Illuminati in Kenya – Are there ILLUMINATI Members in Kenya? ▷

Illuminati has always been a controversial topic. Some people swear that illuminati members exist, others believe it’s a way for the individuals to get attention while some people assume that Illuminati are fictitious characters. The one thing that we cannot ignore is that recently people claiming to be former Illuminati members have been telling their experience with this cult. Some have even written a tell it all book about what it takes to be in illuminati Kenya, the massive wealth gain and the horrifying ordeal of trying to leave the group. Famous people have even been linked to Illuminati. But what makes Illuminati such a fascinating topic in Kenya is the excessive wealth and power that these individuals are believed to possess.

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Illuminati in Kenya. What’s it all about?

The belief in Illuminati is so real in both western and African countries as seen in various YouTube videos with millions of views. To capitalize on the topic and use it to make money, people often make illuminati in Kenya videos,which in one way or another thrusts the Illuminati in Kenya topic on the limelight. However, the comments left by the various online users show that not everyone can be duped to join illuminati. Most people reacted to the video by telling the guy that made the video to see a mental doctor, to find better things to do and used words such as stupid, boring, garbage and a waste of time to describe the video contents.

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What is Illuminati

According to the Cambridge dictionary, Illuminati members are people that claim to have a special understanding of something. There are still a high number of people who assume that if you suddenly become rich or are the best in your field then your success is only because of the help of Illuminati. It’s also alleged that illuminati control key areas that hold power such as the government, politics, business, and entertainment so that they can keep the cult-like organization a secret.

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Who can join Illuminati?

Alleged Illuminati members are not just musicians, but also prominent politicians, A-list actors, and even religious leaders. Anyone whose beliefs and ideals align with the Illuminati goals can join the group. However, being an avid believer in conspiracy theories can prompt you to believe in a secret society especially when you believe it has all the answers you seek concerning real life. Furthermore, the need to endorse a particular belief can be because all humans want to affiliate with others but still be unique.

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In short, if you say you’re a member of Illuminati, some people might believe you not only because it’s interesting but also because in most cases people do not form their beliefs on rational grounds. Meaning that people would rather perpetuate a lie or adopt false ones than admit they can’t explain something and to dispel inconsistent beliefs.

Illuminati in Kenya- A short expose on Illuminati activities in Kenya

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Illuminati members in Kenya

The concept of Illuminati in Kenya has been used by phony recruiters to attract desperate unemployed youths with the promise of quick, massive wealth and power. Because of most of these youths are desperate for jobs they are willing to part with a substantial amount of money and even offer their family members as a form of sacrifice just to become Illuminati confirmed. Jobless youths from the university are not the only ones willing to join Illuminati, upcoming musicians who want influence and fame, as well as people who want to succeed in their own business overnight, can also be lured by this secretive society.

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The idea of Illuminati doesn’t just affect Kenyans, but also Africa at large especially when it comes to supernatural magical powers. In recent events, a religious organization in Senegal requested the government to stop Rihanna from visiting the country because of the sole reason that she is an Illuminati member. This is despite the fact that the Barbadian singer was going to promote children’s education.

Whether or not illuminati members in Kenya exist, as long as there is online chatter about this organization then people all over the world will continue to believe that this secret society is real. But what is the real history of Illuminati?

History of Illuminati

The original Illuminati group was started in the 18th century as a way to prevent religion and religious ideas from interfering with public life. The group was founded by Johann Adam Weishaupt a German philosopher to spread true knowledge that is free of any religious influence. By 1784 the group which started with 5 people grew in both size and diversity to have over 3, 000 members. When it started the group limited its membership to only Weishaupt’s students, it expanded to include jurists, noblemen, doctors, lawyers, intellectual writers, and politicians.

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Illuminati in Kenya - Are there illuminati members in Kenya?
Adam Weishaupt, founder of Illuminati; Source: YouTube

Modern-day Illuminati

Although the group was banned, its influence was associated with the assignation of John F Kennedy, 9/11 bombing and helping to plot the French revolution. The Illuminati legend has continued to modern day because of Anton Wison who sent fake letters which credited this secret group with prominent cover-ups and conspiracy theories. However, thanks to the internet modern day theorist and fans now have a platform to expound and explain their Illuminati beliefs to a vast audience.

What helps the modern day illuminati to spread is the persistent beliefs. Just because you’re having a hard time reaching your dream life doesn’t mean that you can start believing in conspiracy theories. Personally, I believe Illuminati is just a fictitious organization that jealous or delusional people use to tarnish the image of those who have worked hard to be where they are. If Illuminati is such a powerful organization that people make it out to be then shouldn’t its secret be well guarded. We are talking no YouTube videos, books, blogs or members leaving to tell tales.

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Illuminati is also a way for people to justify and try to take control of their lives especially when it comes to scenarios that are not so black and white. According to research, people who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to agree with conspiratorial statements in order to achieve a goal. And conspiracy theories are capable of influencing a person without their awareness.

Illuminati celebrities

While celebrities such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Jay z have been linked to Illuminati, various Kenyan celebrities are supposedly part of the members of Illuminati in Kenya. Recent polls show that the media influences 88% of the people and we are also more likely to pay attention, believe what is said by media sites and use the information to form public opinions.

A 2013 poll of US voters by Public Policy Polling shows that 28% of voters believe that a secretive power elite is conspiring to rule the world by enforcing a new world order.

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Since these celebrities encourage the rumors that link them to Illuminati, then it only makes people assume that the organization does exist. Additionally, individuals who have immense popularity, fame, and success are the frequently depicted as members of illuminati in Kenya.

