It’s Beyond Debate: The News Media Are Partisan Hacks

Bias: Four major news outlets all publish the same story over the weekend flaying Donald Trump about his veracity. They all happen to get published after the Clinton campaign called on the press to highlight the issue just before their first presidential debate. Then these same publications say it was all just a coincidence. Right.

Try to guess which of these statements came from the Clinton campaign, and which came from the mainstream press over the weekend.

  • “Never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made false statements as routinely as Trump has.”
  • “Trump has unleashed a blizzard of falsehoods, exaggerations and outright lies in the general election, peppering his speeches, interviews and Twitter posts with untruths so frequent that they can seem flighty or random — even compulsive.”
  • “Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous.”
  • “Trump has … revealed himself to be a candidate who at times seems uniquely undeterred by facts.”

Actually, that was a trick question. None of them came from the Clinton campaign. They were all taken from “news” stories published in The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Politico.

The Clinton campaign’s statement is actually tame in comparison: “Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies and hoping no one corrects him.” (Never mind that what followed was 19 pages of “fact checks” of Trump statements by the mainstream press.)

The Hot Air blog notes that the Clinton campaign also tried to “hammer the story assignments home by conducting a special conference call on the topic for members of the media” on Friday.

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Either these four articles are a prime example of liberal journalist groupthink, or the folks denying any coordination with the Clinton campaign are as guilty of lying as they claim Trump is.

We are not trying to defend Trump against criticisms that he exaggerates, often gets his facts wrong, and sometimes makes things up. We’ve pointed out many such instances in this space during the campaign.

But the news outlets now hyperventilating about Trump’ truthfulness are the same ones that spent the past year downplaying Hillary Clinton’s mountain of brazen lies about her national-security-compromising private email setup, and her more recent lies about her health. They’ve given Clinton a free pass on her lies about Benghazi. On and on it goes.

These are also the same publications that made up excuses for President Obama’s “you can keep your plan” lie and his other false claims about ObamaCare. As we noted in this space in 2013, “Obama says so many false things about ObamaCare that it’s hard to keep up.” Obama routinely makes demonstrably false claims about his record, about the economy, about his foreign policy, about guns, which get virtually zero press attention.

Just this Friday, Obama was caught in a flagrant lie about Hillary Clinton’s private email account. When the story broke last year, Obama said he didn’t know anything about Hillary’s email set up until he read about it in the newspaper, but it turns out he repeatedly emailed her at that account using a pseudonym. Media reaction: Yawn.

All those Trump-is-a-liar stories also overlook the inconvenient fact that the public views Clinton as less honest and trustworthy than Trump.

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The latest IBD/TIPP poll found that 62% say she isn’t honest and trustworthy, compared with 52% who say that about Trump. A Quinnipiac poll last year found that the first two words that came to voters mind when they heard Hillary’s name were “liar” and “dishonest.” This is a remarkable indictment of Clinton’s character nowhere to be found in those Trump hit pieces.

It’s an even more remarkable indictment of an increasingly corrupt and hopelessly partisan news media that is obviously campaigning for Clinton, while trying to deny what they’re doing to their readers.


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