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Monica Bellucci turned 54 years old. The birthday of the kinodius coincided with the anniversary of the Italian magazine Grazia.And the legendary movie star appeared on the pages of the gloss in sensual images, writes Hindustan Times.

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Looking at these photos and reading her reflections, we realized that in our 54 this woman not only retained a unique beauty, but also acquired nearby everyday wisdom.

“When I was very young, I wanted to prove to everyone that I also had brains. Now I do not care. “

Model career Monica Belucci began at 13 years old in order to pay for the Faculty of Faculty of University in Perugia. The dream of a young Italian was carried out, but the beauty did not cease.

In 1987, the girl was invited to one of the most famous fashion agencies – Elite, where it was noticed by Dolce & Gabbana meters. For a long time she was their permanent muse, but Monica wanted to try his cinema. And after a few years, after the end of the acting courses, the audience saw Monica in the film “Dracula”.

Subsequently, Monica was filmed in a large number of transparency film, and she is sure that he had succeeded thanks to a model career.

“Monica Monica”s body speaks the same as her face. This is a working tool and I can use it, as a subject to play a role stronger. “

“I am really a wise, but not only in matters relating to marriage. Honestly, I never tried anything to create nor save. “

A divorce with Vincenom Kasselem after a 14-year-old marriage was not easy to actress. And although the stars broke up peacefully, by mutual agreement, and remained friends, in the first months either Monica nor Vincenne spoke about the causes of the divorce.

“Sometimes you can find an infernal scum, from which you will go crazy. Man”s demons are as attractive as virtue. “

The problem was not only that while in permanent traffic, the spouses became other people”s people. The press also claims that the contribution to the gap has contributed to Venzanan “Free relationship”. Monica guess the treasures, which was openly spoken by the press. But according to Bellucci, the actress understood that in their situation, it was just stupid to wait for her husband.

“We can for a long time to be with someone and suddenly understand – it can no longer continue, so everyone has to go its own way.”

Now, according to Monica, men are attracted to men with wrinkles, because such “traces” are able to open the soul and its authenticity.

“Beautiful women are created for guys devoid of imagination.”

Monica argues that he never made plastic operations and does not know any secrets of beauty. But still, we managed to find something for themselves from Monica.


Beluchchi believes that you need to wash your head no more than two times a week, so as not to cut the hair. In one interview, it mentioned that he dilutes her shampoo mineral water to reduce the concentration of artificial substances. The best mask for the actress is the most common olive oil that gives the hair vitality, shine and silkiness.

“Beauty is a great chance, you can only thank you for it. In addition, it will pass, we just need to wait. As someone said with the wrong, her action is allocated only three minutes, and then you must be able to keep your eyes. “


Monica responsibly suits the cleansing and humidification of the skin. For many years, every morning Monica begins with a contrasting soul. After the procedure that is an important component of its beauty routine, Bellucci uses several leather care products. The actress loves the lungs on the texture of creams and serum, since they are better suited to her.

“You are beautiful when you consider yourself so. It doesn”t matter what others think. “


When Monica prepare for the role for which she needs to lose weight, she eats meat, fish, vegetables with small portions, but often, so we lose weight correctly.

“I will never be thin. I am quite lazy by nature. I love to eat. I am real – such. And does not intend to become unreal. “


Beluchchi admits that for permanent sports, it is too lazy. When the schedule allows, it gives preference to swimming or yoga.

“Instead of going to the gym, I wear black – it is much more practical and more pleasant.”

The elixir of youth actress considers the ability to rejoice at life every day and even allow “some earthly joy” – pasta, a glass of wine and a cigarette. Life experience and maternal happiness (Monica Two daughters from Wensen Kassel – a 14-year-old Diva and 8-year-old Leoni), helped 54-year-old kinodiv to find their life harmony.

“I am a happy person, because I received a lot of love. And we can also share it with people who are important to us. “

P.S. Monica says she became “more beautiful with age.” We absolutely agree with her!

Monica Bellucci is a world famous Italian actress, which is shot in Hollywood, fashion model. For many, Monica is the embodiment of true beauty and femininity.


The parents of Monica Bellucci had a difficult fate. Her father is an emigrant from Beluchistan (district in West Afghanistan), Iranian by nationality and Muslim, barely racing ends meet. The future mother of Monica, Brunella Briganti, was brought up in a Catholic faith, but she, in a native and acquaintance, was married to a foreigner-poor.


