Mac Demarco net worth, house and cars in 2020

Music is one of the most competitive sectors in the current economy. There are thousands of musicians across the globe struggling to become known for their talents. The sad news is that most of these talents are never discovered. Mac Demarco is one of the musicians that have fought their way through the music world to attain the level of success that he currently enjoys. He is a famous Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer. His real name is Vernon Winfield MacBriare Smith IV. Mac Demarco net worth is a testimony that it pays to be a musician.

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Mac Demarco is known for his albums such as “Salad Days” and “Another One.” He started his career in music when he was a young boy. Even though he released several songs at the beginning of his career, the songs did not become popular. His breakthrough in the music career came in 2012 when he was approached by an independent record label known as “Captured Tracks”. The company offered him a record deal that became an immediate success. Since then, his music has become more famous, and he has a very huge fan base all over the world.

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Mac Demarco career in music

Mac Demarco’s music career began when he was 11 years old. His family had very strong roots in music. Mac’s grandmother was a very popular opera singer, and his grandfather played the saxophone. His mother and aunt also had a very deep interest in music. His family strongly influenced him to pursue a career in music when he was still very young. Even though he resisted the urge to become a musician for some time, he became more serious about music in high school. In high school, he joined several bands, but none of them pleased him. He decided to pursue his music career independently and released his own music, but it did not become popular.

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Mac Demarco net worth, house and cars in 2019
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After graduating from high school, he relocated to Vancouver in order to concentrate on his music career. While in Vancouver, he independently started producing songs in his apartment. From the very beginning, he wanted to do something extraordinary. He came up with a very unique genre referred to as “garage noise” or “punk rock”. “Heat Wave” was his debut album that he released shortly after moving to Vancouver. He released five hundred CDs of this album, and they were sold out immediately. Given the successful release of this album, several local musicians and record labels approached him so that they could work together.

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Songs and albums

Mac Demarco net worth, house and cars in 2019
Image:, @macdemarco1990
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Over the course of his career as a musician, Mac Demarco has written several songs. Here is a list of the albums that have been released by the musician to date

  • Rock and Roll Night Club
  • 2 Demos
  • Live and Acoustic
  • Salad Days
  • Some Other Ones
  • Another One
  • This Old Dog
  • Here Comes the Cowboy

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SoundMerch merchandise

Mac Demarco net worth, house and cars in 2019
Image:, @macdemarco1990
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Mac Demarco has his own line of clothing under the banner SoundMerch. SoundMerch is based in Melbourne, Australia, and it specializes in the printing and production of the best band merch for the music industry. Under this banner, he sells various products including caps & beanies, hoodies & sweaters, T-shirts, tote bags, socks, tanks & singlets, pins & badges, and so on. He earns a considerable amount of income from the sale of this merchandise.

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How much is Mac Demarco net worth?

Mac Demarco net worth, house and cars in 2019
Image:, @macdemarco1990
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Mac Demarco has built a legacy for himself in the music world, and most of his fans are interested in finding out how much his net worth is. Well, the net worth of Mac Demarco is currently estimated at $1.2 million. Most of his fortune comes from music and albums. For instance, he sold more than 100,000 copies of the “Salad Days” album in the United States. However, he also earns a considerable amount of income from endorsements and from SoundMerch. The musician is just 28 years old, and it is expected that his net worth will continue to increase in the coming years. With every event, stage show, and album, his net worth will surely gain a boost.

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Mac Demarco house

Marc currently resides in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. He owns a four- bedroom house located close to the beach in a relatively secluded location. The music celebrity is courteous enough to invite his fans over to his house for a cup of coffee in one of the instrumental tracks that he released in the year 2005. In this track, he states that;

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Stop on by — I’ll make you a cup of coffee,” Mr. DeMarco, a mischievous singer and songwriter, said on a whim at the end of “My House by the Water.  

Mac Demarco’s car

Most of music celebrities have the habit of driving very flashy and expensive cars. If you thought that Mac Demarco drives a flashy and expensive car, then you are very wrong. You will be surprised to know that he used to drive around 1992 740-series Volvo. His mum recently listed this beast of a machine for sale on one of the Canadian classifieds website. Currently, there is no information on the car that he is driving around with after getting rid of the Volvo.

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Mac Demarco net worth clearly demonstrates that the musician has amassed a fortune over the course of his music career. He has risen from a humble background to become one of the most famous rock singers with a huge fan base across the globe. Young and upcoming musicians can be inspired by this story to press on with their music career since it pays.

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