This is the BIG Job former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua has landed ▷

-Ex-Citizen TV journalist Kirigo Ng’arua has flaunted her new achievement monthss after she was f

-The beautiful journalist has taken a U-Turn as she will be doing something way different from media

Former Citizen TV news anchor was among tens of Royal Media Services employees who were laid off citing the company’s need to cut operational costs.

Kirigo Ng’arua

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The lass, who was one of the top news anchors at the station did not have any choice but to move on to other things.

Kirigo announced her exit from Citizen TV with a promising social media post that triggered curiosity among her loyal fans.

This is the BIG Job former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua has landed

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‘’All my bags are packed..I’m ready to go..I’m leaving…leaving on a jet plane..don’t know when I will be back again.. to new experiences..opportunities…oh and of course I had to carry @wazawazikenya with me.. 5…4..3..2..1.. #HighlyBlessedandFavored #TravelsAndExperiencesWithKirigo #OnwardsAndUpwards #MiniVacayActivating #JustMaybeANewJobAwaitsMe” Kirigo wrote.

The celebrated news anchor did not divulge much information about her newly found opportunities.

This is the BIG Job former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua has landed
Former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua

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However, learnt about her new endeavors through a recent post she made on her Instagram account where she showed that she s now a certified professional mediator.

The beautiful lass has taken on a new path and is very happy about her progress if the post is anything to go by.

She recently graduated from Mediation Training Institute.

Her new job entails facilitating communication between parties in conflict with the aim of helping them reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute that is timely, fair and cost-effective.

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