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Wu Zetian gave birth to six children and was half killed by her. At the same time, she was also suspected of murdering her husband. In Tsui Hark”s movie “Di Renjie: The Empire of t

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Wu Zetian gave birth to six children and was half killed by her. At the same time, she was also suspected of murdering her husband.

In Tsui Hark’s movie “Di Renjie: The Empire of the Sky”, when Wu Zetian had a murderous heart towards Di Renjie, she said to Shangguan Jinger: “If you want to make a big thing, your loved ones can also kill, and you must not double your mind.”

This movie line is not a random fabrication by the director and screenwriter, it is a true portrayal of Wu Zetian”s life. In Wu Zetian”s way of seizing power, it can be said that the blood of his closest relatives was sprinkled.


Shangguan Jinger in the film and television works

1. Personally strangle his newborn daughter

Wu Zetian’s first blood relative was her daughter, Anding Si princess.

In the five years of Tang Yonghui (654), Wu Zetian had returned to the palace from the Ganye Temple for five years. At that time, she was only Zhaoyi. Although she was favored by Tang Gaozong, her status in the harem was not high and she was slight. The two major rivals, Queen Wang and Concubine Xiao Shu, have always been very unfriendly to her. Of course, she provoked this unfriendly first. The three slandered and dismantled each other in front of Tang Gaozong. For Wu Zetian, fortunately, Tang Gaozong only believed in her.

If you just complain to each other and fight for favor, it would be a vulgar harem farce at best. The reason why Wu Zetian became the only female emperor in Chinese history is because she has more sophisticated means.

In October of this year, Wu Zetian gave birth to Tang Gaozong”s daughter, Princess Andingsi.

The queen is the lord of the harem, and the concubines have children, so visiting and condolences are the duties of the queen. After seeing the little princess for a few moments, Queen Wang felt that she was very cute and her love came spontaneously, so she couldn”t help but play with her for a while.

Originally, adults like children or small animals to show love, but Queen Wang did not expect that her love was cleverly used by Wu Zetian, and the method used was quite cruel.

After the condolences were over, the queen left.

At this time, Wu Zetian wanted to make a living. She secretly strangled her little daughter, and then covered it with a quilt, pretending to know nothing.

Soon, Tang Gaozong happily came to see his daughter, and Wu Zetian greeted him with a smile.

When Tang Gaozong was excited to uncover the quilt, what he saw was not a lively and cute little girl, but a cold and rigid body. Tang Gaozong and Wu Zetian exclaimed at the same time. The difference is that one comes from the heart and the other performs live.

Tang Gaozong asked the palace maids sadly, and the maids told him in unison: “The queen just came.”

Tang Gaozong was furious, and roared: “The queen is so bold that she dare to kill my daughter!”

At this time, Wu Zetian cried and added fuel and jealousy, and counted all the crimes of the queen.

Because of Wu Zetian”s existence, the queen has fallen out of favor in the harem, but Tang Gaozong has not moved the idea of ​​abolishing the queen. After this incident happened, the queen couldn”t argue, Tang Gaozong made up his mind to abolish the queen.

However, the abolition of the queen is not something that can be done simply. The emperor has no family affairs. The abolition of the queen sometimes means the change of the power group. This kind of thing must be approved by the minister.

Tang Taizong left Li Zhi with a strong auxiliary team before his death. Among them are the famous Li Ji, the calligrapher Chu Suiliang, and more importantly, Li Zhi’s uncle, Lingyan Pavilion first The hero long-term Sun Wuji.

If you want to repeal, you must obtain their consent.

In the beginning, these ministers resolutely opposed the abolition, especially Changsun Wuji, who repeatedly rejected suggestions, bribes and requests from Tang Gaozong, Wu Zetian and their families. Ministers such as Chu Suiliang also repeatedly admonished against the abolition of the Queen.

However, after all, the Datang Empire belongs to the Li family. As long as Li Zhi is determined to do something, even if there is resistance, he can eventually achieve it.

After a year of deliberation and struggle, on October 13th in the sixth year of Yonghui (655 years), Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty issued an edict: The Queen and the Concubine Xiao Shu conspired to commit poison and abolish them as prostitutes..

Conspiracy poisoning means conspiracy to poison, this is an unnecessary charge, it is a typical crime based on the suspect’s “possible thoughts”. What”s more, Queen Wang and Concubine Xiao Shu probably didn”t even think of poisoning them.

Why didn”t you use the charge of murdering the princess? There are two reasons: 1. There is a lack of evidence, and confession alone cannot be punishable. 2. The ugliness of the family should not be publicized

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If you want to add a crime, there is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, Tang Gaozong has made up his mind to abolish the queen, and the crime is irrelevant.