They settled in the small Italian city of Chitta di Castello. The man was engaged in agricultural works, his spouse became an artist. They lived poorly, but the soul is in the soul. And only one overshadowed their union – they had no children for a long time. Doctors put a woman diagnosis “infertility” and advised to hope for a miracle. So when, on September 30, 1964, their daughter Monica appeared on the world, the parents took it no other than God”s fishery.


The future celebrity grew in a poor family and understood that the lack of money could compensate only for education, so in the school Monica Bellucci was a diligent student. In his youth, in addition to his native language, Monica Bellucci took possession of perfectly with French and English, as well as the foundations of Spanish.


Since childhood, Monica was configured to a lawyer”s career. At the same time, from an early age, the surroundings observed its spectacular appearance, the result of mixing Eastern and Mediterranean blood. So still a teenager, at 13, she began to work as a model. A local amateur photographer helped her portfolio.

Career model

At 16, the girl had already walked on the podium from Liceo Classico. Reincarnate in glamorous images and catching the admiring glances of photographers had to be in the taste, and she refused his childhood dreams of a career in jurisprudence.


In 1983, the girl wanted to go to the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the University of Perugia, but the study had to be abandoned due to a dense schedule.

In 1988, 24-year-old Monica moved to Milan, where he signed a contract with the Model Agency Elite Model Management. A year later, Monica Bellucci had already well known representatives of the fashion industry of New York and Paris.

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Young celebrity posed for French Elle and starred in Dolce & Gabbana perfume advertising. Video for the brand removed the Italian director Giuseppe Tornator, who later took off Bellucci in his film.

Actor career

Monica Bellucci achieved considerable success in the model business, but did not want to stop there. Her debut in the acting took place in 1990 in the Italian movie. The first works were episodic roles in the tapes “Life with sons”, “Abuse” and “Bandits”.


In 1992, the famous director Francis Ford Coppola radically changed the situation and called Bellucia to the role of the bride of Dracula in the film with Gary Oldman as a bloodthirsty graph and young Winona Ryder and Keanu Rivza. It was the first serious role of Monica, though very small. After that, she began to receive offers from directors from America and Europe.


A deafening success in the European continent came to Monica in 1996, after the role of Lisa in the melodrama “Apartment”. The young beauty of Bellucci conquered the hearts of the audience and critics and received the “Cesar” award. During filming, the girl met with the already popular French actor Vincenne Kassel. For the next year, she played with him in the French militant “Doberman,” where she got the role of a deaf girlfriend of the main Hero Bandit.

“Apartment”: Monica Dance Bellucci and Wenzan Kassel

In 1997, Monica Bellucci took part in the shooting of three paintings at once – “Stress”, “How do you want me” and “bad tone”, and a year later in four – “compromise”, “desire”, “the holiday will not”, “About those who love.” The proposals of the work were poured onto the beautiful Italian, but Monica to each was very critical and demanding. The girl tried to choose only the roles where her talent could be completely revealed, and not just show it, and without the obvious, beauty.


The passage in a big movie for Bellucci was the role in Drema Giuseppe Tornator Malen (2000), where she as if she played himself – an insanely beautiful woman for which her unearthly appearance becomes a gift, and a curse. Beauty is dangerous – she burns over envy, and there are other things, but at the same time it is a gift that you need to carry with dignity. For this filigree full role in 2001, the actress received a prime characteristic sympathy from the European Film Academy.

“People can forgive the man”s mind, even talent, but beauty – never” (Monica Bellucci).

In 2001, Monica, together with his husband, Vincenne Kassel starred in the tape “Brotherhood of Wolf”, for the work in which the next award was awarded – the Saturn Prize for the best female role of the second plan. Next, she played Cleopatra in the adventure Comedy “Asterix and Obelix: The Mission” Cleopatra “with Gerard Depardieu. The tape was doomed to success, largely due to the participation of Bellucci in it, because Monica itself is the embodiment of royal beauty, and the role of the last Queen of Egyptian as if created specifically for her.


This was followed by a provocative film “Reasonable” (2002) Gaspara Nae, who caused a storm of contradictory emotions from the public. The nine-minute scene of the rape of the monica heroine was shown so realistic that when it was shown in Cannes, many spectators became bad. Bellucci herself later recognized that she was scary to revise this film, but it is obvious that this is one of the best and most bold works in her career. By the way, in this experimental drama, in which all events are shown in the reverse order, the boyfriend Monica played her husband, Vensen Kassel.


