Glad to hear it! just a note…this pole is available only for people using Zoom download application…..I was trying last several days accessing the meeting through website….then the Pole will not be accessible For the best viewing experience, we recommend downloading the Zoom application! How do you balance scaling up you position on a winner, with the guide of keeping positions down to no more than 5% of your portfolio? For long-term leaders we recommend no more than 5%. But as a general guideline, for a portfolio with 10 positions, a full position would be 10% of your portfolio Could we take a look at CDNS today? Pulling back somewhat after running up for several days and breaking out Friday. Looks normal right now. if Bill would buy during a pullback to the 50 day, isn’ that the same as catching a falling knife, or would he wait until a bounce? As Chris is showing — rebounds off the 50-day After a nice gain, would Bill hold thru a subsequent base, or get out and re-enter at the next buy point? For some of his biggest winners, he would hold through the base as long as it was “acting right?” He might lighten up a bit but he would keep a decent position size. And when it started “acting funny,” he would be quick to sell. I often get confused with Bill vs William When we refer to Bill — we’re referring to IBD founder William J. O’Neil hey guys can you go back to TXG again ? Thanks Seeking support at the 50 for now, which is great. I got shaken out Is EDIT a high tight flag? We were saying it had the look and feel of it. Wayyyy too extended now, though. We looked at it when it was up 9% earlier in the session, it’s now up 32% for the day. Thanks Justin for the reminiscences of how Bill used to trade. Really fascinating – amazing to think that he was trading in 2010 and never used email. Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong 🙂 Keep up the great work Thanks for this feedback, John! EXCELLENT discussion now re: WON ! 🙂 Who is the Bill they are speaking of? IBD founder Bill O’Neil Bill is still alive, no? Yep! How about FIVERR? We reviewed earlier — very impressive performer When did Bill retire? 2014-2015 or so Ali, I love the poll question concept. Really helpful to a beginner. Glad to hear it! Make sure you check out investors.com/LiveFAQ for more helpful info about IBD’s methodology TAN ??? Looking great as a hold, but too extended to buy Can we talk about “should we be buying when the market is frothy and falling like this”? live answered EDIT up 36% crazy! Ostk not osteen It’s been hitting resistance near its 50-day line since September Can you look at TGT. It’s holding up well today live answered Alissa -regarding 5% pivot buy area – I understand that but it appears that there are suggested buys even after that on iBD live – so, do we do that sometimes? We don’t suggest buys when stocks are extended. Sometimes we look at shorter consolidations after stocks have made moves — those aren’t picked up by our pattern recognition software. But for those aggressive entries/adds, you want to be buying as close as you can to where the stock is clearing prior resistance do you think DDOG is builing a handle or is it just a response to the todays market? Could be both! What do you do on a day like today when you own something going bananas?! CRSP I’m up 30% is a top breakout. I don’t want to be too greedy, but … live answered Can we look at CRWD? Looking great as a hold here! which 21 moving average do you use. The Qs are not below the 21DEMA on my TOS chart so I’m wondering. Yep we use EMA. We were saying SPY is below 21-day QS (QuantumScape). Would love to get your take on this IPO. live answered How about a look at QS please…… live answered Ai holding up very well! live answered Did AI complete IPO base? Extended from a narrow IPO base. Maybe it’ll form another one! Take out banks and SP down even more Good point. FUBO – can you discuss if this is time to lighten up given this stock has gone from $26 to $46 in four days? It’s 50% above its 10-day so makes sense to lighten up Check out FUBO live answered Any thoughts on LOVE? Feels too extended for a new buy but looking good! Thanks for discussing QS. Much appreciated! live answered Thank you David Ryan for your stock suggestions today. I got the annual IBD live subscription back with my trade 🙂 🙂 TXG battle continues Interesting market backdrop for TXG – stocks down with big names down, but speculative medicals up. What to do with outside day? We have links to an article on investors.com/LiveFAQ with information on inside days and outside days

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