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Brooke Langton as Samantha Reilly – Then

Samantha Reilly appeared in the season finale of season four, and as she joined, it seemed like she was marveling at the bizarre events that were happening around her.

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Many of the shows main stars rose to fame after the shows airing, one of them was Josie Bissett. Her character, Jane Andrews”s plotline, was characterized by her tumultuous relationship with the handsome, Michael Mancini.

Josie Bissett – Now

Although she may still be best known for her career in Melrose Place – Bissett kept busy. From acting on primetime drama series, she shifted towards a younger audience, and in 2008 she signed on to Secret Life of the American Teenager.

The ABC Family show wrapped in 2013, she appeared in several television movies, before she was cast as AJ in the Canadian-American television drama series, When Calls the Heart.

Laura Leighton as Sydney Andrews – Then

Sydney Andrews, Jane Andrews”s younger sister, was an interesting character who would experience one of the shows most significant transformations. The changes in Sydney”s behavior that kept the audience on edge – it was hard to know what her next move would be.

She went from being one of the show”s most “victimized” characters to a source of comedy on the series”s later seasons. At the end of the day, Sydney”s storylines were all about her often scandalous romances.

Laura Leighton – Now

For Laura, Melrose Place was more than just a career starter – it changed her life. She would go on to marry fellow Melrose Place star, Doug Savant, during the show”s seven-year run. After her character, Sydney, was killed in a car accident, Laura left the show and joined a short run on Beverly Hills 90210.

The creators brought Sydney back in the short-lived Melrose revival, but the show was canceled after one season. Leighton would begin acting in Pretty Little Liars in 2010 until the show ended in 2017.

Courtney Thorne-Smith as Alison Parker – Then

Courtney”s character, Alison Parker, was introduced to the show from the start. She was looking to move into Melrose Place but needed a roommate, which is when she found Billy Campbell.

Not long after Billy went out of his way to protect Alison, the roommates platonic escalated into a romance. Although the two eventually break up, Billy is always there for Alison in times of need.

Courtney Thorne-Smith – Now

Courtney left the cast in 1997, and unlike most of her costars, she was interested in pursuing an acting career in sitcoms, rather than remaining in the soap opera realm. She made her dream a reality and has been in various sitcoms throughout the years.

From 1997 to 2002, she portrayed Georgia Thomas in Ally McBeal and eventually moved on to According to Jim, which aired in 2001. She had regular appearances on Two and a Half Men, portraying Lindsey Mackelroy and was most recently in Fresh Off the Boat.

Daphne Zuniga as Jo Reynolds – Then

A fan favorite, Jo Reynolds, has been a part of Melrose Place since the very beginning. She quickly developed a relationship with Jake Hanson, one of the few men in Jo”s life who treated her kindly. Reynolds suffered from terrible boyfriend syndrome for many of the shows seasons.

Jo would often find her past mistakes haunting her – no matter how much she tried to take a more steady way of life. Her persistence paid off when she found a love that took her out of Los Angeles.

Daphne Zuniga – Now

Daphne Zuniga has had one of the most versatile careers of all of her co-stars from Melrose Place. After exiting the show, she made guest-starring appearances on many of the popular television shows running at the time.

She was a regular part of One Tree Hill, playing Brooke Davis”s mother, Victoria, from 2008 to 2012. She was most recently in the film Beyond Paradise.

Rob Estes as Kyle McBride – Then

Former Marine, Kyle McBride did everything in his power to avoid the temptation and intrigue that were always lurking at Melrose Place, often failing. McBride entered the show”s story with his wife, Taylor. But, like every other romance on the show – it was bound for failure.

Despite the ups and downs, McBride faced, and much unlike many of the characters on the soap-opera, Kyle would eventually come through and find love and happiness.

Rob Estes – Now

Despite not having joined the show during its first season, he would not be easily disposed of. In fact, his character lasted until the series ended in 1999! He moved on to work on Suddenly Susan, where”s played Oliver Browne for a year.