Next, in the filmography of Bellucci, the Italian film “Remember me” (2003) and the drama “Suns” (2003) with Bruce Willis, after which, in the same year, the actress appeared in popular films then the Vachovski Brothers “Matrix: Revolution” and ” Matrix: reboot. ” Monica fulfilled the role of mysterious percepton – Merovingen”s wife, which offers Help Neo (Keanu Reeves) in exchange for a passionate kiss. Of course, the directors of the legendary trilogy could not not appreciate the attractiveness of the Italian actress, so they picked up a fairly simple character for her, simply using their sexuality.


Participation in the filming of the “Matrix” marked for a 39-year-old Italian actress, and very important, the stage in the career is the conquest of Hollywood. And the addition of beauty, sexuality and charisma industry could not resist Monica Bellucci. The actress could safely exploit the image of inaccessible beauty, but it chose a serious acting work and non-trivial scenarios. At this time, Monica often changed genres of paintings in their filmography, proving that it is capable of appearing in any role.

Monica Bellucci in the film “Cardiac Tango” (2007)

After the “matrix” she played Maria Magdalin in the biblical drama of Mel Gibson “Passion of Christ”. A heavy film with a lot of cruel scenes, telling about the last days of Christ before the crucifix, received conflicting estimates from critics, including the controversial interpretation of the Bible. Despite the fact that Monica is not a Catholic, she really wanted to get the role of the sequence of Jesus.


Further, the actress once played with Vincenom Kassel – this time in a plentyful triller “Secret Agents” (2004). But the next successful Hollywood project was the fantasy “Brothers Grimm” (2005) Terry Gilliam, telling an alternative biography of the most famous German fairy tales. Of course, there was not without mysticism – Monica played the evil Queen, the deceased hundreds of centuries ago, but with the help of the spell to tempt his former beauty of casual visitors. On its network and get brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who played het Ledger and (AB: 462) Matt Daimon (/ AB).


In the same year, Bellucci again tried on the image of a fatal curtain in the picture of the famous French director Berran Britia “How much are you standing?” Where Gerard Depardieu became her partner. The next major role for Monica was the work in the film “Brotherhood of Stone” (2006), where she played with Catherine Deneu and Moritz Blaimibroy. The mass audience was remembered by the role of Bellucci in the Hollywood thriller “Sunset of them (2007) with Clive Owen. It is also worth noting the game of the famous actress in the Italian melodrama “A man who loves” (2008), where Ksenia rappoport also played.


During this period, Bellucci also managed to be attended with such French actors as Sophie Marso and Daniel Othu. It is also worth noting films with her participation “Student of Correction” (2010) with Nicholas Cage and “Love: Instructions for use” with Robert De Niro. In 2014, the actress played an opera diva in the popular series Amazon “Mozart in the jungle” with Gael Garcia Bernamel. In 2015, Bellucci became the first mature woman of Bond (Daniel Craig) in the new part of Bondiana – “007: Spectrum.”


In 2016, actresses were fortunate enough to work with the cult Serb director Emiry Kusturia over his military melodrama “on the Milky Way”. Bellucci played the beloved of the main character in which the Kusturica himself was reincarnated.

“Evening Urgant”: Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica about the “Milky Way”

Personal life Monica Bellucci

The famous Italian actress had novels only with colleagues in the workshop – at first she was very short time was married to the Argentine photographer Claudio Brassso, then was engaged to the Italian actor Nikola Fariron.

With the first acquaintance with Vincenom, a spark flashed between us. Initially, we thought it was rather antipathy and dislike to each other, but later, having learned each other closer, we realized that this is the magic of attraction. I do not know how we turned out to be together, rather we did not choose with whom we should be, it just happened.

Nevertheless, the couple did not live together – Monica needed personal space and independence. Even in a few years, after the wedding, they continued to live on two houses – he is in France, and she in Italy. The actress explained this by the fact that she would like to dive into a family routine.


In 2004, a 40-year-old actress was born firstborn – the girl was called Daev. The baby”s birth was very close to Wensen and Monica and strengthened their relationship. Bellucci did not sit on maternity leave and after a 9-month baby feeding, his breasts returned to the set. In May 2010, Monica Bellucci gave birth to a second daughter – Leoni.

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In 2013, the star couple of Kassel-Bellucci, to the disorder of numerous fans, broke up. Perhaps the frequent forced and voluntary partings of the former spouses played their role, later the actress was recognized that the independence of each put their attitude at risk, and then they simply decided to disperse.

