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Paul Mwai has been a sought-after artist in the Kenyan gospel music industry. He is a young, dedicated, and passionate artist that is very comfortable serving God through his songs. Paul Mwai Songs were not quite a hit especially when he started. His first recorded song was done when he was in high school, but due to poor quality, the album titled Wauzima did not do well. He was not discouraged and still released a second album while in form two. The second album, Race, did not do so well also but was enough as it helped him raise fees. His primary fans were majorly students from the school in which he studied.

Fortunes changed however when the persistent Paul continued to forge on despite the discouraging turn of events every time he released an album. In form three he released an album called Ndigatiga, which may be today’s favorite for his fans. At that time, however, it did not do well. Notably, he was not in a position to do good quality music. His persistence and passion for serving God through music saw him record his fourth album titled racing up which was followed by a 5th and 6th album am in love and through it all respectively.

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Gradually he became a success and a big hit in the music industry with his continued persistence. Moreover, his persistence played a key role in ensuring he grasped several awards too. Songs of Paul Mwai have always had a strong message despite the quality of the recording. This has been a critical contributor to his success in the industry despite the numerous challenges the artist faced.

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Paul Mwai praise and worship songs are known almost everywhere as people sing along whenever they are played. His songs are uplifting and have been used on numerous occasions ranging from ceremonies to religious functions. Paul is famed for many of his inspiring songs. Some of these include Paul Mwai Holy One, Paul Mwai Ebenezer, Paul Mwai I love You Lord, Paul Mwai Murangiri and Paul Mwai Akorwo Niwe (means that if it is you lord). All these songs were written under a unique inspiration.

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One of his songs known as Ndigatiga Kuga (Meaning I will not stop saying) was composed after he was able to escape death narrowly in a road accident. Paul sings from his experiences and those of people he knows or observes. He also sings about how God has been there for him. In most cases, a song release is often after he has gone through a season of wilderness where the only source of sustenance for him was God.

Paul Mwai Songs

It is during these tough times that he writes his songs, which explains the nature of the content behind his songs. He wrote the song Holy One indicating that God is the only treasure that he has been chasing. All of his songs are meant to inspire and give hope to the downcast. Paul’s songs mainly focus towards worship, which he says is his main area of service to God.

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