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It’s been 24 hours and I think my squee has settled back down to non-toxic levels, so can we talk about this moment now?


The whole trailer is gorgeous and there is much to dissect, but from the very first viewing, this was the line that caught me. What a thing to say! There’s something almost Lovecraftian about it, isn’t there? Like Sherlock is one of the Great Old Ones, whose very being defies human comprehension.

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It struck me immediately as a corrective to the warm, fuzzy Sherlock we sometimes get (in TSoT, and the first trailer). As though we (and John) need the occasional reminder that Sherlock is radically other, a creature unto himself. I love the idea that not even Doyle made him – that he somehow conjured himself out of the ether.

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It also might be considered a challenge to those who would explain Sherlock—who seek to pin him in place with a bit of analysis and interpretation: Sherlock is Sherlock because of his parents, or the way he was raised, or some early trauma, or psychiatric pathology, or superhuman power, or unacknowledged neurosis, or cultural repression, or historical context, or brilliant/terrible writing…

Sherlock here tells us—no. Sherlock Holmes simply is. He is the author of himself.

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But as striking as that moment is, Sherlock is never that simple. Even in such a short trailer, Sherlock provides an alternative, contradictory explanation of his origins:

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“We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.”

Of course this could mean anything in terms of the plot. But thematically, these moments have to be exploring the same question—John’s question: “What made you like this?”

Even if he is talking about a client or a suspect, Sherlock is clearly referring to himself as well. “We have a past” and “shadows that define our every sunny day” … What he says here is exactly the opposite of “Nothing made me,” isn’t it?

It’s too soon to tell where this might lead, but for now we have been left with a fascinating paradox: Sherlock is at once “the most human human being” and also something entirely apart, and beyond our comprehension. What makes him—and has always made him—such a remarkable character is that he can inhabit these ideas simultaneously. My prediction is, no matter what happens in the Christmas Special, this is the mystery that will remain at the heart of Sherlock Holmes.

meta noshipsherlock shspesh trailer sherlock original meta paradox the making of sherlock holmes lovecraft I know it's dangerous to read too much into the trailers the lines will surely look different in context but as a thematic analysis I think it's valid

(This is a standalone meta, but it builds somewhat on my two previousmetas:The Missing Reichenbach Solution and Deerstalkers and Doppelgangers)

By the end of The Empty Hearse, Sherlock has been forced to confrontthe deconstruction of everything he believes in: truth, rationality, and evenhis own identity. Where does he go fromhere?

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TSoT has a sunny, cheerful, romcom aesthetic to it, but what we arereally looking at here is a man who is embarking on a project to rebuildhimself after a psychological, philosophical, and metaphysical meltdown.

The public’s version of Sherlock with the deerstalker may still exist,but Sherlock the consulting detective has all but vanished.

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