Quotes About Love And Lies And Lying Boyfriend In A Relationship

This anime is about a boy who has been assigned to marry someone by the Japanese government. But he confesses his love to the girl that he truly loves… Here are some good quotes from the anime for all you lovers…

I think that is so true oh, and if you do fall in love based on looks and it really isn’t that’s amazing. I think there’s a certain level of physical attraction that is necessary in the initial stages of dating someone. But I think those get outweighed by the person’s personality significantly, and most times.

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I don’t know about this one, because marriage is such a big word in this day and age. We really need to spend time and experiment with the person that we think we will marry.


She is honestly so cute. I think it’s beautiful when you have a person you crush on and it’s excitement is that you feel when you think about your crush is absolutely exhilarating and ecstasy. But I also do isn’t true love, I think that is just the honeymoon phase of love.


I have realized this as I to be in a relationship with my partner. As many time, I being a masculine energy male catch myself trying to solve a problem that my girlfriend is sometimes facing in our life. But, I am constantly reminded that oh, it’s not what she needs. Instead she needs just somebody to listen, and this has been such a revelation for me.

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I think it is true, We aren’t really able to control the way we feel about certain people. I think that is what’s miraculous about being a human being as well.


I think it is true, when you are in love the feeling is quite strong. I think this strong sensation of love comes from a place I was security, comfort, fun, and excitement and all these emotions bundled up into one.

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