Is lunar eclipse harmful for eyes ▷

The eclipse mantras go like “Do not look at the sun with naked eyes during an eclipse. You risk getting blind.” The safety measures are not kidding, and the threats are inauspicious, giving the entire experience of viewing the solar eclipse a kind of unusual, on-edge vibe. But nobody really says anything about the lunar eclipse. So are we also not allowed to witness this magnificent, kind of magical and glorious moment that happens at night unless we wear those certified eclipse eye lenses? Are we only supposed to stay indoors and turn on our internet, open the observatory website and try to imagine that watching the live streaming is the same as actually watching it? So, is lunar eclipse harmful for eyes? Well, let us find out.

The lunar eclipse is a very beautiful show. Just sitting outside in the cool breeze, surrounded by darkness, peace and quiet and watching as the moon turns red and redder until it is crimson, beats all the memories you have accumulated from your childhood. No kidding. This is a once in a lifetime show unless you are sure to live another 150 years to witness it again. And now that it is happening this Friday, how exactly should you witness this event?

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Can you watch a lunar eclipse with your bare eyes

So, while the rumpus surrounding the solar eclipse comes with very strict warnings for eye safety, does the lunar eclipse walk the same talk? Is watching the lunar eclipse with bare eyes also shunned?

Truth is, the lunar eclipse has no effect whatsoever to the eyes. You are only looking at the moon, at night. That shouldn’t affect your eyes.

During a lunar eclipse, cold reflected air gets dispersed both in space and the atmosphere, unlike the solar eclipse which releases concentrated UV rays that are potentially damaging to the eye.

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Lunar eclipse eye damage

does a lunar eclipse hurt your eyes
watching lunar eclipse with bare eyes
lunar eclipse eye safety

The ancient people came up with the talk of do not go outside, bad rays will strike your eyes because they could not understand what was happening. This was further fueled by the fact that animals tend to exhibit certain confused behavior as intensities unexpectedly dim; observing these wouldn’t please an ancient civilization still clinging on to animism.

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Also, it may just be a control measure since kids will usually get excited when it occurs and we all know what chaos a group of excited kids can make.

Is it safe to watch lunar eclipse with naked eyes

does a lunar eclipse hurt your eyes
watching lunar eclipse with bare eyes
lunar eclipse eye safety

Does a lunar eclipse hurt your eyes? The answer is NO. Regardless of whether your eyes are exposed, spruced up in tuxedos or fine dance floor outfits, beachwear or halloween masks, they will be fine taking in the full grandeur of the blood moon anytime. It is always safe.

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The only time you ought not to take a gander at the moon is when it is not as much as a couple of hand widths far from the Sun, when the Sun is still noticeable

Unlike the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse lasts for hours and it is a gradual process. The full moon first begins to darken when it is still on the western limb. The process goes on for like 60 minutes or so. Once totally in the Earth’s shadow, the Moon will show up a dim orange blood color for one more hour followed by a gradual brightening from the Eastern limb. The entire process on Friday will take around 4 hours.

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Forget the lunar eclipse bad for eyes hubbub. So if you have already bought your glasses, no big deal. Keep them as safely as you can, you will use them the next time a solar eclipse occurs. But for this super blood moon tonight, all you need is a comfy chair, a cool blanket, a spot in the field or on your balcony and your working eyes. Enjoy the show. It may be a while before you experience anything like that again. Binoculars will make it even more spectacular. Don’t forget them. Bottom line, lunar eclipse eye safety does not exist.

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