Now Monica pays a lot of time to family and upbringing their daughters. She admits that he wants her daughters to listen to her inner voice and understood that for personal success they do not need a male support.

This wonderful actress was completely different: both volitional and powerful, and meek, with a thin soulful. In any case, she always had and now has its incredibly attracting charm. In her rich biography, you can find a lot of different savory details.

What was Monica Belluci in his youth? We will try to find out here.

Everyone knows that Monica is one of the most unknown figures of the film industry.


In Chitta di Castello in Italy, in the family of a village employee and artist on September 30, Monica Anna Maria was born of her birthday – 1964. A pretty girl grew up an obedient child, he studied well and had a cherished dream to become

After graduation, she entered Perugia (University), firmly and confidently moving towards his goal. His study combined with in one of the popular urban pizzerias so as not to depend on parents financially.

Amented to a friend”s persuasion after a certain time, Monica Bellucci (in his youth she was still charming) participates in casting in the modeling agency. Walkingly having passed him, became the model. Her career in this direction was rapidly climbing up. Monica in 1987 receives work in the famous Agency “Elite”. And this one year is considered in its biographies the most important and turning point.

In subsequent years, she was often invited to fashion shows in New York and Milan. She even won the face of the famous Dolce & Gabbana brand. Her amazingly beautiful photos were printed on many covers of the most famous fashion magazines: Maxim, Elle, Magazine”s, Esquire and many others.


According to the results of statistics, Ask Men”s in 2004, she deservedly won the title “The most beautiful woman in the world.”

Monica in youth and monica today – and in the same case beautiful in its own way. However, and here and there is the most fascinating and mysterious, inherent only to her, delicious charm. Photos of any age still can decorate any fashion edition.

What is the attractive Monica Belucci? The photo in the youth itself speaks for himself.

No wonder from the oldest age and for the entire period of his rather curious biography, Monica Belucci was often the face of one of the most fashionable Dolce & Gabbana houses, imprinted on the covers of the most popular glossy publications, in various campaigns and in many other advertising brands. This is what Monica Belucci in youth.

Belucci without make-up and makeup

Amazing monica not only incredible beauty. Woman and actress talented, she is also the best personification of femininity and sexuality. Being a mother of 2 adorable creatures (daughters) and already overpanding the fifty-year-old frontier, she, according to many, is still the most attractive and desired woman of the entire planet.


It also happens that, participating in the infinite number of photo sessions, Monica does not miss the chance to play and nude, and even this happened during her pregnancy. It is almost always in excellent physical form.

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Often she is removed without makeup, and there is her own beauty in it, because it is beautiful and without it. She is not shy. Her face, oddly enough, does not lose any charm or unique exquisite beauty.

Always incredibly beautiful Monica Belucci. The secret in it itself, in her soul. She always denies rumors, about plastic operations transferred by it, and herself also calls the secret of his flawless appearance – work and love.

Thanks to all this, her career both models and actresses continue to evolve. Moreover, Monica Bellucci, possessing the name and its reputation, can choose only the best and most interesting projects.

Monica”s opinion about his figure and beauty

Amazing monica white. The figure in his youth was beautiful, but not the most perfect, but she served himself always with Charm. And, undoubtedly, made an excellent impression.


She speaks about it. In her opinion, the most important thing is to understand yourself: what is the person himself really. All information that is exhibited by overview of the masses makes a beautiful picture from it, but there must be a personality behind it.

She says that in connection with her beauty, many people think that she is stupid. In fact, it is just a mask required for certain situations.

And about his parameters and figure, she says that in itself lazy and therefore can never be perfectly slim. Yes, and nothing to do with it, because people never please. Her conclusion: “… I will be the one I like me in the mirror.”

Monica Bellucci in youth: Figure Parameters

Monica Beatchi is always attracted: the parameters of the figure in youth and aged almost do not differ, as well as its incomparable beauty.


Personal life Monica: marriage

Belucci has two official marriage. Her husband is Claudio Carlos Bass (model photographer). This marriage soon collapsed (together was only 4 years old). Literally in 5 years, she comes out the second time married Wensena Kassel (a famous actor). And this marriage was for many exemplary for a long time, because they had mutual clean and true love.

After 5 years, they had a daughter – Virgo (firstborn), and after 6 years – Leoni.

Somehow Monica noted that the highest art for her is to be a mother and that motherhood significantly changed her perception of the world, that it all turned her life.


In 2013, Monica and Vensean divorced, and it shocked all their idols.

