Miracle or a hoax? Worshippers terrified after statue of Jesus MOVES his head during mass (photo) ▷ Tuko.co.ke

– Worshippers claim statue of Jesus moved his head during special mass

– The freaky miracle was witnessed at the church of Santa Ana in Tepetitlan

– However, Juan Antonio Guerra Lule, the church’s priest, isn’t buying it

Worshippers at the church of Santa Ana in Tepetitlan in the western Mexican, state of Jalisco, freaked out after they allegedly saw crucified statue of Jesus Christ move his head during the Good Friday mass.

The local worshippers were convinced that what they saw could only be a miracle and powerful message from the son of God.

“He wants to tell us something. He wants something from us,” Estela Gomez, one of the witnesses told a local news outlet. “This could be a miracle,” another one claimed.

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The rare phenomenon is said to have taken place in a church in the western Mexican state of Jalisco (Photo: CEN).

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However, the church’s priest, identified as Juan Antonio Guerra Lule, isn’t buying into the claims. He doesn’t think the statue actually moved its head.

“I think that the head collapsed as the fur ropes holding it to the cross were not able to hold it up properly,” says the priest, though he is also of the view that what happened during the Good Friday mass was something beautiful and special.

Sources privy to the incident say the statue was usually kept inside a glass coffin. But on this day it was crucified in commemoration of the traditional Good Friday.

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Watch video of statue of Jesus Christ move his head:


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