The Come Up Lyrics By J Cole The Come Up Lyrics By J, Intro (The Come Up) Lyrics

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I”m on The Come UpChill nigga, don”t run upA yellow nigga, finna rise and shine like the sun upMy mind on that paper, I ain”t trying to wife the slut upI”m dying for this cake and I ain”t trying to wipe a crumb upThey ride with the gun up, kill you and light the blunt upUh, don”t shed a tear if a nigga might get done upBut, just say a prayer if a nigga might confront usCause his life is summed up, the medics wipe his lungs upYou coming to the “Ville? You need to get a license from usCity on my back, I feel like I”m holding Big Pun upNo pain no gain, my nigga, I just numb upI blow brains, Cobain a nigga if he jump upWith no shame, don”t blame a nigga if you shot upThis is cocaine on flame, baking soda and waterAnd if you feel that then I guess I sell crack, get it?Fall back, man, a nigga feeling crazyShitting on niggas like a nigga was still a babyCarolina nigga shout-out to the “Ville that raised meSo many hoes whipped, you would”ve thought we still in slaveryAnd niggas still sleepin” they feelin” lazyUh, a killer maybe, you make me I willCheat me on my scrilla, I send you to meet DillaFrom them NC streets where the beef they deliverAnd the clip is on E cause your chest got a fill upWhile a nigga like me is just getting head like a pillowBread like gorillas getting bredSo long as my momma and my niggas getting fedFuck what a nigga said, man, I”m Fayettenam bombingCause hatred is flattery you bitch niggas is charmin”Who the fuck you harmin”? Boy, ya”ll niggas is charmin”And I”m armed and waiting for a targetYou fucking with the best like CarmenAw shit, pardon a nigga for departingI”m just getting green like a yard or a gardenA nigga finna blow while you niggas is false alarmin”And just think, man, I was raised on ramen — chicken noodle soupNow I”m filet mignon-in”I promised my momma I was coming to make this moneyAnd I swear I”m going to kill the nigga that try to take it from meYeah, that”s real talk, niggaIt”s J. Cole, niggaTherapist whatever the fuck you wanna call him, it don”t matterYou know, I”ll make y”all niggas understand manI know you can”t believe yourself right nowYou thinkin” this niggas from the south, hahahaHe can”t spit, how the fuck is he so good?Open your eyes motherfucker, can you see? Niggas on topYup, we on top

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