This monica event commented on approximately as follows. In her opinion, every marriage is experiencing a turning point when you can choose one of the possible two options: or divorce, or save marriage. They and his spouse chose the easiest way.

They parted beautifully, without any scandals and attracting the attention of people”s statements. In this regard, they went around the discussion and condemnation.

There was a small hearing of Monica”s novel with a billionaire Telman Ismailov, which would have been the cause of divorce with Vensene, but he was surprisingly quickly dispelled.

Successes in the acting career

In this direction, her career began in the 90s. Monica Belucci in his youth was invited to play in the film “Adult Children” of the Italian film director Dino Rizi. However, she became a famous actress after filming in the film “Dracula Bram Strach” in 1992 (director Francis Kopolla).

She starred also in the picture “Apartment”, which became the most masterpiece. This film was nominated for the High Award “Cesar”. With her second husband, she met just when shooting this film.


Monica never considered himself a movie star, said that he was just an actress. And such creative people are very difficult to find an appropriate role in which you can reveal multifaceted.


Only to their 40 years in Monica decided to acquire children and feel the joy of motherhood. And correctly made that came to this, because, as she herself noted, the daughters became the best antidepressants.

All his free time for 18 years, beautiful spouses tried to spend together. Monica herself admitted that under 40 she was not still ready for motherhood. Before the birth of the first daughter, she still considered herself a selfish child. It should be noted that Monica was the only daughter of his parents.


The name of her daughter Indian – Virgo (translated “that that came from heaven”). At 45 years (after 6 years), Monica gave birth to Leoni. Her appearance for a loving pair was the blessing of heaven. Monica still does not believe that at that age she was able to give birth to a child with a natural way.

Unsurpassed Monica Belucci. Photo in youth and now continue to attract attention to their unique beauty and attractiveness.

Thanks to his surprisingly beautiful appearance and talent, Monica Belucci played more than 40 films. In addition, today she does not leave the model business, being a fashionable person of the company Dior.

Monica Bellucci made a brilliant career: from supermodel to the kinodius. It is impossible to deny her acting talent and hard work, but, of course, her luxurious beauty has become a key factor, which over the years does not fade, but, on the contrary, it becomes only brighter.

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Monica is an example for imitation for all models and in general for any woman who takes care of his appearance and wants to look attractive at any age at any age.

Monica can be different: seductive, sexy, serious, elegant, dazzling, and in any image it invariably causes admiration. She has long overlooked the threshold of the fiftieth, which so scares many women, and remained as beautiful and desirable, as in 20 years.



Even without makeup, she looks great, her smooth, smooth skin and good complexion – the result of constant care, and not plastic surgery, because Monica is one of the few actresses that refused surgical intervention to preserve beauty. She chose a different way: discipline, healthy lifestyle and mental harmony.


Film Festival in Venice, Summer 2019


At the evening of Francis Ford Coppola, October 2019

“What does it mean to be beautiful? This is not associated with biology; Femininity is a reflection of your life and experience, “Monica believes.

The actress does not like to impose a sophisticated makeup, although sometimes for the filming, she has to do it. In everyday life, she prefers minimum cosmetics or generally costs without makeup, when possible.


Bellucci near her apartment in Rome

Monica believes that to attract attention to a woman, it is necessary to emphasize the eyes, and therefore, if it imposes makeup, it necessarily uses shadows, giving preference to natural shades. She also loves lipstick lipstick.


“If you choose a red color, then you want to be noticed. If you apply a red lipstick, then you are ready for the fact that people will look at you. Red is a very strong color, and he primarily expresses you, he does not necessarily carry sexual subtext. “


Shooting for the magazine

Another secret of the beauty of Monica is water. She drinks a lot of water daily, especially in the morning. According to her, it is due to the water, in the morning her skin begins to shine. Water gives her the opportunity to remain cheerful, and also stimulates blood circulation.

Physical exercises help the fine form of actress. In his free time, she likes to walk, run and even box. She pays a lot of time swimming, trying to spend in the pool at least 45 minutes four times a week.



Monica can not be called a thin. Like any Italian, she loves to eat tasty, but at the same time trying to eat good, healthy food: eggs, low-fat meat, vegetables, fresh juices. However, sometimes for dinner, it allows himself to relax and enjoy the steak with fried potatoes.

“My mantra for beauty? Eat, Love, Live, “she laughs.


