Priyanka Chopra Congratulates Jake Mclaughlin And Wife, Jake Mclaughlin Welcomes Daughter Freya

The former US Army, Jake McLaughlin stepped into the entertainment world with the Oscar-winner Paul Haggis” movie, In the Valley of Elah. The director was looking for the real-life veterans, that”s when Jake came in.

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For Gordon, who dreamt of being a real-lifeactor, he landed the role of Gordon Bonner in the movie and excelled in the role. However, his journey to stardom begins fromthe military and with his family”s support he has achieved the much-acclaimed fame and fortune in the industry. With the support of his wife, he was able to claim the fame in both, movie and TV world. So, if you want to hover over his personal life, then without further ado read to the core of the article!

Family Man; Supportive Wife And Children

Jake McLaughlin was seen as Priyanka Chopra”s love interest in the series Quantico,but in real life,he is actually a family man, who shares a perfect relationship with his wife and children. Jake has been married to Stephanie McLaughlin since 2004. Before stepping into the limelight of entertainment industry, he was a Chico soldier. When Jake was stationed at the Georgia town of Hinesville, Stephanie and some friends were playing the spotting-eye-candy game. And the two first met and sparked their initial romance and have been inseparable since then. She stated in an interview, “From then on, we were inseparable.” The Crash actor shares four children with his wife Stephanie, three daughters named, Reagan, Freya, Rowan and a son named Logan.

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JakeMcLaughlin”s wife and children (Photo: Well, it seems his wife is the main supporter for his success as she had received many life-changing phone calls on his behalf. Stephanie recalled the moment while biting her tongue, considering her husband has never acted before. But when Stephanie popped the question about acting, Jake answered: “Well, I’m a vet, and I’ve watched a lot of movies. so I know how to act.” And with the actor landing the role in the Hollywood, they still lived in Chico on the same house. The only change that was felt in their life was Jake taking the trip to Los Angeles for acting classes and other places to promote the movie.

Gay Co-stars

Celebrity surrounding with the “gay” rumors is a common thing. And the actor Jake brought some part of the gay rumorsfromhisco-stars too. Jake has two co-stars, Tate Ellington portraying the role of Jewish gay FBI recruit and Rick Cosnett portraying the role ofanother gay FBI trainee in the series,Quantico. Aside from his astonishing role in the Quantico, his other appearance includes Crash, Believe, Super 8, Criminal Minds, Grey”s Anatomy and Safe House. With his praise-worthy performance in many films and series, he is assured to earn a good net worth. which is yet to be revealed in figures.

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