The best pizza places in Nairobi in 2021 and why they are unique

Love pizza? Whether you are looking for wood-fried or slices piled with veggies, Nairobi’s crème de la crème eateries have the best. The chefs of the best pizza places in Nairobi collaborate with the regular kitchen staff to produce the savoury dish topped with fennel sausage, chilli, mozzarella, parmesan, and more. Pizza is great for busy weeknights and fun weekend dinners, and for this, you have to rely on restaurants or take out for a top-notch meal. Which are the best pizza spots in Nairobi?

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Pizza is a universal language if you think about it as there is more fascination with the food more than ever. No matter where you go, you cannot miss a restaurant serving the sumptuous dish in any corner of the world, and the name pizza still holds.

Therefore, if you wonder where to buy pizza in Nairobi, you will be glad to know that you have innumerable options that serve the sweetest pieces.

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The best pizza places in Nairobi

Nairobi is Kenya’s pizza town as it possesses the biggest numbers of restaurants serving the dish. Multiple determined, energetic joints have the best pizza flavour, a taste that you will reminisce months after ordering the popular food.

Indeed, pizza has redefined fast food in Nairobi. Every eatery struggles to create a “voila” recipe to entice its growing clientele and convert them to “this is my pizza joint” loyalists.

1. 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza & Winebar

best pizza places in Nairobi
Photo: @360 Degrees Pizza
Source: Facebook

If you are looking for ideal ambience and the tastiest pizza you can find in Nairobi, 360 Degrees is your perfect spot. They have awesome reviews with clients hailing praises at the professionalism and amazing reception they received while ordering and eating pizza at this famous eatery.

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The restaurant’s name, 360 Degrees pizza, comes from the temperature they cook their pizza, 360 degrees Celsius. They commenced operation in 2013 to provide clientele with a remarkable, upscale dining experience.

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One of the most amazing things about 360 Degrees is that they serve their pizza steaming from their Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven. And the crust is ordinarily thin, with a blistered cornicione that is only an inch thick.

The eatery’s marvellous collection of wine will impress you. And you can get whatever brand you desire at the best price, making your pizza-eating experience one-of-a-kind.

2. Osteria del Chianti

best pizza places in Nairobi
Osteria del Chianti restaurant. Photo: @Osteria del Chianti
Source: Facebook

According to one reviewer’s comment (on that enjoyed this restaurant’s pizza:

Order the delicious thin-crust pizza, and make sure to save room for the homemade gelato (especially the pistachio and strawberry flavours)

The comment is a true testament to the eatery’s delicious pizza. Osteria del Chianti is a popular franchise that is popular for delicious Italian homemade pasta, pizza, fish, ice-cream and more. Ordinarily, you will get various pizza options from ingredients like beef sausage, chicken, garlic, mixed pepper and red onion.

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The unique and authentic Italian restaurant is situated along Leanna Road. Its remarkable charm appeals to a larger client base that continues to increase thanks to their delicious pizzas and other foods.

3. Debonairs Pizza

best pizza places in Nairobi
Photo: @Debonairs Pizza
Source: Facebook

Craig McKenzie founded the South African-based pizza franchise in 1991, making great headway in Kenya, especially in Nairobi. You can order your favourite flavour, the traditional brick and mortar way or use the various app ordering processes that will get your pizza delivered on time.

The restaurant offers a wide range of pizzas including classic, favourite, signature and something special. On top of this, you can enjoy a side dish with your pizza as they serve potato wedges, chicken wings, pop-itz and more.

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4. Pizza Inn

best pizza places in Nairobi
Photo: @Pizza Inn Kenya
Source: Facebook

Pizza Inn is one of the most popular and successful pizza joints in Nairobi and Kenya. It is virtually in every location, and they have the most affordable prices in town compared to other pizza joints. They ordinarily have amazing offers like Terrific Tuesday and others that allow clients to enjoy more.

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The Pizza Inn slogan, Must Be The Pizza, is a great testimonial to what you ought to expect when you order yours from here. You can request their different flavours that include the Hawaiian, Regina pizza, or Peri-Peri chicken.

5. Mambo Italia

best pizza places in Nairobi
Mambo Italia restaurant. Photo: @MamboItalia
Source: Facebook

Mambo Italia is one of Nairobi’s best pizza places and a favourite for those looking for the most original pizza recipes in town. Here, you can enjoy the Mambo Italia menu including artisan pizza, pasta and gelato in a relaxed, casual dining environment.

6. Pizza Hut

best pizza places in Nairobi
Photo: @Pizza Hut Kenya
Source: Facebook

They took over after the exit of the famous Naked Pizza from Kenya, and indeed, they have impressed the masses with their amazing pizza recipes. It is a vegetarian-friendly spot as well.

Pizza Hut is not only in Nairobi, but it has more than 15,000 restaurants in 97 countries worldwide. Kenya’s franchise is amongst its investment interest in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the globe that possess untapped potential.

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7. Under The Radar

best pizza places in Nairobi
Under The Radar logo. Photo: @Under The Radar
Source: Facebook

You will be perplexed by the different pizza flavours this restaurant offers its customers. Each comes from exceptional ingredients that are artfully prepared to deliver the tastiest pizzas in Nairobi.

Here you can enjoy unique pizza options, including Mexican pizza, seafood pizza, chicken pizza and so much more. One slice will make you incredibly happy, and a second will make you crave more every time. It is a little more intense than what you are probably used to, in a good way.

8. Domino’s Pizza

best pizza places in Nairobi
Photo: @Domino’s Pizza Kenya
Source: Facebook

If you are looking for hot, freshly baked pizza with savoury toppings accompanied by chicken wings, then Domino’s is your perfect eatery. And you can wash it down with whatever drink you desire.

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Domino’s Pizza has a long history as the restaurant opened its first joint in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They came to Kenya in 2014, and their presence has been significant as they are causing major upheavals in the market.

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9. Mediterraneo

best pizza places in Nairobi
Inside Mediterraneo restaurant. Photo: @Mediterraneo Ristorante
Source: Facebook

Mediterraneo offers some of the finest Italian dinings in Kenya. It is the best place to enjoy pizza if you are looking for Italian ambience. And the restaurant’s menu reflects the traditional specialities of seafood, pasta, meat and pizza. Without a doubt, the eatery has some of the tastiest pizzas in Nairobi, a feeling of true Italian dining.

10. Trattoria Ristorante & Pizzeria

best pizza places in Nairobi
In front of Trattoria restaurant in Nairobi. Photo: @Trattoria Ristorante. Photo: @Trattoria Ristorante
Source: Facebook

Located at the heart of Nairobi city, Trattoria Ristorante & Pizzeria is one of the country’s classiest eateries. It is the oldest family-run restaurant in Nairobi with a vast menu of dishes, and their pizza is amazing. At this eatery, you can enjoy the best of Italian cuisine comfortably.

There you have it, the best pizza places in Nairobi that you ought to try. If you are a fan, you have probably sampled a big portion of the aforementioned restaurants. Feel free to explore more as you seek the ultimate pizza satisfaction, which, of course, will be hard to quench.

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