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Tesaro (TSRO) shares boomeranged late Friday after the biotechnology company reported results for its immunotherapy combination in lung cancer treatment. Tesaro stock plunged 18.8% to close at 25.10.


After the close, though, on the stock market today, Tesaro stock climbed 5.6% in extended action.

Biotech Tesaro tested its immunotherapy drugs, known as TSR-022 and TSR-042, in patients with previously treated non-small cell lung cancer. These patients already failed on a prior immunotherapy regimen involving a drug known as a PD-1 checkpoint.

Among the 31 patients who could be evaluated, four had partial responses to the immunotherapy regimen. Another 11 had stabilized after the lung cancer treatment, or kept the tumor from either growing or shrinking. All the responses were in patients whose tumors have more of a protein known as PD-L1, Tesaro said in a news release.

There were 16 patients whose tumors showed the PD-L1 protein. Of those, researchers could evaluate 12 patients. In that group, four patients had partial responses and six had stabilized after receiving the immunotherapy combination.

A second study looked at TSR-042 alone as a cancer treatment for patients with uterine cancer or lung cancer. Of 47 patients, 15 had partial responses — two of those responses haven’t been confirmed — and 14 additional patients had stabilized.

Nine of the 15 patients are still responding to the immunotherapy regimen.


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