Seven days later, Tang Gaozong once again ordered Wu Zetian to be the queen.

In this way, Wu Zetian stepped on the corpse of his newborn little daughter to ascend the throne of queen.

2. Suspected of poisoning his eldest son Li Hong

Li Hong is the first son of Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Wu Ze born in the third year of Yonghui. (652), the first year of Xianqing (655) was named the prince.

According to historical records, Li Hongren was filial and modest, and he was very appreciated by Tang Gaozong. The prince usually treated people with etiquette, and courtiers supported him.

However, sometimes doing the right thing can offend people, especially when the environment in which the person is in a misty atmosphere and people often engage in crooked ways. According to historical records, Li Hong disagrees with Wu Zetian”s mind many times when handling government affairs, so he gradually lost his mother”s trust.

Xiao Shufei has two daughters, Princess Yiyang and Princess Xuancheng. Because of her mother”s crimes, she has been imprisoned in Lenggong. They have not married after more than 30 years. They are standard old leftover women. After seeing this, Prince Li Hong moved compassionately and asked Tang Gaozong to allow them to marry. Tang Gaozong agreed.

This incident completely angered Wu Zetian, and she betrothed the two princesses to two low-ranking military officers on the same day.

Soon, Prince Li Hong died in Hebi Palace.

“Zi Zhi Tong Jian” records that at the time it was rumored that Prince Li Hong was poisoned by the Queen of Heaven, but Sima Guang did not specify whether Wu Zetian was poisoned. Therefore, this can only be regarded as a pending case, and Wu Zetian has a big criminal suspicion.

The so-called flies do not bite seamless eggs, this rumor is not groundless, because Wu Zetian”s second son Li Xian”s fear and anger against his mother makes people have to believe the authenticity of this rumor.


Wu Zetian when he built the Mingtang in Heaven

3. Instructing people to kill the second son Li Xian

Li Xian had done it before his life A poem is called “Huangtai Melon Ci”: Plant the yellow melon under the stage, the ripe seeds of the melon are separated. Pick it once to make the melon good, then pick it to make it thin. Three picks are still acceptable, four picks and embraces vines.

This poem is easy to understand, almost in the vernacular. The word “lili” means lush appearance, which is the same as Bai Juyi”s “liliyuanshangcao”.

Artistically speaking, this poem was like a child”s graffiti in the era of the dazzling Tang Dynasty, which is not worth mentioning. But judging from the ideological nature and the realistic content it reflects, the strong shock this poem brings to people can compete with any poem in the Tang Dynasty poetry world.

The “Quan Tang Poems” has an inscription in this poem: In the beginning, Empress Wu killed Prince Hong and Lixian became the prince. The suspicion gap between Houxian gradually opened and could not be preserved. There is no way to speak, but to speak. Mingle Gongge Zhi, I will feel it after hearing it.

One month after Li Hong”s death, Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty issued an edict, and his second son, Yongwang Lixian, became the prince.

Li Xian is very clever, can read Confucian classics when he was young, and is often praised by Tang Gaozong. After he became the prince, he handled government affairs fairly and eloquently, and the courtiers often praised him.

Li Xian made the same mistake as his elder brother Li Hong, he was too sensible, right and wrong, and ignored Wu Zetian”s personal will. Such a prince Wu Zetian did not want, so she felt it necessary to beat and beat Li Xian.

武则Tian used three tricks to scare Li Xian:

1. Spread rumors in the palace that Li Xian was adopted and he was born by Wu Zetian’s sister, Mrs. Korea. When this rumor was spread to Li Xian”s ears with ulterior motives, Li Xian”s heart began to feel uneasy.

2. At that time, Wu Zetian had a rumored boyfriend named Ming Chongyan, who was a doctor in the DPRK. This person is handsome, handsome, proficient in witchcraft, physiognomy and medical skills, and has a close relationship with Wu Zetian. Ye Shi said that the two had an improper relationship. Perhaps out of Wu Zetian”s instruction, Ming Chongyan often said in front of Wu Zetian that the crown prince was too fateful to inherit the throne, and that the British king Li Xian (the third son of Wu Zetian) looked like Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty. After boasting about Li Xian, Ming Chongyan did not forget to praise the king Li Dan (fourth son of Wu Zetian), saying that the face of the king is the most expensive. Of course, these words of Ming Chongyan also quickly reached Li Xian”s ears.