In 2008, he joined the cast of 90210 – appearing on the shoe until 2010. Most recently, he”s appeared in the series Famous in Love, portraying Steve, though the show was canceled after two seasons.

Jamie Luner As Lexi Sterling – Then

Keeping up with Lexi Sterling”s love life was a mission for most Melrose Place fans. She had a long history with many of the members that began even before the events of the series took place.

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Lexi made her debut on the show divorced, but in alignment with many soap operas – that didn”t mean that she wouldn”t stay separated from her ex-husband for long. As her story progressed, she was involved in love triangles that affected most Melrose Place residents.

Jamie Luner – Now

Although Lexi was only a part of Melrose Place for the final two seasons, her character had a significant impact on the events of the show. Luner used her gained success on the soap-opera and joined the series Profiler, an NBC crime-series.

She made a return to soap operas when she joined the cast of All My Children briefly in its final seasons. After the show ended, she hopped back into the crime world and starred in the series, Murder in the First.

David Charvet as Craig Field – Then

The determined advertising executive, Craig Field, was introduced in the show”s fifth season, joining the D&D team. Unsurprisingly, Craig”s appearance brought drama to Melrose Place, not long after he joined the team, Craig attempted to ruin D&D by opening an advertising firm of his own.

The bold business move didn”t blow over too well for either of his relationships, first with Amanda Woodward thought it was Sydney Andrews who would win him over and cause his defeat.

David Charvet – Now

Unlike most of his costars, by the time David Charvet joined Melrose Place, he had already established a name for himself on Baywatch. Signing on to Melrose Place was a significant change for the actor.

After leaving the show, Charvet moved back to Frank in hopes of pursuing a music career. Although he hasn”t given up acting completely – he has starred in a few projects since, the last one was the 2013 film, Prisoners of the Sun.

Brooke Langton as Samantha Reilly – Then

Samantha Reilly appeared in the season finale of season four, and as she joined, it seemed like she was marveling at the bizarre events that were happening around her.

She did everything in her power to escape the distress that would surround her, as it did with her neighbors, the people living in the apartment complex. Against her every effort, she was sucked into the drama, changing her life permanently.

Brooke Langton – Now

Brooke Langton left Melrose for The Net, which unfortunately only lasted one season. But that wasn”t the end of her career, in 2007, Langton joined the critically acclaimed show, Friday Night Lights.

Simultaneously, she appeared in the crime drama television series, Life. Ending her roles in both of those shows, Langton has been seen in many featured films, including 2018″s Shifting Gears.

Doug Savant as Matt Fielding – Then

In every soap opera, there are more villains than there are good guys. Matt Fielding was one of the good guys, and he managed to stay that way throughout the show”s running, which isn”t surprising considering he worked as a social worker.

That being said, he loved some good drama, even if it wasn”t his own. He would always love unraveling a good mystery. Matt was also a medium for the show to talk about issues that weren”t often considered in the early 1990s.

Doug Savant – Now

After the show ended, Doug was ready to move on and try and make it big – both in movies and more substantial television roles. After a short stint on 24, he began another drama-filled show as Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives.

He starred as Scavo for the entirety of its run. After Desperate Housewives ended, he had a series of guest roles in several different shows, including NCIS: New Orleans.

Kelly Rutherford as Megan Lewis – Then

Kelly Rutherford was introduced to the show as the pretty face that Kimberly Shaw hired to help save her marriage. Good intentions don”t go along way on the show, and as with any good storyline, Megan Lewis found herself involved in a love triangle.

It isn”t surprising, as nothing was ever easy on Melrose Place, and Megan was always in the middle of a romantic entanglement throughout the rest of her time on the show.

Kelly Rutherford – Now

It”s safe to say that Kelly Rutherford kick-started her long television career on Melrose. She made appearances on The District, E-Ring, and Threat Matrix. What put her on the map with a new generation of television viewers was her role as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl.

In addition to her work on television, she was involved in a highly talked about custody battle that went back and forth for three years from 2012 to 2015.

Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini – Then

Michael Mancini became one of the most central characters throughout Melrose Place“s run. The doctor underwent a massive transformation from the earliest episodes to the show”s end. He went from someone who played by the rules to someone who couldn”t help but follow his impulses.

Of course, this led him to an endless series of romantic complications with pretty much all the women passing through the area of Melrose Place throughout the series.

Thomas Calabro – Now

After seven years on air, Melrose Place wrapped, but Calabro was riding high. He was the only cast member to be a series regular for the entirety of the show”s run. He went on to star in a series of television movies before eventually returning to the Melrose Place reboot in 2009.

Calabro continued to appear in guest roles in many popular television shows, before eventually returning to his soap opera roots. In 2015 he joined The Bay for two years.

Lisa Rinna as Taylor McBride – Then

Although she may be one of the more famous faces on Melrose Place, Lisa Rinna only joined the cast in the show”s fifth season. Portraying Taylor McBride, the impact her character had on the storyline was irreversible. Just like many of the other characters on the show, Taylor finds drama.

She wins over her older sister”s ex-husband, even though she is married to someone else. From the moment she moved to Melrose Place until the moment she left, there was no shortage of drama in Taylor”s life.

Lisa Rinna – Now

Lisa Rinna joined the cast of Melrose, a soap opera veteran, having performed on Days of Our Lives since 1992. As she took breaks from the long-running daytime drama, she found the time to appear in many TV movies and even feature films.

In 2004, she made many guest-star appearances on the teen noir mystery drama Veronica Mars. Recently, she”s been focusing most of her attention on Days of Our Lives and the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell – Then

He may not have been on the same level as Dr. Michael Mancini, but Billy Campbell”s storyline surrounded his romantic relationships. Billy wanted to be a writer but ended up settling as he took a job at a magazine before moving into advertising.

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Campbell was easily manipulated and was tricked by both his wife, Brooke Armstrong and Amanda Woodward. Most of his relationships were characterized by uncertainty.

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Andrew Shue – Now

Andrew Shue”s breakout role on Melrose Place also proved to be his most prominent role throughout his whole career. He left the show at the end of its run in 1998, but only returned to acting nearly ten years later in 2007 when he appeared in the film, Gracie.

The film was produced in part by his sister and was also somewhat based on her life. Shue prefers to focus his energy on his non-profit and his website, CafeMom.

Grant Show as Jake Hanson – Then

If it wasn”t for Jake Hanson, there might have never been a Melrose Place, to begin with. Starting his soap opera career on Beverly Hills 90210, his primary purpose in the drama was to provide the premise for the spinoff that would become Melrose Place.

Unlike his white-collar friends, Hanson came from a working-class family and had been in construction before the show began.

Grant Show – Now

Despite the name he made for himself in the soap opera genre, Show also had fortunate enough to take part in a number of well-regarded series. Two of the more famous shows he was on were Private Practice and Big Love.

From 2013-2016, Shoe portrayed Spence Westmore on the series, Devious Maids. More recently, he has revisited his soap days as he has joined the cast of the long-running soap opera. Dynasty.

Jack Wagner as Dr. Peter Burns – Then

Anyone who was to call Dr. Peter Burns, a “good guy” hasn”t seen very many soap operas. Yes, he started in the role of being a nice guy, but the moment he needed to turn a situation to his advantage, his behavior changed completely.

It didn”t matter if he was acting against the show”s most beloved character or one of the show”s most prominent villains – there was something evil about Burns. Like many of the other fictional characters on the show, it would eventually be revealed just how much the Dr. was hiding!

Jack Wagner – Now

Jack Wagner has been in so many soap operas, and it”s hard to know which one made him famous in the first place. His big break was way back in 1983 when he first appeared as Frisco Jones on General Hospital.

By 2003, he had taken a role on the notorious The Bold and the Beautiful, where he portrayed Dominick Marone until 2012! In recent years he has starred in When Calls the Heart.

