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Mercy Masika, a loving mother and wife, has recently shared her secret of a happy marriage on her personal Instagram account. The post caused a lot of discussions and gained almost nine thousand likes. What is the secret of Mercy Masika marriage, that makes her a happy woman for more than ten years? Find out in the following article!

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The happiest day in her life, Mercy Masika wedding was held almost 10 years ago, in 2008. David and Mercy met each other in 2007, at a wedding event, where they both were invited to work. Already during the first date, one of the most popular gospel artists Kenya and successful videographer have understood that they were made for each other. Mercy Masika latest gossip is connected with Mercy Masika husband and her attitude to him.

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In one of her posts on Mercy Masika Instagram profile, the gospel star shared a beautiful picture of herself and her beloved one. Th star is wearing a stunning delicate blue dress with designer golden top. Marcy is holding a musical instrument in one hand. She has a simple, but at the same time very stylish hairstyle with tender makeup.

Mercy Masika husband, David Muguro is standing right behind the star, his hands on her shoulders, as though he is a protective wall, always ready to stand up for his beloved one. He is wearing a simple light pink shirt with grey trousers.

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However, the description to the picture is no less interesting than the photo itself. Mercy Masika has shared an interesting piece of advice for every married woman – a secret that helps her and her husband keep their relationships strong and harmonious.

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Mercy Masika married her David, almost ten years ago, they have two wonderful children and despite a lot of difficult things that happened to them, the two love birds are still deeply in love with each other and are best friends.

The star claims that for her it was easy to submit to such a good man like David Muguro. She also added, that “submitting to authority is a great strength”. The post continues, with words that God is a God of order, and that is why Mercy herself is answerable and accountable to her beloved one. The wise post finishes with words:

“I am a power but under authority. If the military had no authorities it would be ugly. I have learnt that many of us dont even understand submission and consider it weakness. It is not.”

Mercy Masika gossip
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The post caused a lot of discussions, not only on Mercy Masika Instagram profile, but also on other popular Kenyan sources. Men, as well as women, mostly agreed with Mercy and even suggested that every woman should read this at least once.

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Some users even claimed that women have forgotten that, man should be the head of the family, if they really want to save their marriage and strong loving relationships. If you are acquainted with the Mercy Masika bio, you know that her marriage wasn’t always that successful.

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The first couple of month after Mercy Masika wedding, the star faced the reality of a married person. Her husband wasn’t able to spend all his free time with her, and she was forced to take over all household duties.

It has become even worse, after the tragic death of Merci Masika husband’s mother. David was so desperate, that Mercy spent days on praying. God has heard her prayers, and things have become better. The couple are now grateful parents of two little children, are still in love with each other. And now you also know, how to keep your relationships strong.

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