Meek Mill Know No Better Lyrics, Know No Better

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See I don”t even knock these hoesThey don”t know no betterFor now on I”m gona start judging you bitches off of niggas you fuckingYou don”t know no rock from no diampndThere”s levelsI remember smoking dope and fucking hoesDodging d”s and poppin” pistols on the corner sellin” o”sFor the love of Berkin leather these hoes be sellin” soulsNow I wake up and I fuck my dream girl and tell her whoaKnow no better, bitch don”t know no betterRunnin” round town with these lame ass niggasShe don”t know no better, know no betterNigga don”t know no betterRunnin” round talkin like he gonna rob meHe don”t know no betterI”m with a chick from the hood named KikiAnd she a bad girl like RiriAnd she gon” bust it open for a real niggaFuck her on her pregnant that ho tryna keep mePimpin ain”t easy, no I see more she like feed meI tell my jeweler to freeze meDiamonds they dancing the bezel C Breezy, hol” up I be driving to the bankAnd my queens niggas spent 200, 000 on the tankSo it”s bulletproof when I roll throughEverytime I come through niggaI put a lion in the front and a camel in the backYou thought my party was a zoo niggaYou don”t even have a clue niggaYou don”t know no betterTryna snatch my chain get a whole full clip in your polo sweaterI”m a go go getter, that”s your ho then go get herBefore she end up with some real niggas like us, she ain”t bad, won”t touch”yaHol” up, hol” up, hol” upWake up in the morning and I”m looking Young nigga 5 million dollar houseStill on that hood shit fucked around misplaced a whole million dollarsFired my accountantBitch want a do for itMean she gotta fuck me and fuck you for itHo fucking you don”t know no betterFuck a real nigga it don”t get no betterNo stones on the Rollie theres a new sky dwellerD. C. C. M. G. We”re the new RockafellaTwo doors on the ghost with the stars in the centerPay attention gotta school these niggasFuck a lame nigga then you a lame bitchLet me get the game niggas keep gold digging bitchesCus they both looking for something they really the sameI can tell the money don”t flow rightNew But she still sleeping on the floor rightThese niggas be acting upThese niggas be green as fuckThese niggas talkin” bout robbin” usBut tell these niggas we choppered up(I am!)

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