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3. Wu Zetian ordered the Beimen bachelor to write two books, “Shaoyang Zhengfan” and “The Duty Son” and give them to Li Xian. The meaning is very clear. However, you must learn how to be a dutiful son.

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The implication is that you are now What he did did not meet the standard of filial piety. While giving the book, Wu Zetian also made repeated orders to blame Li Xian.

After a set of combo punches, Li Xian was already scared and trembling, thinking of what happened to his brother Li Hong, Li Xian was extremely frightened. Under tremendous psychological pressure, Li Xian wrote the song “Huangtai Melon”, hoping to alert Wu Zetian. If you kill your sons, you will end up being alone.

However, this poem does not seem to bring good luck to Li Xian.

One night in the fourth year of Yifeng (679), Ming Chongyan, who had returned from the imperial palace, died in his apartment in the Wild of Mang Mountain, Luoyang. The cause of death is unknown.

In the fourth year of Emperor Gaozong”s Yifeng in Tang Dynasty, that is, in the summer of 679 AD, Ming Chongyan, a doctor, imperial physician, and royal alchemy consultant, came out of the palace and returned to his apartment under the escort of his entourage.

At dusk, Luoyang, the eastern capital, is full of peony fragrance, which is intoxicating. Ming Chongyan sits alone in the courtyard, the setting sun falls on Mount Mang, and visitors return to Yishui. At that time, the moon was full and the country was quiet. Summer flowers flourish in the courtyard without stone steps. Behind the courtyard is the wilderness of Mang Mountain. Among the flowers and trees, Ming Chongyan had a dream. He dreamed of a graceful woman staring at him for a long time. The woman’s face was like a flower in the mist. She said: “You listen to me. I can go on the gorge, there are many winds and waves in autumn. It rains all night in Jiangling, and the song of Mulan is broken.”

I don’t know how long it has been, Ming Chong She opened her eyes, recalling the dream just now. This gentleman who was considered a psychic didn”t know what this dream meant. At this moment, Ming Chongyan felt a little strange in a trance, as if someone jumped off the courtyard wall. When he hesitated, the man stepped forward and shouted: “Mr. Ming Chongyan!”

Ming Chongyan was taken aback, and subconsciously responded: “I am here.”

He was greeted by a sharp sword.

——”Baidu Encyclopedia”

There were different opinions on Ming Chongyan”s death. Some people think that it was accidentally stabbed to death by a thief, and some good people think that Ming Chongyan is good at exorcising ghosts. This time he was killed by a kid. There is also a view that Ming Chongyan often speaks ill of the prince in front of Wu Zetian. The prince is so grudged that he sent someone to assassinate him. Wu Zetian is a firm supporter of this view.

You Yeshi claimed that Ming Chongyan was Wu Zetian”s lover, because Tang Gaozong was not dead at that time, and Wu Zetian did not dare to brazenly raise a male pet. Judging from Ming Chongyan”s looks, demeanor, knowledge, and skills, he is not a bit better than Xue Huaiyi, Shen Nanzhuo, Zhang Changzong, and Zhang Yizhi. If the scandal is true, his position in Wu Zetian”s mind is far from comparable to those of later male favorites. From the perspective of pure love, his position in Wu Zetian”s mind may still be higher than that of Tang Gaozong.

His lover died, and his death is unclear. Wouldn”t Wu Zetian feel heartbroken? Apart from the heartache, she definitely wanted revenge. The terrible thing was that she took this bad debt on her own son.

In the second year, Wu Zetian, under the pretext of the prince”s disorderly conduct, sent people to the East Palace to arrest the prince Li Xian.

While arresting people, the soldiers found 100 sets of armor in the Mafang of the East Palace to judge the prince”s rebellion. The prince’s servant Zhao Daosheng also reported that he had assassinated Ming Chongyan and was appointed by the prince.

Both crimes were punished. Prince Li Xian was abolished and imprisoned in a courtyard in Luoyang. At the same time, a large number of courtiers were implicated and killed.

In the second year of Yongchun (683), Li Xian was transferred to Bazhou. In the spring of the second year, Wu Zetian sent Zuo Jinwu General Qiu Shenji to Bazhou to inspect Li Xian”s residence. Under Qiu Shenji”s persecution, Li Xian committed suicide.

Qiu Shenji was the son of Qiu Xinggong, a famous general in the early Tang Dynasty. The horse leader on the Salu purple relief of one of the six horses of Zhaoling is Qiu Xinggong.


One of the six horses of Zhaoling: Saluzi

The former prince commits suicide, after all, it is not a trivial matter. Someone must come out to top the bag, but Wu Zetian is still kind to Qiu Shenji .

