The Coolest Thing From Honda At The L.A. Auto Show Wasn’t A Car

Yes, there are plenty of new, shiny cars at the L.A. Auto Show, and Honda Motor (HMC) has its fair share of them on display. But the automaker’s Uni-Cub, a Segway-style, self-balancing motorized unicycle, is something of a show-stealer.

Dubbed a “personal mobility device,” the Uni-Cub is for “people who can walk, but maybe can’t walk long distances or long periods of time,” said a Honda representative at the show.

Riders operate the device much as they would a Segway, shifting their weight in the direction they want to go. Uni-Cub speeds top out at 4 miles an hour.

There are only half a dozen in existence in North America, but if and when the unicycles come to market, they’ll be aimed at people wearying of long walks through aquariums and museums.

Watch IBD’s test ride, below:


IBD’s TAKEThe auto show featured a lot of talk of electric vehicles, self-driving cars and smart auto technology. Check out IBD’s full coverage of the L.A. Auto Show.

Honda shares rose 1% intraday on the stock market today. Ford Motor (F) fell 1% and General Motors (GM) edged lower.


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