Kristin Davis as Brooke Armstrong – Then

One of the most intriguing characters on Melrose Place was Brooke Armstrong. It was a bit of a surprise, and no one was expecting the drama she would bring when she joined the advertising agency that several of the show”s characters worked for.

At first, Brooke charmed her coworkers, but towards the end, she proved to be no different than any of the other characters on the show. Brooke had the advantage of coming from a wealthy, powerful family – something that would give her a leg up over the others.

Kristin Davis – Now

Although Melrose Place was Kristin Davis’s break out role, it was her time on Sex and the City, where Davis played Charlotte York from 1998 until 2004, which helped boost her career. She would play Charlotte both of the feature films that were inspired by the hit TV show.

In recent years, Davis has somewhat slowed down her acting career. In 2014, she starred in Bad Teacher, and her most recent acting appearance was in the 2016 TV movie, A Heavenly Christmas.

Linden Ashby as Dr. Brett Cooper – Then

As a surgeon, Dr. Brett Cooper loved his professional reputation, one that exceeded the ones of the other doctors in appearing on the show. That being said, navigating a brilliant career wouldn”t stop him from taking part in the ongoing drama that plagued Melrose Place.

Cooper”s actions would eventually reach an all-time low, and that”s when he decided to leave town rather than face the repercussions of his actions.

Linden Ashby – Now

Linden Ashby would remain an integral part of Melrose Place for five years before departing for more significant roles. Towards the end of his time on the show, he took a position on the series, Spy Game, where he would only last one season.

From 2009 to 2013, the actor made several guest appearances in the television drama, Army Wives. He eventually moved on to the show Teen Wolf, which aired in 2011.

Marcia Cross as Kimberly Shaw – Then

One of the most outrageous characters on the show was the one and only Kimberly Shaw. Of course, you could argue that all of the show”s characters were outrageous, but Shaw outdid them all.

Her behavior was erratic – which had something to do with the car accident she was involved in early on in the series. Her storylines were very creative and were often linked to medical problems that she endured throughout the show”s running.

Marcia Cross – Now

Marica Cross has a way of bringing alive every one of her characters to life – which may be an advantage of being a Julliard graduate. Her best-known role was her longtime portrayal of Bree Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives, which aired for eight years.

In 2015, Marica started acting on the series, Quantico, playing Clair Haas until 2017. These days, the talented actress is on both Youth and Consequences.

Denise Richards as Brandi Carson – Then

Early on in her career, Denise Richards joined the cast of Melrose Place for several episodes that focused on her playing a beauty pageant contestant who would do anything to win.

Her schemes included bribing the judges in some inappropriate ways for a teenage girl. Brandi Carson learned her ambition from her mother, who pushed her into a secret rendevous with a much older Michael Mancini – before attempting to sue him for his actions.

Denise Richards – Now

Denise Richards became best friends with her costar, Heather Locklear. However, the two would eventually find themselves wrapped up in some real-life soap opera drama that involved their respective exes, Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora.

The actress has been busy since she appeared on Melrose Place with a long list series of credits to her name. Living a drama-filled life, it would only make sense that Richards would join the cast of the reality show, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward – Then

Melrose Place may have been an ensemble cast, but it was consensus that Heather Locklear portraying Amanda Woodward, saved the show from near catastrophe. She was and will always be remembered as one of the best female villains in TV history.

Amanda Woodward holds a place in television history, even 20 years after the show”s end. Always scheming, Amanda made sure to look out for herself first – never hesitating to knock down those who got in her way.

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Heather Locklear – Now

Heather Locklear was at the peak of her career when she left Melrose Place, and would soon find that the next decade had some harsh surprises in store for her. After her divorce from husband Richie Sambora in 2006, she was sent on a downward spiral.

Despite her hardships – she has pushed forward in her career. From 2016 to 2017, she appeared in the show Too Close to Home as First Lady Katelynn Christian.

Alyssa Milano as Jennifer Mancini – Then

Michael”s younger sister, Jennifer Mancini, made her first appearance in season five. She was attending college in Boston and had an affair with Kyle before moving to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she failed at getting a job at D&D Advertising and briefly stars a job at a strip club as a waitress.

