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Karima Jackson and father Ice Cube

Karima Jackson Biography

Karima Jackson is an American philanthropist best recognized for being the daughter of Ice Cube, an American rapper, and actor. Unlike her other family members who have stood with big names, Karima has shaped her identity as a charity worker and research scholar.

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Karima completed her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from ‘Rutgers University-New Brunswick’. She then joined Montclair State University to pursue a master’s degree in child advocacy; majoring in public child welfare. She holds another master’s degree in public administration from The State University of New Jersey-Newark’

Karima began her career first when she joined St. John’s Community Services as an assistant program director. At this time, she was still pursuing her bachelor’s degree. St. John’s is one of the oldest non-profit organizations founded in Washington, D.C.

After leaving the community, Miss Jackson served as a family service specialist(II) for the State of New Jersey. She was later promoted to the position of a family specialist (I) eventually becoming a family service supervisor.

In 2014, Karima founded her charitable organization named Organize Change, Inc. where she currently serves as its executive director.

Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. at Rutgers University SPAA. as well as being a research fellow at the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration.

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Karima Jackson Age|Birthday

Karima was born on February 17, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. She is 26 years old as of February 2020. Miss Jackson celebrates her birthday every 17th day of February.

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Karima Jackson Twin|Siblings

Karima has a twin sister, Deja Jackson who was born after Karima was born on February 17, 1994. She has two elder brothers; rappers O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Darrell Jackson. In addition, she has a young brother, Shareef.

Karima Jackson Parents

She was born to his father, Ice Cube, the American rapper, writer, and actor and his mother Kimberly Woodruff. Ice Cube is officially known as O’Shea Jackson Sr.

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Karima Jackson Net Worth|Salary

As of 2020, Karima is estimated at a net worth of about $5 million. In addition, he pockets an annual salary of over $400, 000.

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