Secular outlet

Monica is very careful about his appearance, but at the same time it is completely not afraid of old age:

“I try not to worry about such things. I”m afraid of death, because I have two children (Leoni and Virgo Kassel) and I want to see how they grow. You can”t do anything with the fact that you become older, so you just need to take it. “



And you knew that Monica and Kassel divorced, Vensen married Tina Kunaki, who under his for 31 years, and they had already born a child.

Being with youth by a self-sufficient person, Monica Belucci never wanted to be like someone. Since childhood, she made a choice and retreat was not going, for the little girls from the usual Italian family were unknown. So the desire to conquer the Fashion-Olympus became her secret target, about which in the eighties on the Apennines a girl of her circle even had fun funny …


In the photo Monica 14 years old.


Cosmetics The future young diva in school did not use: why? The eyelashes were huge, the sponges – you know, well, we will not even talk about the perfection of the skin of this defense. Therefore, no one has become a surprise that Monica shortly after receipt of the university threw it for the sake of model career.


Here Monica is 18 years old.



Find 18-year-old Monica:




That was an incredible take-off in the country where he had a single square kilometer for one square kilometer, was traditionally eliminated! Of course, she had an extraordinary appearance, of course, she had a glitter in his eyes, of course, she knew how to pose (sorry, to teach himself) … but this is not enough. It was necessary to pierce their way as an icebreaker. History is silent, as it turned out to be in 1988 in Milan, who gave her a pass to the big light …


Belucci for the first time officially married at 23 years. Marriage with photographer model agency and paparazzi Claudio Carlos Bass lasted only six months.


Then there was a six-year-old Roman with Nicolas Ferront, who in fact turned out to be a tightened intrigue.


The second official marriage is registered with the French actor Vincenne Kassel, with whom she lived in marriage for 14 years and gave birth to two daughters – Virgin and Leoni (respectively, 2004 and 2010).


In 2013, Belucci divorced.

She then had several novels, what her marital status was now, the secular chronicle silent. It is known only that she lives in Lisbon and does not particularly appear in the public. She is attributed to the many novels, including with Russian oligarchs, but did not receive confirmation of these rumors. Vensean Kassel has already married Tina Kunaki model. In 2019, they had a daughter called Amazonia.

The ongoing girl in the name of Bellucci, who has long passed for the half, today still likes many to many kinomans, because its appearance is, say, not specific beauty Lauren. Sophie beauty, of course, stunning, but still she is on the “amateur”. And Monica has a comprehensive, all-consuming.


So what is the secret of youth and sexuality of this famous actress? Typically, Bellucci itself, when answering this question, mysteriously smiles and repeats, as if on the template, they say, the mystery of its excellent physical form today is a regular sexual life, a healthy strong sleep in the necessary and sufficient quantity, as well as balanced nutrition.


According to her own admission, she is not an amateur to wake up in the early morning and rush into the fitness club. And follow the figure during the filming, and in everyday life it helps the starvation on its own technique. Moreover, according to the dad on a flour monica, this is not an end in itself and a natural refusal of a part of a diet containing carbohydrates and fats. Occasionally, it can pamper a glass of red dry and cigarette. And recommends that all its fans tasty and with appetite there are, drink, make love. But only in moderation. The only thing that Belucci permits to do without measure is to laugh.












How does Monica Bellucci look now?

Reputive experts in need claim that Bellucci never exposed their appearance to any surgical interventions. The diva herself is more appropriate with all its Italian categoricalness that plastic is not her horse, and it will never fall under the plastic surgeon scalpel.


Here Monica is almost 50 years old.

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At 47 years old Monica still often decorates the covers of world journals:


In 2014, Monica looks like a queen:



At one time, she chose to refuse from blepharoplasty, and from suspenders, and even from the ordinary Botox. Maximum, which it can subject themselves – procedures associated with maintaining the volume of lip shape. But it is cosmetics, not plastic. She cares about her lips, as he considers them with his wealth. Hair and leather – by itself. But lips … uses sugar scrubs, moisturizing creams, does not forget to clean them from the layer of lipstick with micellar water. Well, where, without a hygienic balm! But the lipstick stroke Italian prefers not to abuse.


With older daughter:


Leaves his apartment in Rome:

Years have passed. And she spoke about beauty is already somewhat different, although the philosophically wisely. According to the star itself, the age-related changes are not afraid of it, and it perceives them as a given:

“Someone old age is afraid to lose beauty, and I do not focus on these moments. Here are the fear of death – another thing, because I have two children, and I want to watch their development … And if it is impossible to influence the biological process of aging to the biological process, it is better to simply accept this fact. “

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