# Jack Johnson The Viner – Jack Gilinsky (Jack & Jack)

This is just a little imagine i wrote tonight of Jack Johnson, i got the idea from Tumblr… so here it is 🙂 (btw its a little dirty)


I walked down the school hall way, alone as always. But it doesn't really bother me. I don't really like anyone here anyways. I had just moved here to Omaha and missed my old friends back in California. We moved here because my parents got a divorce and my mom got a new job out here so she took it. Nobody wanted to be friends with me anyways; I don't mind that either though. I am a sophomore in high school here and about half of my classes have juniors in them. I had gotten to learn who's who as for like, who are the jocks, populars, geeks, emos, punks, posers, gangsters. All that kind of stuff, there was only one guy that popped up a lot though. His name was Jack Johnson. I had absolutely no idea who this guy was or what he looked like, but I heard that he's basically the school genius but at the same time a badass bad boy. You know like holds parties, dates every girl, gets every girl, everyone knows the stereotype.

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My only question is, if he's a genius then could he possibly tutor someone? Cause I need a tutor for physics. I am almost positive that I'm failing the class, and I can't ask any of my class mates because they are all juniors and wouldn't be caught dead talking to me but whatever. Physics was actually where I was heading now, oh joy…

I walked into class and sat down in my seat in the corner as the class began. “Okay, class today we have a pop quiz.” My professor announced. Everyone groaned, including myself. She passed out the paper and I looked down at the questions. Yup, I'm fucked… I thought and then proceeded to guess on all twenty questions.

~After class~

The bell rang as I gathered my books. About half the class had left when I heard my name. “(Y/N), can I please talk to you for a minute?” It was my teacher. I walked up to her desk nervously. She was holding my quiz in her hands and looking at my grades on the computer. “Did you know you're failing this class?” She asked and looked at me. “No, I didn't but I had a feeling I was…” I trailed off and rubbed my hands over my face. “Well you're going to need to get your grade up if you don't want to take this class again.” She said leaning back in her chair. “Um…” I said unsure. “I can get you a tutor if you'd like?” She asked. I nodded hesitantly, “I guess so…” “Alright, be in the library at two this afternoon and I'll tell them to meet you there.” She said and I nodded before walking out.

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~After school~

I sat in the library waiting for my tutor to show up. I've been here for a while and I was still the only one here. I checked my watch and saw it was 2:45. I sighed to myself and began to put my books into my bag. I'm not staying and waiting for this kid to show up… I thought. The good thing is that while I was here I finished some of my other homework.

Just as I was about to get up and leave I heard a loud thud on the table in front of me. I jumped a little and looked up to see a kid with blonde hair, blue eyes, and nerdy looking glasses, but he didn't make them look nerdy, he made them look, well, hot. It was the same kid that sat in front of me in physics. He leaned forward on the table with his hands. I blushed and looked away from his eyes.

“You, (Y/N)?” He asked in a tough low voice, that sounded sexy to me. I nodded shyly still looking away. “Good, sorry I'm late. The name's Jack Johnson, I'm your tutor.”

It's been two weeks since Jack stated tutoring me and my grade has gotten no better. I hate this so much. Sure Jack is hot and can be nice at times and I could actually see us becoming friends or more but most of the time he just acts like the typical bad boy jerk. But here's the thing, I'm the only one that can tell that's not the real him and he doesn't even know it.

We were at one of our Friday afternoon study sessions but this time at his house because the library was full. He was helping me study for this huge test coming up in a week. I was trying super hard and trying to remember everything, but I just couldn't do it. I got all the formulas mixed up and the symbols confused.

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“Oh my God! How on earth do you not understand this? This is basic physics! Why the hell are you in my class? Heck, why the fuck am I your tutor? Why do you even have a tutor it's not doing any good?!” He yelled at me and flopped down on his bed, which we were sitting on, taking off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose. This was the first time Jack, has gotten mad at me let alone yelled at me. That was what I was talking about when I said he was the stereotypical bad boy jerk.

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I stared at him in shock a little bit after he sat up. “Well maybe if you weren't such a jerk all the time I would do better.” I mumbled as I closed my notebook and shoved it into my backpack.

“Where the hell do you think you're going?” He asked and I replied back sassily, “Home, I'm done wasting my time.” I stood up but I felt Jack grab my wrist and toss me backwards onto the bed before getting on top of me. I starred up into his blue eyes uncovered from the glasses.

“You know what I've always liked about you?” Jack whispered, just inches above my face. “What?” I asked annoyed, I really wanted to kiss him at the moment but I was also pissed so I restrained myself. “You're not bad lookin', for a sophomore…” His eyes roamed my body for a few seconds and he smirked at the end of his sentence once he met my eyes again.

I was about to speak again when I felt his lips collide with mine. I kissed him back and soon felt his tongue demand entrance to my mouth. I granted his request and his tongue explored my mouth. His right hand slithered its way to the middle of my back and up my shirt as he lifted my small body up towards his so we were touching chest to chest. His left hand was planted next to my shoulder holding him up. Meanwhile, my left hand entangled itself into his hair and fisted it and my right hand grabbed the necklace hanging from his neck and pulled him down onto me more.

He flipped us so now I was on top of him and this gave him access for his hands to explore my body. He touched everywhere he possibly could at the moment, whether it was bare skin or covered with clothing. His hands traveled up my shirt and rested on my ribs. His lips left mine and trailed down my jaw and began lightly sucking on my neck. My right hand joined my left and fisted Jacks hair. I pulled each time Jack sucked on my skin and that would cause him to groan which would make a moan escape my lips.

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Jack eventually got to the base of my neck and hit my sweet spot. I roughly pulled his hair and let out a loud moan throwing my head back. I felt him smirk against my sensitive skin. “You like that, huh, baby?” He asked seductively. I nodded whimpering. Jack chuckled and began to suck roughly. I closed my eyes and tugged at his hair moaning. His hands left my ribs and now dug into my hips, holding my on him.

After a good few minutes of Jack marking me, he slowly kissed back up to my lips, ending with long rough kiss on the lips. I collapsed on the bed next to him as we looked at each other. He looked down at my neck and smirked moving some of my hair off my shoulder.

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“I'm gonna half to keep you around, (Y/N), your mine now…” His thumb traced the hickey he had given me. I smirked back, “I'll stay, but only if you cut the bad boy act. I know it's fake.” He looked at me weirdly as if to say, How did you know? But soon gave in, “Deal.” He said and I kissed him on the lips passionately.


If anyone wants i could do other imagines with the other boys??? Just give me an idea, but don't be too plain and too general. I WILL NOT DO PERSONALS JUST YET IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO DO MORE!!! Also if you do want me to do more imagines try not to fill up the comments with like 20 different ideas, cause i have 3 other books i need to finish soon hopefully… Okay thanks Nikki out!!!

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