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The “no-makeup” makeup look might look effortless, but we know it takes mad skills and a bevy of (good) products to look like you’re not wearing a single stitch of makeup. The perfect shade of lip tint, a neutral eyeshadow palette, and a glow-giving tone up cream are just a few of things you need — and last but not least, a dose of celebrity inspiration. Keep reading to see what your favorite Korean stars are using to create the barely-there, au naturel look.

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7 products Korean stars like Song Ji Hyo and Blackpink Jisoo use for a natural “no makeup” makeup look

The Running Man star loves keeping her day-to-day makeup look clean and minimal, but how does she achieve this look without looking like she’s wearing all the makeup she ever owned? To keep her base makeup dewy, Song Ji Hyo opts for a cushion foundation with a soft matte finish that doesn’t mask the skin, but just enhances it for an effortless glow.

Blackpink’s Jisoo always looks flawless with a little mascara, light foundation and a coral lip. Softer than a true crimson, yet punchier than pink, coral is the perfect in-between colour that plays well with every skin tone and instantly makes your entire face glow. Jisoo is seen sporting a coral lippy with a pearly-matte finish from Dior’s Ultra Care range. The Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid is formulated with a derivative of jojoba extract to coat lips in an even layer of vibrant pigments while ensuring they stay soft and supple all day long.

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Jessica Jung – singer, actress, fashion designer and now author – loves a natural look. Just a wash of rose gold shadow along the lids sculpts the singer’s eyes. It’s balanced with a swipe of nude gloss on the lips for a look that is understated, but classy.

Take a leaf out of K-pop idol Sandara Park’s book and apply some glitter under your lower lash line to add a fresh, youthful glow to your eyes and look more awake. Tip: A quick swipe of eyelid primer along your lower lash line will help the glitter stay put.

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Produce 101 alumnus Jung Chae-Yeon is one celeb that heads to the drugstore for her favourite must-have beauty products. Instead of piling on concealer and foundation to cover flaws, the Korean idol uses the Canmake Colour Mixing Concealer to colour correct and even out her complexion. But which colours should you use when colour correcting? As a rule of thumb, green combats red, purple cancels out sallow, dull skin; and a peach-orange hue reduces the appearance of dark, blue circles.

Former Rainbow member is known for her natural glow, and her makeup tends to accentuate that. For that lit-from-within glow, Jisook applied a thin layer of the Pink Touch All-in-one Tone Up Cream. If you struggle with dull and sallow skin, try using a tone up cream to even out skin tone and correct discolouration for a unified complexion, sans foundation.

Opting for a natural makeup look doesn’t mean you have to skip eyeliner. Girls’ Generation member Yuri uses a liquid liner to create a clean and confident line. To recreate Yuri’s subtle eyeliner look, you want to change the direction of your flick — instead of pointing the eyeliner upwards, you want to elongate the line in the direction of your cheek. This “puppy eye liner” gives the eyes a rounder, more youthful appearance.

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