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Rachael SSG is an internet phenomenon who has created ripples in the virtual world along with her elder sister Katherine with their YouTube channel, SuperSevenGirls or SSG. Born on December 29, 2002, in London, England, Rachael has a younger sister Grace and two older siblings, Katherine SSG and Tommy. She joined SSG (SuperSevenGirls) with Katherine in 2011 and has become a popular YouTube star of today! Early on, Rachael did choir and track as well. Before embarking on their way to SSG, the sister duo auditioned for the Super Awesome Kids but did not make it. Today, both of them individually are stars in their own right and have followers on YouTube, Instagram and other social media applications.

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If you have been a fan of SuperSevenGirls channel, you would know who Rachael SSG and Katherine SSG are. For the rest, you are either living under a rock or are plainly ignorant of what’s trending in the virtual world! YouTube sensations as they are called, Rachael and Katherine gained popularity by becoming members of the super seven girls club. However, before Rachael and her sister got the big break, the duo auditioned for the Super Awesome Kids but did not make it. Eventually, the SuperSevenGirls YouTube channel happened and gave Rachael and Katherine the big break. Today, Rachael has more than 187K followers on instagram alone.

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Age is just a number for this teen sensation, Rachael SSG. When girls and boys of her age were busy discovering their new found identity, social freedom and status, dealing with teenage issues and thinking about beautifying their selves, Rachael SSG along with her sister Katherine SSG was busy making a career as a YouTube personality and becoming a super star in her own right. Together with her sister, Rachael has stormed the internet with the YouTube channel, SuperSevenGirls. Every Friday, Rachael graces the SSG with her vibrant personality and bubbly cheer.

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Rachael SSG has made a name for herself as a member of the SuperSevenGirls but the life of this 13-year old teenager expands beyond it. Though she is known to the world as a member of the girl gang channel and as a sister of Katherine SSG (fellow member of SSG), Rachael has more to her than just her YouTube videos. She has done choir and track. She also features on her sister’s slot on katherineshow1 channel.

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