Carolina Dantas And Neymar And Carolina Dantas, Neymar Dating History

Neymar Jr’s love life has always been quite busy! If you are wondering who one of his exes is, read on to know everything about Carolina Dantas.

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The streets of Brazil still ring with the name of one and only Neymar Jr. While his football achievements are known to every man, woman, and child, his personal life is yet to unravel. Read on to know just one aspect of his life, about the mother of his child Carolina Dantas.

Who Is Carolina Dantas?



Carolina Dantas is a Brazilian social media personality. She was born on October 21st, 1993, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which makes her a Libra. Although she kissed fame when she started her liaison with the Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr, she has gained a large fan following of her own now. The star presently has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, giving her a pretty influential ground on the global network. Nothing much is known about her upbringing or family, though.

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Some Other Facts About Carolina Dantas

Carolina graduated from Colegio Adventista de Santos in the year 2011. Following her graduation, she incepted her career by working in fashion and starting a clothing line as a partner. But it was not until her relationship with Neymar gathered friction that the stunner’s fame shot up the roof. She scored numerous brand promotions and became a pretty big deal. While Carolina may lead a busy life, she can easily dig some leisure time for herself. The influencer is known to be a huge fan of English films. She notably adores actress Emma Stone and actor Tom Cruise. Carolina also loves spending her time listening to English songs, prominently those of Selena Gomez.

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A Biggie On Instagram



With a fan following of 2.6 million people, Carolina is a big star on Instagram. She frequently uploads beautiful pictures of herself and her family. It also seems she loves traveling, having photographed herself in different locations, including Paris, where Neymar is currently playing for the club Paris Saint-Germain. The knockout also relishes striding in the sea, considering the beach photos of hers she has uploaded. No wonder people are keen on following her. Who wouldn’t enjoy their daily dose of aesthetics that this woman can deliver through her feed?

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Neymar And Carolina



Carolina was a little hesitant about dating Neymar at first, considering the athlete’s mega popularity. She wasn’t psyched about the clout she’d get once their relationship became public knowledge. But it seems the PSG star was exponentially attracted to the charms of Carolina and was persistent. They eventually got to talking and exchanged numbers. This marked the beginning of their friendship, which with time, bloomed into love. The two started dating, and as Carolina anticipated, she became famous. Not only did her followership rise to new heights, but she was also offered roles in movies and tv shows.

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Enter Davi



Neymar and Carolina shared more than just love between them; they also share a child named Davi. He was born on August 13th, 2011, and his birth perhaps was one of the happiest days of the duo’s lives. In an interview, Neymar revealed that when his then-girlfriend was pregnant, he was a little startled. It was indeed a big landmark in a relationship. But as soon as Davi was born, fatherhood in its greatest form took over the Brazilian. Though, soon after, the two parted ways. Of course, their son lives with his mother, but the athlete could meet him whenever he has time and whenever he desires. Even though the couple has split, Neymar still drops ‘likes’ under some of Carolina’s pictures and wholeheartedly celebrates the birthday of big mama.

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Carolina Ties The Knot



In 2017, Carolina started dating Vinicius Martinez. In 2019, Carolina married him. Not much is known about her husband, other than the fact that he absolutely dotes on her and her son. Their wedding ceremony was held in the city of Sorocaba. Around 300 guests were present to witness the matrimonial event. Neymar’s sister helped organize the bachelorette’s party, so it’s safe to assume that the two women synch well!

Where Is She Now?

Carolina is happily married to Vinicius, and the two have an adorable kid of their own named Valentin. She continues to make her living through social media and brand promotions while dedicated her leisure time to her lovely family!

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