Sharyl Attkisson Says White House Has Benghazi Photos

Cover-Up: Reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleges the White House and, specifically, press secretary Josh Earnest are hiding official photos of what President Obama was doing the night four Americans died in the Benghazi attack.

Other than possibly resting up for a fundraising trip to Las Vegas the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when an American ambassador and three others were killed in a terrorist strike on our Benghazi mission, we do not have a clear idea or a definitive timeline of what President Obama was doing during those fateful hours.

As we asked in May 2013, where was the president during the first killing of a U.S. ambassador in the line of duty in some three decades, as well as Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty?

Where were those gripping pictures of the commander in chief in the Situation Room like those we saw the night Navy SEAL Team 6 took out Osama bin Laden?

Back then, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace tried to pin down why we have pictures of Obama in the Situation Room the night bin Laden was killed, but on the night Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed we don’t have so much as an artist’s sketch of President Obama.

“The president was kept up to date on this as it was happening throughout the entire night, from the moment it started till the end,” White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer told Wallace. Really? Where? When? By whom?

Undaunted, Wallace told Pfeiffer: “You didn’t answer my question. What did the president do that night?” But Pfeiffer insisted that where Obama was and what he was doing that night were an “irrelevant fact.”

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“The president at 4 o’clock in the afternoon says to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs to deploy forces. No forces are deployed. Where is he while all this is going on?”

Wallace wanted to know, as do we still, and as do the familes of the dead who gave their lives defending what is considered sovereign U.S. territory.

Some things we know. We know that Obama met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey in a previously scheduled meeting on the afternoon of Sept. 11, around the time the Benghazi attack started. We also know that during the attack and right after, there were no further communications or updates to or from the president that night.

One other thing we know is that the president is perhaps the most photographed person in the world, even appearing as the focus in photos supposedly honoring fallen world leaders and other notables.

He is arguably the poster child for the “selfie.”

As investigative reporter Attkisson, who has focused much of her recent reporting on Benghazi, noted during an interview on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” last Tuesday, “If you know how the White House works, a photographer is omnipresent. He would have been taking photographs of the Situation Room that night. He would have been taking photographs of the president that night.”

Seems right. So where are they?

Attkisson says that when the White House Photo Office was contacted about the photos sometime in October or November of 2012, she was told they would be ready by the end of the day and was referred to a deputy press secretary by the name of Josh Earnest.

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Earnest, however, would not return any emails or phone calls. Earnest is now the White House press secretary, and the Benghazi night photos are still a tightly held state secret of “the most transparent administration in history.”

What is in those photos the White House doesn’t want us to see? The president practicing his putting, perhaps?

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