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Some musicians enjoy the deliberate attention they get when they are linked to Illuminati and can even use the illuminati signs in their music videos. For example, some say that the logo for Roc A fella is a pyramid which is one of the symbols associated with Illuminati.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Katy Perry admitted that she was flattered to be ranked amongst the Illuminati members. To confirm the rumors, Madonna went as far as releasing an illuminati song titled Illuminati. Osama bin Laden was an avid fan of conspiracy theories, and he even had books about Illuminati.

Illuminati schools in Kenya

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People who want to join Illuminati are those who seek fame, wealth and riches in the quickest way possible without putting in the hard work. When it comes to the Illuminati bug even learning institutions, have not been spared. Radicalism in the form of devil worshiping has resulted in a new group of illuminati schools in Kenya. Teachers often shy away from confronting students who are believed to be in this group. In most cases, the authority dismisses Illuminati stories as concocted tales by creative students to build fear. But when teachers see students speaking as if possessed especially during a prayer session, then illuminati high schools in Kenya suddenly becomes a reality.

Most of the recruitment occurs in boarding schools because according to research a growing child is more open to external influences which can either be good or bad. The Illuminati influence also occurs when the teachers and parents have no clue about what the students are doing when out of sight. Therefore, it’s imperative that parents follow up on their child’s development instead of assuming that all is well.

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Illuminati pastors in Kenya

Kenyan pastors that allegedly perform fake miracles in the name of attracting followers are considered to be part of Kenyan Illuminati churches. Illuminati pastors in Kenya ask their followers to give captivating testimonies and some even go as far as asking their worshipers to pose as fake sick people. However, the stories are based on rumors and not substantial evidence.

But even with the facts clearly pointed out why do Kenyans still believe and continue to believe in Illuminati? Well, the simple answer is that the alleged illuminati pastors in Kenya can pray for their worshiper to have whatever they desire. Therefore, even if this organization is bombarded with negative traits that are contrary to the Bible, some people will go to illuminati churches in Kenya with the hopes of becoming rich just like their pastor.

Illuminati in the Kenya government. Politicians in Illuminati in Kenya

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Apart from the religion, the government also influences lives of many people. Illuminati in Kenya government are believed to come about when officials turn to corruption, pocket huge sums of money and live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the taxpayer.

When local citizens living below the dollar line see a display of wealth that they cannot explain then, they often believe that Illuminati has given the government representatives some powers to get lucrative deals that increase their wealth.

Some foreign government officials have even come forward to claim that the Illuminati runs the world and are in possession of futuristic technology that can go as far as reversing climate change.

Illuminati symbols

Signs of illuminati that are famous in mainstream culture is the all-seeing eye represented by a triangle with an eye in the center and the devil’s horn. Using any illuminati symbols will automatically make the public view you as a member of the organization regardless of your true intentions.

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Whether you want to call it a conspiracy, secret society, mystery or propaganda, Illuminati symbols are a form of communication among the members. The symbols are a form of a hidden message and help the Illuminati members to distinguish themselves from the rest of the people. You may not understand the message or signs of Illuminati unless you are a member of that secret society.

The All Seeing Eye or eye of Providence shows that all Illuminati members are being watched by a higher power, therefore, have to live according to the set standards. According to occultic beliefs, the triangle is a symbol that was used to summon demons and also to symbolize power. The goat head horned symbol upon a human body also called Baphomet presents witchcraft and Satanism.

The devil’s horn which is a popular hand sign with rock musicians and fans is a symbol of satanic salute. But perhaps the most popularized Illuminati symbol is the number 666 which has also been quoted in the bible Revelation Chapter 13 verse 18. This is the number of the beast, Lucifer or antichrist. The pyramid is a sign survival and strengthens which symbolizes that new order will survive for a long time. A simple online search of illuminati videos will give you a long list of celebrities whose music videos contain satanic symbols.

How to join Illuminati in Kenya

Questions about how to join Illuminati often crop on the internet. There are social media pages for illuminati recruiters. In most cases, if not all, the recruiter asks for a substantial registration fee which the average Kenyan cannot afford to part with. Despite the signs that the recruiters are scammers, it doesn’t stop people from inquiring about how they can join Illuminati in Kenya. This shows just how desperate people are to arrive at their ideal lifestyle in without putting in any hard work.

The question of how to join Illuminati in Kenya is searched not only by just jobless youths. Illuminati in Kenya churches is a hot topic in our society. Whether there’s some truth or not, its common sense that if there are any Illuminati rituals, then they have to be performed by a spiritual leader of some church.

Illuminati in Kenya gospel music

Heresays about iIlluminati in Kenyan gospel industry have a life of their own. It all starts when a gospel musician displays expensive cars and wealth then he or she is termed an individual who has sold their soul to the devil. In this case, instead of the gospel musicians singing songs that show the glory of God they sing songs that boast of a lavish lifestyle. Illuminati in Kenya gospel music can be termed as when a gospel artist displays activities that are common to Illuminati.

Apart from that, the satanic symbols are also common in the entertainment industry famous Illuminati members from gospel music are believed to have joined the group so that they can boost their music sales, sign lucrative deals and become more famous than other gospel musicians. One major sign that Illuminati members in Kenya gospel singers display is a change in character which is different from that associated with God. When fans see any changes they often express their displeasure and quick to blame the devil.

So, do you believe that Illuminati in Kenya really exist? Who in Kenya qualifies to be part of the Illuminati group? And do they have such immense powers that they can give you riches, wealth and influence? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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