Qiu Shenji was first demoted to Diezhou (now Diebu County, Gansu Province) as the governor, and soon returned to Beijing to reinstate his post as General Zuo Jinwu. Since then, he has been trusted by Wu Zetian.

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forced the prince to death, unexpectedly unscathed, and can be reused by Wu Zetian after returning. Judging from this, the master of Qiu Shenji is undoubtedly Wu Zetian.

4. Suspected of obstructing Tang Gaozong’s treatment

If we attribute Tang Gaozong’s death to Wu Zetian, it would be a bit wronged, although she may have had such a case in her heart. Thought, but after all, there is no evidence that she killed Tang Gaozong.

However, this does not mean that Tang Gaozong”s death has nothing to do with her. She is suspected of obstructing Tang Gaozong”s treatment.

Tang Gaozong Li Zhi was in poor health when he was young, and he suffered from illness in his later years. This is one of the reasons why Wu Zetian was able to hold power.

In November of the first year of Hongdao (683), Tang Gaozong”s health deteriorated. He felt dizzy and unable to see. He called the imperial doctor Qin Heming to treat him. Wu Zetian kept watching behind the curtain.

After diagnosis, Qin Heming requested acupuncture on Tang Gaozong”s head.

Wu Zetian didn”t want to make Tang Gaozong”s condition better, so he shouted, “Drag him out and beheaded, but I want to use acupuncture on the head of the emperor!” Tang Gaozong blocked Wu Zetian”s order and agreed to acupuncture. The doctor used silver needles to prick the Baihui and Naohu points on the top of Tang Gaozong”s head. Tang Gaozong”s condition improved and he could see things again.

Li Zhi”s doctor-patient relationship is so bad, and his medical effect will definitely not be much better. Just one month later, on December 27th, Tang Gaozong Li Zhi died in the Zhenguan Hall of Ziwei Palace in Luoyang.


Fan Bingbing Edition Wu Zetian

Five. Children under deformed family relationship

Some people think that strong mothers will To cultivate weak sons and strong daughters, this view is undoubtedly correct if judged from a single sample of Wu Zetian.

When the eldest brother Li Hong and the second child Li Xian were young, Wu Zetian”s influence was relatively weak, and their growth environment was relatively loose, so their personality development was relatively healthy.

The third brother Li Xian and the fourth Li Dan are not as lucky as their two brothers. They grew up under the majesty of their mother. The unfortunate experience of the two brothers left cruel memories in their young hearts. Formed a huge negative impact on the growth of the two. When he became an adult, Li Xian became a foolish man who didn”t distinguish between right and wrong and black and white, and Li Dan became a cowardly and cowardly soft. However, this misfortune is precisely their luck. Their personality traits do not pose a threat to their mothers, so they can live to natural death.

Wu Zetian gave birth to two daughters. In addition to Princess Andingsi who was strangled to death by her, there is also Princess Shi Taiping, her youngest child. Princess Taiping is very similar to Wu Zetian both in appearance and personality. In the history books, she recorded Fang E Guangyi, who had many powers and strategies, and Wu Zetian believed that she was very much like herself and loved her very much.

Princess Taiping once wanted Wu Zetian to make her an emperor, but she didn”t succeed. After Wu Zetian’s death, she played with powerFor a while, he was later given to death by Li Longji of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. Princess Taiping has mother”s ambitions, but without her mother”s luck and means, she can only taste the bitter fruit in the end.

After ascending to the throne, Wu Zetian stood in the Tongtian Palace and looked down at Luoyang City, with great pride in his heart. Now the entire empire was in the palm of her hand, and those who prevented her from reaching the top fell behind her one by one. Although the top of the mountain is infinitely beautiful, the heights are extremely cold. Her husband, son, daughter, and lover are no longer there. From then on, there is no family and love in her life. Everything is just acting, and everyone is her tool and chess piece.

After the Shenlong coup, Wu Zetian lived alone in Shangyang Palace. Power is something she has been pursuing all her life. Now it has been lost, and the rest of the day is meaningless to her.

One night, Wu Zetian, who was sleeping, suddenly dreamed of a woman walking forward lightly with her back to her. Wu Zetian wanted to catch up to see who it was, but no matter how she accelerated her pace, she was always one step short. When she was about to give up, she suddenly saw that her back gradually diminished, and finally lay in the baby. She hurriedly uncovered the quilt, an innocent and lovely girl was smiling and stretching out her hand for her to hug. When she stretched out her hands and was about to hug, the little girl had disappeared, and Wu Zetian felt lost…

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