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Markiplier is, without a doubt, one of the highly esteemed YouTube sensations. As a gaming guru, his videos gain massive traction in just a few hours. He has a following of 28.9 million subscribers, and the number keeps rising. With a long list of gaming YouTubers, what makes him stand out from the rest?

A close up photo of Markiplier. Photo: @markiplier
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From replicating top movie concepts like Money Heist, among many others, Markiplier can undertake almost any project. His fans love him for his diversity and consistency. The gamer’s channel has over 15 billion views and is categorized under the Best 100 most bought in YouTube channels.

Markiplier Profile summary

  • Markiplier real name: Mark Edward Fischbach
  • Nickname: Markiplier
  • Date of birth: 28th June 1989
  • Place of birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Age: 32 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: YouTuber
  • Net worth: $35 million

Markiplier biography

Mark Edward Fischbach, aka Markiplier, was born on 28th June 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, Cliffton M. Fischbach, was a German-American serving the US Army, and his mum a Korean native. Upon his birth, Markiplier’s family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he grew up alongside his younger brother, Jason Thomas Fischbach.

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Markiplier enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, where he studied biomedical engineering. However, he did not complete his studies as he dropped out, intending to focus on his YouTube career.

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Markiplier’s booming career

Markiplier and Amy dressed up during Halloween. Photo: @markiplier
Source: Instagram

Markiplier is the highest-paid and most popular YouTuber on the planet. His spheres include Let’s Play gameplay commentary videos that commonly feature survival horror and action video game titles. Other Markiplier movies and TV shows include:

  • 2013 – Table Flip
  • 2014 – asdfmovie
  • 2014 – Annoying Orange
  • 2015 (present) – YouTube Rewind
  • 2015 – Smosh
  • 2015 – Grumpcade
  • 2016 – Scare PewDiePie
  • 2016 – Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything
  • 2017 (present) – Villainous
  • 2018 (present) – 3 Peens in a Pod
  • 2019 – A Heist with Markiplier
  • 2019 – The Edge of Sleep

What happened to Markiplier and Ethan?

Though he stands out as the main actor, Markiplier has worked with various YouTubers who have contributed to his success. With the end game usually being business deals, his relationships with co-casts such as PewDiePie and Ethan have stood out.

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However, as of late, the partners have not collaborated, and everyone is asking, “are Markiplier and PewDiePie still friends?”

It seems as though tables have turned. PewDiePie addressed the queries regarding his relationship with Markiplier on a YouTube video, saying:

It’s like yeah, we’re just not as close as we used to be. It’s awkward when everyone online is just going, ‘You need to collab!

Similarly, Markiplier’s friendship with Ethan seems to have ceased. Ethan resigned from being one of Markiplier’s editors in 2018.

He chose to focus on building a name for himself through his content while signing other collaborations. Nonetheless, Markiplier continues to form other collaborations with other budding YouTubers.

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Who is Markiplier wife?

Is Markiplier married to Amy? This is perhaps the most common question asked by the YouTuber’s followers regarding his love life. Unfortunately, he is an extrovert and maintains a low profile about who he is dating.

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There’s a strong assumption that Amy and Markiplier started dating in 2015. The grapevine spread when Amy was spotted accompanying Markiplier to VidCon 2016.

Amy, who works in Markiplier’s production team, responded to the speculations on her Twitter handle:

Oh, jeez! What more do you want from us.

The duo’s picture accompanied the caption, and her response left more questions than answers. Markiplier, on the other hand, has not disclosed to the public whether or not he is in a relationship with his colleague, Amy.

Does Markiplier have cancer?

Markiplier in hospital getting a check-up for abdominal pain. Photo: @markiplier
Source: Instagram

No. Markiplier does not have cancer, but he knows a thing or two about the disease. His father was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 2008. Markiplier equally had an operation that made him view life from a deeper perspective.

Why did Markiplier go to the hospital?

The YouTube sensation had a tumour years after his father passed on. The lump was as big as a fist’s size and had to be removed through surgery. After the operation, Markiplier re-invented his life and embarked on becoming an influencer.

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Markiplier net worth information

Markiplier is among the top-three wealthiest YouTubers in the world. It is estimated that the content creator earned $20 million in 2020. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Markiplier’s net worth is $35 million.

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Through his popular videos, the YouTube guru has managed to secure sponsorship and endorsement deals. He is also a philanthropist where he owns a clothing line which equally generates him considerable income.

For most people, digital media is merely a place to hang out and interact. However, there are digital content experts who’ve taken advantage of these spaces to create thriving businesses. Markiplier is a pacesetter and a remarkable example of entrepreneurs’ who earn a living from digital spaces. published an article about Jennifer Syme. This is a sad story about Keanu Reeves wife who passed on 20 years ago. Jennifer Syme and Keanu Reeves were deeply in love. Their love ended up in Jennifer being pregnant for Keanu.

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