Obama’s golf outings cost you $20,000 per hole

Just two of Barack Obama’s golf outings last spring cost taxpayers more than $1.8 million, according to government expense documents released by the watchdog agency Judicial Watch.

While additional political fundraising junkets in the same period boosted costs to taxpayers above $4.4 million.

And that’s just for transportation. It does not include expenses for security, which the Secret Service refuses to divulge.

“Taxpayers should be outraged,” said Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, who acquired the expense reports through two Freedom of Information requests to the Air Force, which operates Air Force One.

In February, Obama spent President’s Weekend golfing with male friends in Palm Springs. At $206,000 per flight hour, that trip set taxpayers back $1.03 million.

In March, Obama flew down to Palm City, Florida for another long golf weekend with friends. Those flights cost $805,000. The Washington Examiner calculated the airplane costs at $20,406 per hole played on the exclusive courses.

Such spending on personal travel continues a nearly seven-year pattern of high living and lush travel by Obama, his wife Michelle and vice president, Joe Biden. Next month Obama is off again to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

In 2012, Biden and his party incurred more than $1 million in hotel expenses alone for just two nights’ stay, one in London and the next in Paris.

The Obama first couple has traveled more than any other first family, often with Mrs. Obama’s mother and her friends. By the summer of 2014 the Obamas had taken 31 international trips lasting 119 days. At the same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had taken 14 such trips over 73 days.

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When the family visited Ireland in 2013, taxpayers were hit for just under $8 million, including a quarter-million dollars for a two-day side-trip to Dublin for the Obama women. They chose a $3,500-per-night hotel suite in addition to 29 other rooms for their traveling party at the five-star hotel.

Last year when Mrs. Obama, her mother and two daughters toured China, they stayed in a Beijing hotel suite costing $8,400 per night.

Last March as the president enjoyed his Florida golf junket, the Obama ladies visited Cambodia and Japan, where they incurred a $79,000 rental car bill during a one-day visit to two Kyoto shrines.

To date, Judicial Watch has figured, “the known travel expenses of the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden exceed $61 million.”

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