In the show”s sixth season, Jennifer strikes up an affair with Billy, and the couple eventually moves to Rome, leaving Melrose Place for good.

Alyssa Milano – Now

Alyssa Milano has a long list of outstanding television series she”s acted in. From Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed to Savannah “Savi” Davis in Mistresses, she”s done it all. Drama isn”t something Milano has dealt with only off-screen, it has seeped into her personal life as well.

In 2019, Milano revealed that in 1993 she had undergone two abortions while in a relationship with actor Scott Wolf. In 2017, her $10 million lawsuit against her business manager resulted in a cross-complaint.

John Haymes Newton as Ryan McBride – Then

Ryan McBride was introduced in the seventh and final season of Melrose Place. Shortly after he arrives in Los Angeles, he began working at Amanda Woodward Advertising and sparked a romantic interest in Megan.

Although at first, Megan wasn”t interested in Ryan, the two grew closer and started a relationship. Later in the show”s season, it was revealed that Ryan was a widower with a young daughter, Sarah. Ryan and Megan eventually got married and decided to raise his daughter, Sarah, together.

John Haymes Newton – Now

John Newton is perhaps best known for his regular roles on Superboy as Clark Kent in the show”s first season, as well as Ryan McBride. Newton was a part of the drastic cast change that took place between season of Superboy and was replaced by Gerard Christopher for the remainder of the show”s run.

In 2011, Newton and his wife Jennifer voiced Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, respectively, in the animated fan film Superman Classic.

Amy Locane as Sandy Harling – Then

Sandy joins the show”s premise as an aspiring actress from South Carolina and Rhonda”s roommate. During her time on the show, she works at Shooters, the gang”s favorite bar. It is revealed that she was once in a relationship with Jake Hanson.

After getting a job on a soap opera in New York City, she leaves the show – resulting in a short thirteen-episode stint on the show”s first season.

Amy Locane – Now

It seems like Locane was born for stardom, by age 12, she had worked on more than 60 commercials before being cast as a series regular on the sitcom Spencer in 1984. After many years in film and television, she retired in 2006, the same year she became engaged to firefighter Mark Bovenizer.

Although she”s given up the small screen, she has acted occasionally in local community theater productions and appeared in two short films released in 2009.

Vanessa Estelle Williams as Rhonda Blair – Then

Sandy”s roommate and Matt”s confidante, Rhonda, was introduced on the show as a fitness instructor. She had a relationship with Terrence Haggard, who eventually broke up with after he proposed marriage to her too soon. They reconciled, and Terrence re-proposed to Rhonda – who accepted it this time.

She moves out of the apartment building sometime after season one after her engagement. After her departure, she is only mentioned twice both times by her close friend, Matt.

Vanessa Estelle Williams – Now

After her departure off of Melrose Place, Williams joined the cast of Soul Food, as Maxine Joseph-Chadway – the role she is most well known for. Her portrayal of Maxine gained her an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.

The series aired to 2004 and went on to be the longest-running drama with a predominantly black cast in the history of American primetime television. After starring in Soul Food, Williams had guest-star roles on various television series, and in 2015 she was cast in The CW drama, The Flash.

Beata Poźniak as Dr. Katya Fielding – Then

Dr. Katya Fielding was a ground-breaking character portrayed by Beata Poźniak. She was from Russia and got Matt Fielding to marry her to stay in the country.

Katya was a woman and mother who decides to marry a gay man, a role that is still very much talked about, making Poźniak “s character one of the show”s most popular cast members.

Beata Poźniak – Now

Aside from her beloved role as Dr. Katya, her other diverse roles include Masha in Mad About You and Raisa on The Drew Carey Show and Tambor.

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Apart from her on-screen work, Poźniak narrated the bestseller, The Winter Palace: A Novel of Catherine the Great, a 19-hour audiobook where she made use of her European background in bringing to life the 78 characters and their distinct accents.

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