Latest Ankara shoes and bags designs 2019 ▷

If you are following the latest fashion trends, your wardrobe has to contain at least a pair of stylish Ankara flat shoes or Ankara styled bag. If that is so, you won’t be able to skip the best Ankara bags and shoes designs. Continue reading, and you will be up to date with your favorite Ankara style with the help of the following fashion guide.

Ankara Flat Shoes

Searching for a comfortable pair for everyday instead of high-heels? Try to enliven your casual looks with stylish Ankara flat shoes. As there is a big variety of Ankara designed flat shoes – ballet shoes, sandals, slip-on shoes etc., even an exacting person will find the perfect pair.

Try the most popular Ankara flat shoes – ballet flats and open sandals. Your daily walks will be super enjoyable in such a comfortable pair.

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Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Be a real fashionista in 2018 with a pair of Ankara flat shoes

Ankara training shoes

As sport chic is still popular and a very comfy fashion trend, every fashionista has to have proper Ankara bags and shoes training. Ankara designed sneakers enlivens even the most boring look. Choose a pair of Ankara training shoes and combine it with all your jeans and pants.

If your dress-code allows, you can try to combine them with strict office suit, to make your daily look more colorful and trendy. Don’t be afraid to mix dresses and skirts with Ankara training shoes. However, make sure the colors and style match.

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Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Ankara sneakers – a comfortable choice for a modern fashionista

Ankara high-heels shoes

Classical choice. Beautify your evening look with a pair of latest Ankara shoes and bags. Ankara high-heels is one of the most popular types of shoes among ladies in Africa. And it is not surprising, as even the most neutral dress will look fantastic with a pair of those.

The best thing is, that you can combine them not only with a smart cocktail dress, but with casual jeans, costume, jumpsuits etc. Experiment with your outfits and in the end you will look like a million dollar star. Don’t forget to get a suitable Ankara bag!

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Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Ankara high heels can be combined not only with a cocktail dress, but with casual jeans and sweaters

Ankara designed cocktail bags

Ankara shoes bags and accessories are a real must-have for a unique fashion look. You can be one hundred percent sure, that you will be a real trendy success on any party with an Ankara designed cocktail bag or clutch.

You are invited for a bachelorette party? Don’t forget your Ankara bag. Friends are waiting for you in a night club? Surprise them with a unique Ankara bag accessory. Corporate party with colleagues? Grab the Ankara clutch mixed with a cocktail suit and you will be a party star.

Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Ankara clutch will make you a star at every party

Ankara designed casual bags

A splash of color from your Ankara bags and shoes designs will always cheer you up during the gloomy days. Grab your Ankara designed casual bag and your everyday outfit will look like podium trend. Passers-by will not be able to skip your impeccable taste and a stylish Ankara handbag. Become a street fashionista everyday.

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However, be careful with the chosen print of your bag. As Ankara design is mostly very colorful, make sure that it passes to the rest of your outfit. So, try to analyse the rest of your wardrobe and choose the most suitable Ankara bag design.

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Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Ankara casual bag in a trendy blue and brown color spectrum

Ankara designed accessories

Want to wear a simple white shirt or T-shirt and have no idea what colorful to add? How about a stylish Ankara designed accessories.

It can be either a pair of massive printed earrings with a ponytail, or massive necklace that will favorably emphasize your neck. It is fully up to you what to choose. Wear Ankara designed accessories with a casual pastel outfit and every fashionista in your city will be jealous!

Ankara shoes and bags. Best designs 2017 with photos
Trendy Ankara designed accessories examples

So, next time when you will be looking for a trendy outfit idea, don’t forget about Ankara shoes bags and accessories. Thus, you will always be a real fashionista and your every look will be worth thousands of photo-cameras. Have some pictures of your own ideas with Ankara shoes or bags. Share them in the comments section below.

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